56 To Live of To Die

    "F*ck, who the f*ck's messing up my place?"

    Just as Jiang Fei almost made it, another group blocked the exit!

    "Brother Xiong, it's this pair! They've come to mess our place up!"

    Huang Mao caught up to them, catching his breath.

    "The hell?! Are you two kids tired of being alive? You messed some ** up here!"

    A single figure walked out from the crowd.

    This guy was two meters tall. He wore a classic Chinese shirt but left the top buttons open, baring his chest. He was tall and strong, ugly and ferocious. A palm-sized patch of fur covered his chest, and the tattoos of two colorful dragons were wrapped around his arms. This was not a good guy!

    The chase had already left Zhao Feng trembling with fear. After all, he was just an ordinary high school student. His family was quite well-off, but he had never been in such a situation before! Even Jiang Fei's mouth had started to quiver. This was bad.

    "We're not here to ruin your place. This Huang Mao guy lost to us in a bet, and he's not letting us walk out of here!" Jiang Fei spoke up. They had been absolutely cornered, and he was not capable of facing up 30 men!

    "Hmph! What happened to thug's honor!"

    After Brother Xiong heard what Jiang Fei said, he strode up and slapped Huang Mao across the face, all while breaking into curses. After all, Jiang Fei and Zhao Feng were clearly schoolkids. Schoolkids did not just waltz into the premises of thugs and tore things up.

    "Brother Xiong, I was wrong, it's on me..."

    Amid the rain of blows, Huang Mao managed to squeeze out some cries of mercy.

    "We... can we go now?" asked Zhao Feng tentatively.

    "Hmph! It was all this Monkey's fault. There, I've beaten him up. Are you satisfied?" asked Brother Xiong.

    "Yes... Of course..."

    Zhao Feng nodded repeatedly, convinced that he had met an upright, honorable punk for once. On the other hand, Jiang Fei began to frown.

    "Okay! That's done, so what should I do with the two of you for ruining my place?" said Brother Xiong, pointing at the tables and chairs strewn on the ground.

    "We'll put them back up!" cried Zhao Feng, rushing to prop them back up.


    Brother Xiong slammed the table, taking Zhao Feng aback. He roared, "F*ck you! I asked for a solution, not a joke! You messed my house up, and you think propping them back up solves the problem? Call your parents now. Without 200,000, neither of you are leaving!"

    "As expected!"

    Jiang Fei had seen this coming a mile away. Thugs were never this simple. He had only smacked Huang Mao around to deny them any excuses. It was also a show of power. If he could beat the crap out of his own subordinate, he would not hesitate to do far worse to the two of them.

    "Hurry up, call your parents, and get them to pay up!" said Brother Xiong while cracking his knuckles.

    "I'll call... I'll call..."

    Zhao Feng had turned as white as a ghost. It was easy to paint instructions on a white canvas.

    "Wait. I'll do it!" Jiang Fei quickly interrupted Zhao Feng. He extracted his phone and called a number.

    "I didn't expect to be requesting for your help this soon!" Jiang Fei murmured within his heart.

    "Hello? Ah Fei, it took an entire two days before you remembered to call your brother. How could you?" An indolent voice drawled through the phone.

    "Hahaha... Brother Yu, I'm afraid I'll have to bother you with something..." Jiang Fei tried to laugh it off.

    "We're brothers, brothers could never possibly bother each other. Just fire away!"

    Han Tianyu was currently lazing in a hot spring bath, a glass of wine in his hand.

    "Well, someone at Manda Square is holding me up. He's demanding 200,000 RMB, or we don't get to walk away..." Jiang Fei gritted his teeth as he spoke on the phone.

    "What the f*ck! Who f*cking dares to kidnap my brother on my own territory?!"

    Han Tianyu smashed that beautiful glass on the ground.

    "I'm now at the game center located at B4..."

    Jiang Fei shrugged slightly. There were a bunch of malicious-looking gangsters staring at him. This was his last resort!

    "Brother, wait for me!"

    Han Tianyu started dressing up in a hurry. At the same time, he shouted towards the outside of his room, "Ah Long, call up your men, come with me. And also, ask Uncle Da to keep in touch with the police. Get them away from Manda Square!"

    "Yes! Young master!" Ah Long replied.


    "Alright. We'll be out here soon!" After Jiang Fei hung up, he comforted Zhao Feng.

    "Kid, you're something, aren't you?"

    Brother Xiong glanced at Jiang Fei. This was easy money!

    Jiang Fei smiled wordlessly.

    As Han Tianyu was already in his quarters at Manda Square, it was no problem bringing a small army from the hundredth floor to the fourth floor of the underground basement. The entire process only took about 10 minutes!

    "Bang!" The game center's big door was flung open.

    "Argh!" The first scream was the beginning of the end. Sharply dressed men in black suits had marched into the fray and were beating everyone up. Within 30 seconds, more than thirty punks lay on the ground helplessly, with Brother Xiong among them!

    "Don't you dare move! Not one of you!" Finally, Ah Long spoke up. This was just a classic demonstration of "shoot first, ask later!"

    "Brother, you all right?"

    At that moment, Han Tianyu finally walked in.

    "Ahaha, I'm fine. My friend here is a little shaken, that's all!" Jiang Fei said with a smile.


    Han Tianyu gave him a nod of approval. He turned towards the thugs and started barking, "Are your dog eyes blind? How dare you kidnap my brother?!"


    The entire gaming center fell particularly silent. Not even the slightest whimper could be heard. Everyone had just felt their souls leaving their bodies. Their minds were completely empty. They had been seeking for a living beneath the foundations of Manda Square itself. How could they possibly not know of its prince?

    Han Tianyu often left Manda Square through his private transport -- via a helipad on the roof. Those punks would not even get to lay eyes on his shoes. It was truly a case of heaven and earth. Today, it turns out that they have actually kidnapped the brother of this prince. This was just like how a mouse attempted to make friends with a cat. Get rich, or die trying!

    Manda Group was not some ordinary business group. It was a super consortium that was even involved in arms trade. As an arms dealer, killing people was just like breathing. Brother Xiong and his men were aware of that, and were all terrified to death. Their mouths were gaping wide open, yet not a single sound could be heard. It was already a wonder that they had not literally scared themselves to death yet, let alone beg for mercy!

    "Brother Fei, you two know each other?"

    Finally, Zhao Feng managed to find his tongue. His family was doing rather well, relatively speaking. If he was living in the Feudal dynasty, their families were like small cake sellers. They were okay in the sense that they did not need to worry about food and clothing issues -- that was it. But what of Han Tianyu? Even if he was not a Prince, he would at least be a nobleman's son. They came from different worlds!

    "Ah Fei, it's your call, live or to die?" Han Tianyu asked calmly, as if he was talking about 30 cabbages, not 30 humans.
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