57 Have You Been Watching Too Many Wuxia Films?

    "Huh? Me?"

    Jiang Fei was dumbfounded by the sudden question. They may communicate like friendly neighbors, but Han Tianyu still hailed from a different world. He could end lives without blinking, and that was too much for Jiang Fei.

    Han Tianyu viewed life like bacteria. He could deprive others of their lives with a wave of his hand. This was not something that ordinary people could do, including Jiang Fei. He had been born and bred in a peaceful environment during a time not ravaged by war. Thus, Jiang Fei would never see eye-to-eye with Han Tianyu. Han Tianyu lived at the edge. He often had to make deals under a hail of shots and shells!

    "Young master, please spare our lives! Young master Ah Fei, we swear that we'll never dare to do it again! Please spare our pathetic lives!" These punks did not even dare approach Han Tianyu. Instead, they all crawled towards Jiang Fei, knowing very well that their lives depended on Jiang Fei, right at that moment!

    "Ahhh... Let's leave them alive then..."

    Jiang Fei could not bear the sight of looking at these punks. He knew that they were not good people, but they did not deserve such a fate! Besides, they had not even roughed Zhao Feng and himself up yet. Threatening two kids did not warrant a death sentence!

    "Ah Fei, you're too generous with mercy..." Han Tianyu sighed before continuing, "But, I gave you my word. It's your call. If you say that they live, live they shall!"

    "You guys, listen up! My brother may have spared you, but I'm not willing to let it slide. From this day, these doors will never open up to the outside world again. I'll cover your necessities. If my brother ever gets bullied, you guys would have to answer. If my brother ever gets hurt, you will pay with your lives. Do I make myself clear?" Han Tianyu snapped.

    "Thank you, great young master! Thank you, great young master!"

    Those punks knelt down and kowtowed pathetically. They had never bee this close to death before!

    Besides, this might even be a blessing in disguise. They had actually been taken into a massive powerhouse like the Manda Group. From punks who scraped the dirt beneath the heels of society, they were now the bodyguards of a prince's brother! From now on, they would be serving Jiang Fei. Although they did not know Jiang Fei's identity, they were clever enough to know that Jiang Fei was a good friend of the prince of Manda Group!

    This was life. In a flash, great sorrow may turn into great joy. A moment ago, the punks were confronted with possible death. Yet within a blink of an eye, the winds of fate had blown the other direction. They were no longer street punks, but employees of Manda Group!

    "Huh? Brother Yu, what are you doing?" Jiang Fei was at a loss of words.

    "Having fun..." Han Tianyu shrugged lazily. They mattered just that little to him. They were like toy soldiers at the corner of his desk!

    "What the heck do I do with them?"

    Was he going to bring a full squadron of thugs to school?

    "However you like. If you hate them, send them off. If it becomes necessary, I don't mind sending people to clean up the trash!" said Han Tianyu with a smile, once again frightening the punks to death.

    "Young master Ah Fei! Save us!"

    "Young master Ah Fei, please let us follow you!"

    "Young master Ah Fei, please spare our lives!"

    "If you don't know what to do with us, just imagine that we're loyal dogs at your heels!"


    In the eyes of these punks, Han Tianyu's smile was like the Death God's beckoning. At the same time, they had also noticed that Jiang Fei was relatively soft-hearted. It was that soft spot that they were attempting to exploit.

    "Interesting!" Han Tianyu whispered. Jiang Fei followed his gaze and saw Brother Xiong and another strong man who looked alike standing beside. Both of them had not knelt down to beg for mercy.

    Although the two of them seemed to be slightly different from the rest, Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu had only given them a slight glance out of curiosity. Jiang Fei was not remotely interested, whereas Han Tianyu did not give a sh*t about them.

    "Forget it, forget it... You guys continue dawdling in this gaming center. Don't scare everyone away from me..." said Jiang Fei, waving at them lazily, for he did not want to be associated with them. After all, Han Tianyu's family was extremely rich. Raising more pigs in their sty was no trouble at all.

    "By the way, Ah Fei, Why didn't you come visit me when you came to Manda Square?"

    Although Zhao Feng was standing beside Jiang Fei, he was like an invisible person in Han Tianyu's eyes. This was not because Han Tianyu disdained ordinary people, but the fact that the two of them were from different worlds. If not for how Jiang Fei had saved Han Tianyu's life once, he would remain just as insignificant.

    "I came to play games with my friend!" said Jiang Fei with a smile. He did not bother introducing Zhao Feng, for he knew of the rules and boundaries that governed heaven and earth.

    "Owh? You play games too?" asked Han Tianyu, curious.

    "Yup! I recently started playing "Dawn Break!"

    "Owh? Well, it's a new game, innit. I'm just as new as the game is, hahah. Hope to see you in it soon!" Han Tianyu grinned and said.

    "Sure. Find me once you've left the Beginner's Village. My IGN is Verdure Glider!" said Jiang Fei smilingly.

    "Hahah, let's get out of this place first. What a mess. Come to my quarters!" Han Tianyu said, taking Jiang Fei's hand.

    "Brother Fei, I have to go first, I've got business to attend to..."

    Zhao Feng knew his place. He cleverly the initiative to excuse himself.

    "Okay! See you tomorrow at school!"

    Jiang Fei did not persuade him to stay either.

    "Owh! By the way! You guys are playing "Dawn Break too, aren't you? My brother doesn't need you guys getting in the way of his real life. Back him up in-game. Understood?" Han Tianyu had turned around and gave the punks a final order before they left.

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

    These gangsters did not dare deny anything. Their heads bobbed up and down like no tomorrow.

    Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu reached the 100th floor of Manda Square and had some small talk. After a while, Jiang Fei left. He had the mysterious ring and the heart of a superhero. But due to the different growing environment since young, he had limited topic to chat with Han Tianyu in common. Although Han Tianyu genuinely treated him as his own brother, they truly had no common ground to lay back on. They literally came from different levels!

    "Just a minute, please!" Just when Jiang Fei was about to leave the Manda Square, someone called out.


    Jiang Fei turned back. It was Brother Xiong from the gaming center and a man who resembled him.


    Before Jiang Fei could even process the scene, Brother Xiong had forced the other man down. Together, they knelt down together before Jiang Fei!

    "What're you guys doing?" Jiang Fei was taken aback.

    "Young master Ah Fei, my brother and I are unable to repay your kindness for sparing our lives. From now on, we brothers vow on our lives -- to follow you wherever you go!" said Brother Xiong, looking right into Jiang Fei's eyes.

    "What the f*ck! You guys have watched too much Wuxia films, haven't you?" Jiang Fei was flummoxed!
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