67 Leader Boss!

    Jiang Fei had Level training with Happy Drunk's party for the whole afternoon. Although the Experience Points was not increasing as fast as within the dungeon, it was quite an impressive amount as well. Until evening, Jiang Fei had filled almost two-thirds of his Experience Bar!

    Jiang Fei glanced at the Level Ranking list, noticing that the top 10 players had all basically achieved Level 22. However, both Happy Drunk and Billy Boy were still Level 23. It seemed that the Experience Points needed for further Level up was gradually astonishing as well!

    "Ding! As the total number of Ticcar Bandits killed in this area has reached 10,000! The Chief Bandits is coming for revenge!"

    A small-scale announcement appeared again. This was already the fifth announcement Jiang Fei and the rest heard this afternoon. Basically, every 2,000 mobs Jiang Fei and the party killed, a Chief Bandit would appear. However, these Chiefs were all Easter Egg Bosses, which Jiang Fei and the rest were able to take down these rare Elites even by solo, not to mention a 15 members party with a perfect class combination and full equipment!

    "How dare you! Taking such liberties to slaughter my men!" A voice shouted from far to near. Jiang Fei looked back, and saw a war horse dashing down from a hillside far away. On the horse, there sat a strong man!

    Ou Leba the Killmonger (Humanoid, Leader)

    Level: 25

    Health Points: 45,000

    Attack Power: 785

    Skill: Charge, Heavy Slash, Swipe, Sunder, War Stomp, Mark of Death, Soul Reaper.

    Remark: An extremely powerful Wild Boss. It is suggested to organize a 25 members party or a 40 members party to challenge it! After taking down the Boss, there is a probability to obtain a Territory Order!

    "Holysh*t! Everyone, be careful! This is a Leader Boss!"

    Jiang Fei was taken aback once he read through the Boss information. This was a big Boss which was way stronger compared to the third Boss within Elite Mode dungeon!

    "What?" A look of joy appeared on Happy Drunk's face when he heard that, as higher Level Boss meant better Loots. To major guilds like them, it did not matter whether how strong the Wild Boss was, as they were able to heap the Boss to death with the number of players. Even if their attacks would not penetrate the Boss's Defense, even if every hit could only deal 1 damage, with 10,000 players attacking at once, there would also be 10,000 damage dealt in one turn!

    "Brother Happy Drunk, call your people! It's probably impossible to defeat the Boss just by the few of us here!" said Jiang Fei.


    Happy Drunk immediately began to arrange his men to rush for reinforcement. After all, this was the very first Leader Boss he had heard about, as they had been mainly killing rare Elites such as Easter Egg Bosses in the wild. They had never truly encountered such a challenge!

    Actually, Happy Drunk did not know that the Bosses which came out for revenge were mostly rare Elites. There was only a 1% probability that a High-Level Boss would appear. It was due to Jiang Fei with his super high Luck. Or else, they would not be able to meet a Leader Boss even if they had killed 100,000 mobs!

    After the Leader Boss had been spawned, it had only dashed down the hill and stayed at a spot without searching for vengeance against Jiang Fei and the rest. This had given Happy Drunk time to gather his men. But with the coming of his men one bunch after another, Happy Drunk frowned when he looked towards Jiang Fei!

    This was the very first Leader Boss that appeared around Dawnlight City. Without Jiang Fei being there, everything that dropped from the Boss would definitely belong to The Aristocrats. But Jiang Fei was not a member of his guild. If he joined in the battle, it was unavoidable for him to take a share of the profit. Therefore, Happy Drunk felt somewhat fed up.

    If it was some ordinary player, Happy Drunk would definitely drive him away, even if it was Lady Casanova. He would definitely not allow a single outsider to lay a finger on this Boss. But Jiang Fei was a different case, as he was the strongest Blacksmith throughout the entire Dawnlight City, even a Hidden class. If he offended Jiang Fei, he would lose not just merely the benefit of a Boss!

