65 Drug Caske

    Jiang Fei headed straight back to the city. This mining area was not good for grinding whatsoever. After returning to Dawnlight City, Jiang Fei was no longer in a hurry to leave the city. Instead, he began to walk around the stalls near the city entrance. After all, he had obtained a new Treasure Hunting Ring. He had to try and see if there was any treasure worth purchasing from these stalls!

    After a few rounds, Jiang Fei's Treasure Hunting Ring remained silent. It was to be expected as the players' Levels were currently low. They were only able to move around near the main city and their chances of obtaining something worthy was just as low. Even if they did find something, it was unlikely that they would put it up for sale!


    As Jiang Fei continued walking, a stall suddenly caught his attention.

    "Selling all sorts of low-rank potion! Costly, yet invincible!"

    An eye-appealing shop sign came into Jiang Fei's view!

    "Holysh*t! That's not easy!"

    Jiang Fei was surprised. Chemist were also a Profession class like Blacksmiths, but they cost much more to run. After all, Ores came in concentrated clusters on the map. On the other hand, Herbs were scattered all over the place and were more valuable than Ores. Therefore, Chemist had to attach themselves to various major guilds. Without the support of specialized Herb Collectors, they would be in serious trouble. Jiang Fei never expected to meet a solo Chemist!

    "Hey, brother. What do you have?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Small and Medium RoT (Recovery over Time) Health Points and MP Recovery Potions, and also Small Instant Recovery. We also have Small Defense Potions and Small Strength Potions as well!" answered the seller.

    Jiang Fei ran his eyes over the player, and the mysterious ring started working its magic.

    Herb Box (Pure Human, Chemist)

    Level: 10

    Health Points: 1,500

    Attack Power: 30

    Remark: Not affiliated to any group, Beginner Chemist Tier 3!

    "Wow!" Jiang Fei was blown away. Jiang Fei had expected the player to be a Pure Blooded Human Race, as they suited the Profession classes best. That way they would receive a 5% increase in Experience Points and the growth speed of their Profession Skill Proficiency. Pure Blooded Humans had a purely regular growth in terms of attributes, but it did not matter to Profession class players. However, the 5% growth speed of their Profession Skill Proficiency was a powerful asset!

    As startled as Jiang Fei was, it was true that this player had actually reached Beginner Chemist Tier 3. One should take note that Jiang Fei was already a Divine Blacksmith's Apprentice, but only had Beginner Smithing Tier 2!

    The materials for Blacksmiths were way cheaper compared to Herbs for Chemists. Besides, due to being frequently contracted by the four major guilds, Jiang Fei did not have to worry about suffering from any shortages. But even so, he had only increased his Profession by 1 Tier. Thus it could be seen that how difficult it was for Profession classes to increase their Profession Tier!

    But this Chemist right in front of Jiang Fei had actually reached Tier 3! He was almost certain that this player must have unlocked a hidden quest or had some Special Encounter. Unlike him and his cheating ring, this was a truly talented, skilled player!

    "If you want to buy, just buy something. Why are you staring at me? I know I'm extremely great looking, but I'm not gay!" Herb Box shuddered and took a step back.

    "Err..." Jiang Fei was speechless. Within his heart, he grunted, "I'm just reading your attributes, is that such a big deal? How the heck do I look gay?"

    "What are your prices?" asked Jiang Fei, after regaining his composure.

    "5 Golds and 50 Silvers for each group of RoT Red and Blue Small Recovery Potion, 9 Golds and 50 Silvers for each group of Mediums!" replied Herb Box.

    "Okay! How about Instant Recovery Potions?" Jiang Fei nodded. Compared to Small and Medium Recovery Potions that could be purchased from Drugstores at 6 Gold Coins and 10 Gold Coins respectively, Herb Box's prices were slightly lower.

    "2 Gold Coins per Small, no Medium!" proclaimed Herb Box. Since potion-selling NPCs did not sell Instant Red and Blue Recovery Potions while Profession class players often exclusively supported their own guilds, he was the one and only player who was selling Instant Recovery Potions!


    Jiang Fei could not help but breathe through his teeth. This player might be even more black-hearted than himself!

    Still, Jiang Fei could understand the price. With his ridiculously high success rates, he had been able to produce a massive amount of equipment. Therefore, he had been selling on the idea of "quick returns and small margins," thus not earning much from his flash sales. But Herb Box was a different case. He was impeded by the **ty RnG (Random Number Generator aka chance) that affected every other player. He would be struck with much higher costs. If he went to low, he would be selling at a loss. To ensure that he breaks even at the very least, he had to truly make use of this monopoly!

    "How about these two?" asked Jiang Fei, pointing at the Small Strength Potion and Small Defense Potion. NPCs did not sell these, and everyday Chemists could only dream of obtaining their Recipes!

    Chemists were different. Their mentors only taught them the Recipes of different RoT Recovery Potion. The others completely depended on one's self-comprehension. It was relatively easy to comprehend Instant Recovery Potions. Without sufficient talent and luck, one would never expect to learn the secrets of Buff-type Potions. Moreover, Bosses dropping such item was extremely low. It was a joke compared to the drop rate of Smithing or Tailoring Recipes!

    "5 Golds per Strength potion, 10 Golds for Defense!" Herb Box boldly declared.

    "That's truly a black-hearted price!" Jiang Fei protested.

    "Of course, I'm the only one who produces them!" Herb Box's grin did not diminish. On the contrary, it only grew wider.

    "Fine, I'll take all your Medium Health Points Recovery Potions!" said Jiang Fei, after looking at the 300-plus Gold Coins in his bag.

    "No problem!" Herb Box was delighted. His items were top-notch, but his current targets were too poor to be his regulars -- just yet. Those who could afford any of his wares would snag away some RoT type Small Health Points and MP Recovery Potions. A tycoon like Jiang Fei was extremely hard to come by!

    Four stacks of Medium Health Points Potions at a price of 38 Gold Coins, was quite an enormous figure to ordinary players!

    "How about the Blues as well?" Herb Box took the opportunity to attempt milking more from this tycoon.

    "No, thanks!" Jiang Fei shook his head, as all his skills came from his equipment. He had no need for Mana Points whatsoever! The only skill that would consume his Mana Points was Mana Burn. Besides, Mana Burn directly emptied his Mana Bar out.

    "Give me a stack of Small Instant Health Points Recovery Potion as well!" said Jiang Fei, after thinking for a bit. As the Medium RoT Health Points Recovery Potions could recover his Health Points by 100 per tick over a period of 10 seconds; a total of 1,000 Health Points. It was more than enough against small Bosses. However, they would not get him out of an actual emergency. After all, the Recovery effect was not stackable. A mere 100 Health Point Recovery would not save you from sudden death!

    Although the Small Instant Recovery Potions could only recover 500 Health Points, it all came instantly, which could swiftly take one out of an emergency!

    Two exchanges were made. Jiang Fei had spent almost 100 Gold Coins for five stacks of potions. Even so, he was very interested in the two Buff-type Potions as well. They might not exactly help him much in-game. But what if he brought them into reality?
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