68 Sitting Atop a Mountain to Watch Tigers Wrestling




    -3,875! (Critical hit!)



    Since the Main Tank had fallen, the Boss immediately switched targets and began to attack Dolorous Cannon the Sub-Tank who was the next in line on the aggro table. This had caused the Boss to wheel around and face him. The Melee classes who were supposed to be at the back of the Boss were now facing it!

    The Boss happened to cast Swipe at that moment. Apart from Dolorous Cannon who lost half his Health Points, everyone else was wiped out!

    "Ding! Your teammate XXX has fallen!"

    "Ding! Your teammate XXX has fallen!"

    "Ding! Your teammate XXX has fallen!"

    "Ding! Your teammate XXX has fallen!"

    Within a blink of an eye, five out of Happy Drunk's thirty-member party had fallen. They did not even have their Main Tank. That was one-sixth of its members!

    "Healers, focus on third brother's Health Points!"

    Happy Drunk was starting to learn that this would not end well. Reinforcements were no good, their Main Tank had been taken out of action! No one else could last against the boss. Every death resulted in the Boss recovering some of its health. Packing on more numbers would be futile. Happy Drunk only intended to gather more information on the boss. When Master Wei finally resurrects, he could get serious!

    "Hahahah..." Jiang Fei was enjoying himself from afar. "Aren't you guys not bringing me along to have fun? Knock yourselves out, then. The more you send, the more would fall." Unlike Dungeons where players would only lose 20% of his Experience Points, Wild Bosses were different. These Wild Bosses literally robbed players of entire Levels. Upon death, they would instantly lose a Level. They may be able to retrieve their property, but whenever players were above Level 20, the Experience points would be massive. Even Happy Drunk would be nursing a heartache!

    Heavy Slash!


    "Ding! Your teammate Dolorous Cannon has fallen!"

    Before the Healers were able to save the half-dead Sub-Tank, he was put down by a follow-up Heavy Slash from the Boss!

    "What the f*ck..." Happy Drunk almost dropped his bow and sat his ass on the grass right then. How does one continue without a Tank?!

    "Everyone, get out of here! Minimize our losses!" shouted Happy Drunk, as he wheeled around and started runnin.!

    Although Wild Bosses were powerful, they were different from Dungeon Bosses. A Dungeon Boss would chase you to death. If your entire team has fallen, you had to flee from the dungeon. no matter what. Unlike Dungeon Bosses, as long as you ran out of a certain range, the Wild Boss would stop chasing, and you might just flee with your life!

    Ranged classes might just get out of range, but the melee fighters were not as fortunate. Warrior or Rogue, they all fell like flies. When the dust settled, a total of nine members from The Aristocrats had fallen in battle. They managed to retrieve their equipment, but they had all lost a Level.

    "Eh, hehe, hehe, Brother Glider, hope you had a good laugh..." Happy Drunk said sheepishly, as he initiated damage control. He had intended to flex a little before Jiang Fei. If anything, the Boss had flexed in front of them all.

    "It's okay. Carry on. I saw that you guys are cooperating pretty well out there..." Jiang Fei said with a grin. At a glance, he had figured out that Happy Drunk and his men would never be able to take down the Boss, even if they fought for three days!

    If the Tank was unable to withstand the Boss's attacks, the DPS units would have a handful to deal with. Besides, this Boss recovered Health Points from killing a person, which made swarming an entirely ineffective strategy. Without a Tank, the boss would be killing everyone to the left and right, so rapidly that he would perpetually have full health!

    "Alright, once more, unto the fray!"

    After rearranging his teams, Happy Drunk strode out with renewed vigor. Out of the full party of forty members, there were no Melee players, apart from five Tanks. It was a firing squad!

    Only a major, huge guild had the luxury of cherry-picking its party members like so. Jiang Fei and his little Knighthood could barely even gather enough Level 20 players for a solid fight, let alone cherry-pick their compositions.


    Finally, Master Wei brought along the remaining five Sub-Tanks and dashed forward. Just because a boss had gotten lucky with a Critical Hit, it could not possibly be this lucky again.



    "Healers, follow up! Keep second brother at full Health Points!" shouted Happy Drunk. He had gone all out this time. There was a group of an entire thirty Healers who were especially responsible for the Tanks' Health Points. He was not going to lose his tank in another stupid accident again!


    The damage output group followed up, spamming their arrows and magic bolts onto the Boss!

    "That's interesting!" said Jiang Fei as he sat cross-legged on the mountain with a wide grin.

    The Healing was overkill, but at least Master Wei's Health Points remained full at all times. He may be no Jiang Fei, but he at least had 4,800 Health Points. He could very well be considered one of the very best Tanks throughout Dawnlight City!

    Heavy Slash!


    The Boss may have taken two-thirds of Master Wei's Health Points with one skill, but his Health Points was fully recovered in the blink of an eye, due to the massive healing!

    "Keep it up! We can do this!" A smile appeared on Happy Drunk's face. Under normal circumstances, a Leader Boss should be challenged by a party of forty members. Although it might be unsportsmanlike to actually send 2 parties on a boss, who cares, right? They were there only to slay that thing and obtain the spoils.

    "Cowards. Hiding behind the backs of your comrades?" By the time Ou Leba's Health Points dropped to 90%, he gave a great roar and placed his horse-slaying broadsword on his back. After straightening up from the back of his warhorse, he fired and arrows towards the ranged attackers.


    "Ding! Your teammate XXX has fallen!"

    As a Mage fell, a white light escaped her corpse and went into Ou Leba's mouth. After hours of struggling before removing 10% of the Boss' Health Points, a single arrow had half-undid their labors!

    "What the f*ck!" Happy Drunk roared. He had not expected the Boss to pull something like this off. The loss of a single mage was not the point, but a Boss recovering 5% of its massive Health Points was a problem. This Boss was extremely high Defense. Even with his Rainbow grade weapon and Hidden class, Happy Drunk was struggling to get anywhere close to the three-digit mark!

    "Ah. So that must be the Mark for Death, I suppose?" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. Although the mysterious ring could provide him the names of the Boss Skills, it did not tell him the details. Now that he had Happy Drunk and gang flying a kite for him, he was enjoying the first-row seats of a lecture. Jiang Fei was certain that the entire guild would not stand a chance against this Boss. He had already experienced the skill, War Stomp many times over. Tanks would get blown down like no tomorrow. Master Wei did not stand a chance!
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