    "You guys have fun! I'm out!"

    Jiang Fei knew his own place very clearly and left the party. He then walked a distance away towards the back, indicating that he had no intention in laying his finger onto the Boss.

    "How can I take this alone? How about this? If the Boss has dropped a Recipe for Smithing or Jewellery Crafting, I'll give it to you, Brother Glider. As long as you provide some to us after producing equipments with the Recipe!" said Happy Drunk, pretending to be generous. Actually, even if Jiang Fei was not there, they would have to ask for Jiang Fei's help once they obtained a good Recipe. In the past, it was not that the four major guilds had not obtained any Recipe. After all, each major guild had tens of thousands of members. Even if the wild treasure chests were less, they would still be able to obtain a few Recipes.

    But unfortunately, after their Profession class players had learned the Recipe, there was simply a great discrepancy between the outcome and their expectations. The success rate for Green grade Recipes was not even 10%, whereas there was not even 5% for Blue grade Recipes. The materials wasted were gone, yet not even one equipment with Upgrade Bonus could be seen, not to mention Godly equipment with skills!

    Therefore, the four major guilds had basically reached an consensus. If it was a Recipe for Tailoring or Leather-making, they had no choice but to give it to the Profession class players within their guilds. But if it was a Recipe for Smithing or Jewel Meister, it was better to give it to Jiang Fei. As for those Blacksmith within their guilds? Go get some White grade Recipes for your Tier training!

    "Thanks a lot for that!" Jiang Fei nodded. He then found a hillside and sat, while watching Happy Drunk leading his men to kill the Boss!

    "Second brother, third brother, cover the position. Healers, don't mess up your Healings. Let's try the Boss's skills first!"

    Happy Drunk had completed the recombination of the parties. He then took the lead to dash forward. Although it was not a problem to fight with 10,000 players against a Wild Boss, it had to depend on the Boss genre as well. If the Boss was a giant size, they were certainly able to surround the Boss with more than 10,000 players to kill it. But for a Humanoid Boss like this, once the number of players exceeded 100, the long-range classes behind were unable to attack the Boss even if they surrounded it!

    "Piece of sh*ts! You're going to pay for this!"

    Just when two Warriors from The Aristocrats got close to a 15 meters distance from Ou Leba the Boss, it urged its horse and dashed forward!


    The Boss's skill Charge instantly stunned a Warrior player, following by the Boss's normal attack with its saber!


    "That's not bad! The damage is bearable! Healers, follow up!" Happy Drunk had slightly grasped the situation according to the damage.

    Heavy Slash!

    -4,587! (Critical hit!)

    "Ding! Your teammate Master Wei has fallen!"

    "What the f*ck! Second Brother!" Happy Drunk was greatly surprised.

    Master Wei was Happy Drunk's cousin in reality. His family was also a strong stockholder of the Haotian Group. Within the game, he was even the Main Tank of The Aristocrats. Since he had been instantly killed as well, who else could withstand the Boss's attack?

    "This is truly delicious!"

    After Ou Leba had killed Master Wei, a white light flew out from Master Wei's body and merged into the Boss's mouth. A moment ago, the Boss had lost 1% of its Health Points during the fight. But now, the Boss was instantly recovered to full Health Points. This was even because the Boss had not dropped much Health Points. As for how much Health Points the Boss was able to recover after killing a person, it was still hard to judge!

    "Third brother, cover the position! Second brother, corpse run!" Happy Drunk gave out his command decisively!

    "Big Brother, I'm unable to release my soul for five minutes!" replied Master Wei. Apparently, not only the Boss was able to recover Health Points after killing a person, but it could also prevent players from resurrecting through corpse run. Either there was a Healer who had mastered the skill Resurrection to resurrect you back to life, or you would have to stay dead for five minutes before you could resurrect!

    "Alas!" Happy Drunk sighed. Where could he find a Healer who had mastered Resurrection at the current Level? It seemed that the Main Tank was unavailable within the short period!
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