51 Fail Robbers, Youre Better Off as Streakers

    "Kill him!" The tyrannical Vicious Wolf dashed forth, ruthlessly swinging his two-handed Sword at Jiang Fei.

    "Die, son of a b*tch!" Venomous Wolf followed closely. He was a rogue, but he had not even bothered activating Sneak. He just wanted to have a part

    of this little blacksmith to himself!

    Clearly, none of them had taken Jiang Fei seriously. He was just a little, insignificant Crafter. They intended to cut him down like those fodder tutorials tossed at you -- before the patrolling NPC

    s even came across his corpses!

    "Whoa, thank you kindly!" laughed Jiang Fei as he calmly sidestepped for his convenience, having the three stooges clumsily ending up in front of him!

    Rapid Cooling!

    "Puff!" Jiang Fei blew a mouthful of freezing gas in a conical arc. The Wild Wolf Trio stood no chance. They all ended up standing together, frozen!




    To the confusion and horror of the trio, their brains simply could not make sense of that damage amount. As Jiang Fei had more than 5,000 Health Points, 10% of that equated to 500 damage. On the other hand, the trio were only stacking White Grade equipment. Vicious Wolf and Hungry Wolf may be Warriors, but their Health Points did not even reach 1,500. Venomous Wolf the Rogue barely even had 1,000 to boast of. A single breath had taken half his health off, just like that!

    Triple Bash!

    -518! (Critical hit!)



    Three consecutive hits landed onto Vicious Wolf's head. As he had received flame damage right after being frozen, the first hit had been a guaranteed Critical hit!

    "F*ck youuuu!" Vicious Wolf could not even react. He was dead -- before he could even blink.

    At that moment, Venomous Wolf and Hungry Wolf finally regained their freedom, albeit at only 50% of it!

    "Hah, you guys are like origami paper dolls, and you're trying to go after a hammer-wielding blacksmith?" Jiang Fei laughed coldly. It took him two long strides to get to Venomous Wolf!



    The damage was not much, but it had knocked Venomous Wolf into another 2-second stun cycle!

    Iron Fist!


    Battle Cry!


    At that moment, Venomous Wolf was barely alive, with only 100 Health Points! A casual follow-up attack ended his pathetic life!


    "You!" The first exchange had left two of them dead. Hungry Wolf was the only one left standing, and that had almost driven him mad. Due to the damage received from Rapid Cooling and Battle Cry, his Health Points had plummeted below 800. Moreover, his Movement Speed had been reduced. He was just as good as a cripple!

    "Hahah, do you still think that I need reinforcements?" Jiang Fei stayed his hand, just an inch away from Hungry Wolf's face.

    "You..." Hungry Wolf had never expected this kid to be this terrifying of a Crafter. Jiang Fei had utterly defeated the three of them in a one versus three scenario. They had not even ruffled up his hair!

    "Forget it! Words would be wasted on you guys anyway! Good luck, have fun, bye!" All Jiang Fei's skills were all on cooldown with only his Mana Burn available which was ill-suited for use on a Warrior. He had stopped for the time being, not to gloat, but to hide the fact that he was already out of ammunition! He was waiting for his next Triple Bash!

    Now that Jiang Fei's skills were ready, it was time to get the eye-sore out of the way!


    -10 (Lifesteal)

    -10 (Laceration, 1 stack)

    Triple Bash!




    The Blazing Hammer spewed flames, enveloping Hungry Wolf before leaving a smoking husk behind!

    "Hey! Nice harvest!" Jiang Fei looked towards the ground. The three of them had dropped 23 White grade equipment, 2 sets of Red Potions, and 3 sets of Linen in total.

    "Dawn Break" had quite the severe death penalty. One might end up dropping everything he was currently carrying, or any single random item within his bag. It could be the loss of one potion, or the contents of an entire bag. Anything was possible except for Gold Coins!

    Jiang Fei's Luck was extremely high. Needless to say, it did not end well for the three wannabe thugs. Gone was all their equipment. Empty were their bags. Three confused, naked men rose up from the grave!

    Among the 23 Whites, apart from the class advancement rewards, it was all trash from quests at the Beginner's Village. Apparently, these guys spent more time huffing and puffing about instead of actually playing the game. At least they could serve Jiang Fei better. He tossed them into the furnace and turned them into crafting materials!

    The remaining potions and Linens were pretty good. The potions were just right for him. The Linens could be given to the beautiful Tailor in the Knighthood. What a quick, sweet harvest!

    After he was done, Jiang Fei quickly departed. After all, they were pretty close to the secondary protection zone. He had killed three hapless fools. It would look bad if some NPC soldiers just came across him standing over three naked corpses!

    "Boss, what should we do?" The Wild Wolf Trio had never been this close to tears!

    "What to do? Cock a doodle doo!" Hungry Wolf the leader could barely even speak. He and his two subordinates were standing in the forest with nothing but white briefs on. What a terrible sight!

    The three of them had originally intended to rob the tycoon blacksmith dry and make themselves a great fortune. The last thing they had expected was to walk away from it while stark naked. The three of them currently had only more than 1 Gold Coin in total. They could not even gather all the parts together to form a complete White grade equipment set. How were they going to train their level in future without equipment!

    "Hey! Hurry! Look! Gay threesome in the wild!"

    "Yucks! Disgusting!"

    "Shut your eyes! I don't want my kids seeing this!"


    This was a small path towards the dungeon. You would never be short of onlookers here!

    "F*ck..." Even the most pompous of thugs would turn red with shame!

    Right at that moment, the Wild Wolf Trio wished that they could flay and swallow Jiang Fei alive. What an ingrate. Jiang Fei should have just stayed on as a good boy. Lie down and let us kill you for you equipment! Welcome to robbers' logic!

    "Verdure Glider! This isn't over!" Hungry Wolf spat and ran back to Dawn Break City as discreetly as they could. After all, it was not a safe zone. Monsters would rip into three naked men like nothing else! Besides, they had all lost 1 Level after being killed in self-defense. The last thing they needed now was to lose more of their hard-earned levels!

    Jiang Fei headed into the dungeon without lingering on what had just unfolded. The Wild Wolf Trio was just yesterday's joke. Little did he know that they would continue being a great source of joy and fun for a long time more!

    Jiang Fei proceeded to hack the Normal Mode dungeon up with nothing more than normal attacks. As he was overloaded with so many game-breaking equipment, even the Bosses were unable to penetrate his Defense. Besides, with the combination of numerous skills and his Attack that was almost 180 per hit, the monsters were quickly falling like flies.

    Within an hour, Jiang Fei had cleared the Normal Mode of the dungeon "Deep in the Night Forest." Even with his high Luck, he had only obtained two Green grade pieces of equipment with Upgrade Bonuses. Ordinary players would have gained only two common Green grades. The Blue grade from back then had been the bonus rewards for being the first to clear the dungeon!

    But Jiang Fei was there for the Experience Points. Now, he was Level 18. He had almost caught up to the first group on the Level ranking boards!
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