59 The Boyfriend

    "What do you mean, your boyfriend?" Jiang Fei snarled as he shoved the girl away with all his might.

    "Hmph! You won the contest of marriage. You hugged me, I kissed you. So, be a man and take responsibility!" said Xiong Nini.

    "Be responsible your sister's ass! Check yourselves in at a hospital now, you wombats!" Jiang Fei roared. Apparently, Xiong Nini did not share any resemblances with her brothers. She was delicate and sweet. But, she was bat** insane! In what kind of environment was this girl brought up in?!

    "That's right! Take responsibility!"

    Xiong Erzhuang nodded once again, earnest as ever.

    "Hahahaha..." At that moment, at some corner of the secluded alley, Han Tianyu was already clutching his sides, holding back his laughter. When Jiang Fei stepped out from the building, someone had already informed Han Tianyu about his movement. The three of them proceeded to vanish into a secluded alley.

    At first, Han Tianyu had assumed that Jiang Fei had been kidnapped by someone once again. He had summoned up his army and departed at lightspeed. When he finally realized that those three stooges were busy blowing up Jiang Fei's brains, he had remained hidden in the shadows, where he was free to laugh away. At that moment, he finally burst into laughter, no longer able to hold it in.

    "Oh, f*ck! Brother Yu, you're a godsend!" The moment Jiang Fei saw Han Tianyu, he almost crumbled in relief. Human language was no longer possible for this situation.

    "Hahahaha..." Han Tianyu was not yet done laughing at that moment.

    "Hurry, Brother Yu! Please, save me!" Jiang Fei walked towards Han Tianyu, the two strong men and cute looking girl tagging at his heels like loyal dogs.

    "If you're in real trouble, as a good brother, I'll definitely save you. But aren't you having quite some fun now?" said Han Tianyu, before he resumed laughing.

    "How the hell am I having fun?! These three idiots don't speak human!" Jiang Fei groaned. At this moment, Xiong Nini had already grabbed on Jiang Fei's arm. Jiang Fei was unable to shake her off no matter how he tried.

    "I'm not crazy. My brother had me tested before..." Xiong Erzhuang mumbled, looking distraught as if upset that people were not actually taking him seriously.

    Han Tianyu sighed, turning to Xiong Dazhuang and Xiong Erzhuang.

    "Hey! You two oafs, Ah Fei is just a schoolkid. Don't get caught snooping around him. In fact, don't snoop, period. Kindly remain in the gaming center and keep Ah Fei's men in line. I don't see any harm following him about in-game, however!"

    "Okay!" Xiong Dazhuang nodded. He was very much afraid of this Prince of Manda Group. After all, he was nothing like Jiang Fei. Not only was he capable of pinching the three of them to death, he would not even blink while doing so!

    "There you go. Two out of three solved. As for this one..." Han Tianyu pointed towards Xiong Nini, and told Jiang Fei, "Helping my brother dump a girl, is a little... Tasteless. I'm not sure if I can do that. You do it yourself!"

    "What the f*ck, Brother Yu, please don't! Help me out here! If I bring a girl back home, my dad would beat me to death!" said Jiang Fei, sulking.

    "Don't worry, Brother Ah Fei, I won't cause you trouble! I'm usually with my brothers. Just, drop by and visit me often!" As Xiong Nini had already declared Jiang Fei as her boyfriend, she had quickly simmered down.

    "Brother Yu..." Jiang Fei looked towards Han Tianyu in desperation.

    "Ahahaha..." Han Tianyu shrugged a little, his eyes implying that he was willing to help, but unable to do so.

    "Ah, go to your brothers. I have to go home! We'll meet in-game later!"

    Without a choice, Jiang Fei had to leave the matter dangling. First, to get this crazy girl off his back.

    "Okay! Brother Ah Fei, you have to drop by again!" said Xiong Nini, before she finally turned and left begrudgingly.

    "Brother, not bad. Just, flutter your eyelashes, and you've won yourself a cutie's heart!" Han Tianyu did not forget to pounce on the opportunity.

    "Eww. Cute, my ass. She's pretty easy on the eyes, if and only if she stays still like a mannequin. Beyond that, she's beyond reproach!" Jiang Fei hissed.

    "I think she's quite cute!" Han Tianyu repeated. He could not care less about the situation. He was only commenting on what his eyes told him.

    "Take her with you if you like!" Jiang Fei turned a blind eye.

    "She doesn't like me..." Han Tianyu quickly shook his head.

    "Oh, I'm not doing this!"

    Jiang Fei had run out of energy. He quickly fled from Han Tianyu's gloating laughter, swearing that he would never return to this place, ever again!

    Night had already fallen when Jiang Fei returned home. After a quick bite and a quick read, he settled into bed.

    "Ding! Welcome to "Dawn Break!"

    It was 10pm at night. Jiang Fei made it right on time!

    He immediately set off to solo the dungeon right away. Now that he was Level 20, the flow of experience was significantly lower. One dungeon had only amounted up to a third of his experience bar.

    "F*ck this. Looks like this game isn't a fan of dungeon grinds," Jiang Fei murmured to himself.

    This did not mean that he could skip Elite Mode dungeons. After all, Elite Dungeons had a low probability of yielding Recipes. He may not need them, but his guild definitely did!

    To his surprise, a single Elite Mode dungeon run had already been enough to get him to Level 21. Apparently, the Experience Points reduction for Elite Mode dungeons was not as drastic as the Normal Mode.

    On the other hand, he did not yet intend to take on the Heroic Mode dungeon. After all, the girls of the Knighthood were not the most skilled players out there. He would have to REALLY beef up their equipment before they could even take it into consideration.

    "Brother Glider, we need 200 Breastplates!"

    "Brother Glider, we need 150 Breastplates and 150 Shoulder Armors!"

    Jiang Fei was looking for a new location to grind. That was when four major guild masters simultaneously sent him messages. Ever since they learned that he needed real-life money, they had not given him a break.

    "No more. I'm done smithing today!" Jiang Fei declined decisively. You gotta be kidding. After a whole day of hard labor, the cheating ring ended up to have only increased its progress bar by 1%. Jiang Fei certainly did not have to continue working for the four major guilds like a dumb*ass anymore!

    "Huh? But Brother Glider, we can pay you with real money!" Southern Azuresword pressed on.

    "Hey, I don't need money!" Jiang Fei shot back with a grin.

    "What?" The moment the four major guild masters heard Jiang Fei saying that he was not lacking any money, they were dumbfounded. They had managed to crack this tough nut only yesterday, and things were already back to square today? Once again, he would only be smithing on a whim, and money would no longer buy his services!

    Jiang Fei ignored the requests of the four major guilds and directly left town to search for a new grinding location. It did not take long before he received a friend request.

    "Ding! Xiong Da has requested to add you as friend... Do you accept?"

    "F*ck this **! Am I being haunted by a f*cking poltergeist?!" said Jiang Fei, the corners of his lips convulsing.
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