55 Running off with a Pocketful of Cash

    The moment Jiang Fei shut his eyes, the scene flashed white, and the world of Dawn Break quickly replaced it. Or rather, its dense forestry. This was an entirely new and odd experience for Jiang Fei as this was his first time logging in via a Gaming Pod, not the mysterious ring. Also, a certain fear bit at him. What if his account information was illegal? To his surprise, no flags had been triggered -- yet!

    By then, Huang Mao's character had already spawned, standing not far away off. Most prominent was a huge, giant countdown figure before his eyes. It was the doomsday clock for their battle!

    Curly Monkey (Race: Elf, Class: Rogue)

    Level: 19

    Health Points: 1,350

    Attack Power: 187

    Remark: A regular member of the guild, "Red Star."

    Jiang Fei stole a glance at Huang Mao's character. His Level was not low. It was no wonder that Zhao Feng was no match for him. Anyhow, he was only packing White grade trash. As he was an unknown member of a small guild, he had to be a nobody.

    Against such an opponent, Jiang Fei could not possibly lose the fight, even with his eyes sewed shut! Jiang Fei's lips slowly curled into a cynical smirk!


    The very moment the countdown ended, Huang Mao entered Stealth mode. Although he seemed incomparably arrogant earlier, he intended to fight seriously! Jiang Fei had earned 300,000 RMB in one night. A street punk like Huang Mao was barely even scraping together 2,000 to 3,000 RMB a month. To him, 5,000 RMB was massive!


    The moment Huang Mao vanished, a massive red arrow appeared in Jiang Fei's HUD. Somewhere up ahead, the red arrow pointed downwards, and a translucent blurry figure could be seen right beneath the arrowhead tip!

    "Holysh*t! Is this the ring's doing again?" As Jiang Fei had never fought anything invisible before, he could not have known better!

    Completely convinced that he had disappeared off the universe's face, Huang Mao began to scurry around Jiang Fei, keeping a 5-meter distance. That was just textbook-Rogue behavior!

    "Alright, you can stop running about now..." Jiang Fei did not intend to waste another second. Charge!



    Triple Bash!


    635! (Critical hit!)

    628! (Critical hit!)

    Jiang Fei had originally intended to follow-up with a Iron Fist. He had not expected two out of the three Triple Bashes to produce Critical Hits. All of 1,300 Huang Mao's Health Points disappeared!

    That sudden burst of damage could have only occurred with a combination of Jiang Fei's massive luck and Huang Mao's misfortune!

    "What the f*ck!" One moment, Huang Mao was sneaking about, ready to bury her daggers into his prey's back, and the next, he was lying flat on HIS back!

    Two seconds later, the playing field was reset. Not only were both their Health Points fully recovered; all their skills with a cooldown duration over 3 minutes were also ready!


    As he had been slain without any rhyme or reason, he was far more cautious. Losing again meant a financial crisis. He would be unable to afford any food for the second half of that month!

    "Hmph!" Jiang Fei snorted. Thanks to the ring, Huang Mao's ratting about became as clear as day. That huge red arrow made it even easier to spot him than an un-Stealthed thief!

    As the cooldown duration for Charge was five minutes, it was not subject to a similar situation. Thus, Jiang Fei was temporarily unable to cast the skill.

    Huang Mao approached his prey like a cautious cat. He crept towards Jiang Fei's back, inch-by-inch. He had no idea what the heck had occurred back then, but he was sure to prevent it from happening again!

    5 meters...

    4 meters...

    3 meters...

    2 more steps, and he was in range!

    At that moment, Jiang Fei wheeled around.

    Ice Burst!


    A cone of icy breath spewed out of his mouth.



    Triple Bash!

    -612! (Critical hit!)


    Again, it only took two out of the three hits before Huang Mao was flat on the ground again!

    "NOOO. F*CK F*CK F*CKING NO! WHAT THE F*CK!" Huang Mao was at a loss of words. What the f*ck was that? Two instant kills out of nowhere!

    "What the f*ck! So awesome!"


    "What's his f*cking class?"

    "Insta-kills people to the left and right. Isn't this demonic?"

    Huang Mao's subordinates watched the screen, enthralled. They were all players of "Dawn Break" as well, but Huang Mao always finished them off like little kids. Now that their idol was falling in single hits -- twice in a row, they were blown away!

    Jiang Fei's Divine Blacksmith's Blazing hammer had a far longer handle than common Blacksmith Hammers, and like its namesake, it blazed quite a bit. He looked nothing like a Blacksmith. Let's not forget how he was adorned from head-to-toe in highly-upgraded Gear!

    "That's freaking awesome, Brother Fei! As expected from my boss!" Zhao Feng was jubilant. Huang Mao's bet that was worth 5,000 RMB had been automatically transferred into his bank account. Not only had he regained his losses, but he had also made a small profit from this!

    "Let's go!" said Jiang Fei, removing the gaming helmet.

    "Okay!" The little fatty had won back all the money lost. He did not intend to stay for long.

    "Trying to leave? Not so easy!" Huang Mao would not allow Jiang Fei and Zhao Feng to leave. Half a month of his living expenses had been included within the bet. If he let them walk, he would starve for the rest of the month!


    At Huang Mao's command, his subordinates quickly ran up and circled around Jiang Fei and Zhao Feng.

    "What do you want?" Jiang Fei asked coldly. As he had been unable to retrieve his equipment from the game, he was helpless against more than ten opponents. Therefore, he glanced around, began searching for an escape route.

    "Hmph! You should have tried to get a line on who I am. I'm Curly Monkey, and you guys came to cause trouble at my place, expecting to leave with your legs intact?" Curly Monkey was positively agitated now, and he clearly meant business.

    "Brother Fei, what should we do?" Zhao Feng's legs immediately turned to jelly.

    "Hmph! Leave a 10,000 RMB fee for apology, and then crawl out of the gaming center! On all fours! Or else, you two won't even be crawling, period! Hope you like ambulance rides!" Curly Monkey growled.

    "Well, you can have my *ss!" Jiang Fei threw a chair at Curly Monkey, while also planting a boot on a passing punk. He quickly tugged Zhao Feng along and ran outside!

    Since the beginning, Jiang Fei had planned an escape strategy. After dashing out from the crowd, he pulled Zhao Feng along and sprinted down the route, knocking down more tables and chairs to trip his pursuers up!

    "Catch him! I want those two little bastards dead today!" One of the chairs had found its mark, knocking Curly Monkey down. He was physically unhurt, but his ego was still bruising. He started barking more orders.

    Despite pulling Zhao Feng along, Jiang Fei still had the Cat Spirit Boots on. He was running at quite the speed. It took no time before they left those fools behind.
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