64 Hidden Race!


    Jiang Fei was impressed. This NPC was quite the intelligent one -- to be able to hold such a realistic conversation!

    "Ahhh, I'll see which side grants me more benefits!"

    Jiang Fei was not dumb. Since she had placed something on the table, he did not have to go ham on her with his hammer just yet.


    Isabelle saw hope. Jiang Fei was strong, for a human at least. She was no match to him as she was now. But Jiang Fei did not seem to be some sort of Apologist of the Luminous Vatican. She might be able to talk her way out of this!

    "If you kill me at my current Level, the Luminous Vatican would pay you 50 Gold Coins and an Excellent grade weapon. Of course, you'll also gain some Experience Points for your trouble!" Isabelle started off.

    "And what if I don't?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "If you don't kill me..." Isabelle turned silent, carefully gauging Jiang Fei.

    To risk having the Princess of the Demon race walk free spoke volumes of this adventurer's ambition. Insulting him with too low an offer might just end her life!

    "You look like you'll do great things in the future!!"

    Isabelle made her decision, "If you aid me in my resurrection, I'll turn you into a powerful member of the Demon race!"

    "Ding! Princess Isabelle has released a Hidden Race Quest: "Heart towards darkness!" Do you accept?"

    "Holysh*t!" Although Jiang Fei had intended to blackmail this little Princess of the Demon race, he did not expect such an offer!

    A Hidden Race Quest! There were 36 Hidden Races throughout the entire game, with the God Race and the Demon Race undoubtedly being the two strongest Races amongst all Hidden Races. Jiang Fei surely did not expect to be caught up in the Hidden Races... Race!

    Coincidentally, Jiang Fei had selected the Human Race at the beginning. If not for his thinking that it was a dream, he would probably be a member of the Elf Race by now. Even if he had still met this little Princess, it would have been impossible to turn into a Demon!

    Jiang Fei was a little dubious. After all, this Princess's specialized in deception and illusion. He was not even sure if the quest officially appearing could be trusted!

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei finally nodded. Hidden Race Quests only appeared by accident. Only a fool would let such an opportunity slip!

    "Very well then! I need you to find a few items and bring them back to me! We'll talk about your reward after!"

    Jiang Fei had agreed to join the Demon Race. Now, he was considered as one of her subordinates. However, Princess Isabelle was still being very polite. She had no choice, as she had not yet resurrected, and this adventurer could go back on his promise and kill her at any moment.

    "Ding! Quest has been updated!"

    Quest Name: "Heart towards darkness! 1-1 Materials for the resurrection of the Princess!"

    Quest Goal: Bring back Blood Lingzhi Mushroom x5, Devil's Fruit x3, Elemental Water x1, Essense of the Earth x1 to Princess Isabelle.

    Quest Reward: 1,500,000 Experience Points! 500 Gold Coins, Psionic Cape!

    "What the f*ck!" Jiang Fei had no other words. The quest reward was extravagant. 1,500,000 Experience Points, 500 Gold Coins, and a Cape, even!

    Capes were the only equipment that players were unable to produce themselves. Other than the ridiculously low drop rate, players could only hope for White grade Capes through general quests!

    It could be seen that this quest was very, very rewarding. But here came the problem. Out of the four required Quest Items, Jiang Fei had never heard of any of them, not to mention know where to find them!

    "Your Highness, where may I find these items?" Having no alternative, Jiang Fei could only ask his questgiver for some pointers.

    "Blood Lingzhi Mushroom only grows around high-level Undeads. The Devil's Fruit can only be found at places where Devils loiter. As for the Elemental Water and the Essense of the Earth, the former could possibly be obtained at the Elven Court, but I do not know where to find the latter!" said Isabelle.

    "What the f*ck! Should I just kill you right now?!" Jiang Fei spluttered.

    Which of these f*cking items am I able to obtain?! High-level Undeads? Even the garbage Death Knight is a Level 50 Leader Boss. What the heck do you expect me to do with something like the Skull Dragon?!

    The Devil-related item is even more over-the-top. Their names started with "De-" as well, but they had nothing to do with Demons. Devils were not inferior to Gods and Demons, but they lost out on intelligence. Moreover, they were extremely violent. They would not hesitate to tear each other's throats out, not to mention kill the other Races! Their lowly Felguards were Level 60 Advance Elites, and they frequently rode out in packs!

    As for the item from the Elven Court, are you kidding me? Are you treating those hundreds of thousands of Court Guards as a bunch of vases who only knew how to goose-step?

    Finally, there was the Essence of the Earth -- even the NPC herself did not know where to find it. Where do I even begin?

    "Adventurer, I know that I am asking for much, but perhaps, this may help you!" Isabelle noticed Jiang Fei that was about to turn hostile -- she hurriedly took out a glittering and translucent crystal ring and handed it to Jiang Fei.

    Treasure Hunting Ring (Ring, Fine)

    Physical Attack +25

    Equipped: Whenever there is a treasure within 1,000 meters around you, the ring would glow as an indicator.

    Equipped: Whenever there is material required for resurrecting the Princess within 100 Kilometers around you, the ring would guide you towards the direction!

    Level Requirement: 1

    "Oh, this isn't bad!"

    Jiang Fei was delighted, not expecting the Princess of the Demon race to be packing such a juicy stuff!

    It was not a premium item, but it has highly useful, Treasure Hunting Ring! This made his quest much easier!

    "Alright. Alright. I'll get to it, then."

    Although Jiang Fei had threatened to kill the Princess, he was truly reluctant to do so. It was not due to the little Princess's beauty, but the rare opportunity to evolve into a Demon Race!

    After all, there were only 36 hidden races throughout the entire game. Besides, this was not a Time Limited Quest, so Jiang Fei could take his time!

    Besides, accepting this quest meant that it would no longer be a Unknown Dungeon, but a special map. NPCs were still able to find and enter the place, but players could no longer pass through the stone wall. This was Jiang Fei's special zone, all for himself!

    After obtaining the Treasure Hunting Ring, Jiang Fei left the cave. When he came out, those zombies and venomous snakes all now had their name tags turned green; they were no longer hostile target but friendly NPC. He no longer had to fight his way through here!
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