62 Demonic Pelle


    The Demonic Zombie Monk stirred back to action and winded up another bolt of lightning!

    "F*ck your electrical spit!"

    Jiang Fei froze the creature in another block of ice with his breath!

    Triple Bash!

    Mana Burn!

    -1275! (Mana Burn!)


    This was the first time Jiang Fei used Mana Burn! The skill had turned out to be unexpectedly effective. As the skill burned the Demonic Zombie Monk's Mana Points, two lines of number appeared on its head, one in blue, another in red!

    The blue number that surpassed 1,000 was the total Mana Points deducted, whereas the red number that went over 600 was the total Health Points damage dealt! As the Demonic Zombie Monk's Health Points was already below 500, it quickly fell apart!

    "Ding! You have eliminated Demonic Zombie Monk. Obtained 2,750 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! Obtained Demonic Pellet!"

    Demonic Pellet: Can be used to feed Pets or Mounts, with a chance to enhance the aptitude and growth of Pets or Mounts!

    "Holysh*t! That's good stuff!" Jiang Fei was delighted!

    Pet system was not yet available. Only Hunters and Sorceresses were able to summon pets with their class skills. However, as these pets were part of their skill trees, their growth was fixed. Also, Hunters and Sorceresses did not have to worry if their pets died, as they were able to re-summon their pets upon death.

    But when the players achieved Level 30, the Pet system and Mount system would be available. By then, people with money, authority, or luck could possibly obtain Pet Eggs, which could then be hatched into their Pet pals. However, such pets had limited lifeforce. Everytime they died, they would lose lifeforce. Dying too often would lead to a permanent death.

    These Pets had no fixed attributes. They could be good or bad. Like equipment, Pets were also categorized into five grades, Normal, Fine, Superior, Epic, and Legendary. Although the Demonic Pellet was unable to increase the Level of Pets nor upgrade their quality to a higher grade, like turning a Normal pet to a Fine pet, it gave them Upgrade Bonuses! Therefore, these Demonic Pellets would be worth a lot of money in the future!

    After such a find, Jiang Fei was filled with excitement and wiped out the Zombies along the way. Unfortunately, there were not many Demonic Zombie Monks around. One would only be encountered after killing approximately seven to eight Corpse Eating Zombies. Anyhow, after slashing his way for an hour, Jiang Fei was still able to collect more than twenty Demonic Pellets!

    Demonic Pellets did not have a particularly drop rate. But thanks to Jiang Fei's cheating mysterious ring, he had ridiculously high Luck. Therefore, almost every single Demonic Zombie Monk had dropped Demonic Pellets!

    "Heh Heh! It's true that people don't get wealthy without extra income. These Demonic Pellets are more valuable than working my ass off for the four major guilds -- two days in a row!"

    Jiang Fei grinned at the Demonic Pellets in his bag. These Demonic Pellets could probably be sold for 1,000 Gold Coins each. Barely past the beginning, and he was already making a fortune!

    But Jiang Fei's euphoria quickly faded, for the ground soon turned into gravel. Apparently, no more zombies would crawl out, which meant no more Demonic Pellets!

    "Poof poof poof poof poof..."

    As Jiang Fei walked on, a blaze of fire appeared from both sides of the cave, lighting up the walls of torches, which turned the dark cave as bright as day!

    Jiang Fei walked along the dimly lit pathway and entered a hall!

    This hall was magnificent, as if there was another new heaven and earth within the mountain. Moreover, the place was filled with carved beams and painted rafters -- exquisite and extraordinary!

    The four walls around the hall were inlaid with eighty-one luminous pearls, where their colorful brilliance made the entire hall look like a fairyland on earth!

    Dead center stood an altar, with purple gold flames burning on top. The roaring flame rose up high, as if it was intending to burn through the dome of the hall!

    At the front of the altar was a glittery and translucent crystal-made coffin. A human figure could vaguely be seen within.

    "What is all this?" Jiang Fei murmured to himself.


    The very moment Jiang Fei stepped into the hall, there was a sharp cry, followed by a dark shadow that rammed right onto Jiang Fei!

    "What's this?"

    Jiang Fei subconsciously stepped aside and evaded the dark shadow's attack. At the same time, he got a closer look at its features!

    William, the Blood Bat Commander (Vampire, Advance Elite)

    Level: 18

    Health Points: 13,000

    Attack Power: 185

    Skill: Rapid Haste, Lightning Strike, Lifesteal, Bite, Bite of Madness.

    Remark: Blood Bat Commander is nothing like ordinary Advance Elites. He has a pathetic attack power, but is incredibly quick. He is a spell caster's worst enemy!

    "Squeak!" Blood Bat Commander gave another deafening squeak and launched his attacks on Jiang Fei!






    As the Blood Bat Commander did not hurt much, it was completely unable to penetrate Jiang Fei's Defense. But five hits per second was absolutely astonishing. No wonder it was called a "Spellcasters' worst nightmare."

    Cloth Armored Classes would not be as tough as Jiang Fei. In addition to having to deal with a ridiculously fast opponent, their hands would be tied down, and they would be unable to cast a single spell!

    "Oh, too bad for you this time!"

    Jiang Fei could not help but chuckle as the Blood Bat Commander laid down the machine-gun slashes on him.

    Although this Blood Bat Commander was a spellcaster's worst nightmare, Jiang Fei was its worst nightmare! The Blood Bat Commander dealt 1 damage with every hit, while also evading every swing from Jiang Fei.

    However, Jiang Fei had a passive skill effect, one additionally granted by his Raider's Breastplate ------ Thornmail!

    Thornmail: Whenever you receive Physical damage, you will reflect 5 damage back to the enemy, and inflicts a poison status on the enemy, reducing the enemy's Attack Speed by 20%. Lasts for 5 seconds.

    This made the Blood Bat Commander look like a blood bag!

    The damage over Jiang Fei's head was -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1...

    In return, all the Blood Bat Commander got was -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5...

    As the fight dragged on, Blood Bat Commander grew more desperate, only to lose its Health at a heightened intensity!

    Still, Jiang Fei's eyes had grown into the size of saucepans. Even after having 20% of its Attack Speed reduced, it was still able to rake its claws across him five times per second. Just imagine how blazingly quick that was!

    Time went by. 5 minutes later, Jiang Fei had lost more than 1,300 Health Points, whereas the Boss itself had suffered more than 6,000 Health Points from the reflected damage, where it barely had 50% Health Points left!

    Jiang Fei was started to get truly annoyed at that point. The Boss was actually buzzing all around him like a fly. It was so ridiculously agile that he could not strike it even once. It also moved about so rapidly that not even AoE skills such as Ice Burst could do the trick!

    The only skill that affected the Blood Bat Commander was Battle Cry. However, slightly over 100 damage was almost negligible, whereas the biggest role of Battle Cry was to reduce Physical Attack. But this Blood Bat Commander was already a pathetic Attacker, to begin with, unable to penetrate Jiang Fei's Defense. The reduction changed nothing. The Reflected Damage was the only thing barely helping him!

    "What the f*ck! There's no end to this!" said Jiang Fei helplessly.
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