70 Head of the Battle

    "Shall we get started? How do we go about it?" Happy Drunk urged. He was more anxious than ever. This boss was on the territory of The Aristocrats, but it did not mean that the other three major guilds could not force their way in!

    A Territory Order was proper cause for a server-wide guild war. Happy Drunk hoped to bring the boss down and then return to the city before the other three major guilds arrive. If he misses out on this, he might just bawl his eyes out.

    "Sure! You've got enough healers alright. Just make sure they keep me alive. I'll be the sole tank. Ranged attackers should just go full ham. If anyone gets taken down, ignore them. Just do your part!" Jiang Fei fluidly revealed his plan.

    "Just like that?" Happy Drunk was in doubt.

    "How hard could a boss fight be?" Jiang Fei gave him a look.

    "Alright! Whatever you say!" After all, Jiang Fei had frontlined the Elite Mode dungeons two days ago. Happy Drunk had no choice but to give him the benefit of the doubt as time was running short. When the three major guilds arrive, that would be a lifetime too late!

    "Get me 50 of the highest level ranged attackers. They'll be the main DPS. Healer team, look out for Ah Fei's Health Points. The rest of you, surround the boss. Everyone else, stay away. I don't need you giving him free Health Points. Form a perimeter outside and kill anyone who tries to intrude!"

    Happy Drunk was really putting all of his eggs in one basket. For this Territory Order, he was willing to wage a war on all fronts against the other elite guilds.

    "Whenever you guys are ready!" Jiang Fei glanced back and said.

    "Sure!" When Happy Drunk nodded, the healer team already got in position!

    "I'm going!" Jiang Fei did not wait for the boss to charge at him. He slammed into the boss -- without any warning.

    However, Ou Leba was nothing like those elite monsters in the dungeons. A Leader Boss was an actual, genuine boss. Immobilizing skills like Stun would be no good.

    "Another little peasant!"

    Apparently, the boss considered him another insect. The big knife in his hand viciously flew downwards.

    Jiang Fei lifted his shield and met the attack. However, it only worked in PvP mode. Against a monster, it only served to visually please the player and the onlookers. The unadulterated damage would still come flying in.


    "... Wokay!"

    Jiang Fei looked at the damage and gave a nod of approval. His defense was way higher than Master Wei's. Let's not forget that he had incredible equipment; on top of his overpowered growth rate.

    Battle Cry!


    The skill did not do much, but it could vastly reduce the boss' attack power. It also roped in some aggro to boot. This was the butter to Jiang Fei bread tank!

    Ice Burst!


    The boss' defense was sky-high. Moreover, as a boss, it was also immune to Ice Burst's freezing effect!





    Without the freezing effect, the first Bash would not necessarily be a critical blow. However, he already had a headstart in terms of damage dealt. His aggro was holding strong.

    Heavy Slash!


    The boss was no slouch. Jiang Fei may be as tough as a turtle, but he still took more than 2000 damage!

    However, with more than 30 healers backing him up, his Health Points were instantly refilled!

    "What the f*ck! What is this kid made of?"

    Happy Drunk blinked in shock. Master Wei was the main tank of The Aristocrats. His guildmates were already certain that he was extremely strong. Well, the sky had no limits. Now, Jiang Fei was there, and he had just shoved the bar up.

    "Well, even if he's made of adamantium, would he survive the boss' upcoming two-skill combo?" Happy Drunk still had his doubts. After all, the back-to-back combination of War Stomp plus Sunder was downright ridiculous.

    As time went by, the boss activated Mark for Death. Every 30 seconds, it would kill one player on the rear line. At the same time, it would recover 5 percent of its health. However, The Aristocrats was a massive guild. Losing one or two men would barely faze them. Moreover, more people meant a higher damage output. The boss would still fall, eventually.

    It did not take long before they once again reached the 50 perfect mark. Jiang Fei narrowed his eyes and prepared for the daunting task ahead.

    "Demon! Give me strength!" Ou Leba roared. He leaped into the air.

    Claret Aegis!

    Jiang Fei immediately activated the skill attached to the ring.

    Claret Aegis: Instantly increase your defense so that you only take 50 percent of the damage for the next three attacks! Five-minute cooldown!

    After Jiang Fei activated the skill, a purple-red hard-light, humongous shield appeared in front of him.


    The Boss landed.


    Heavy Slash!




    Surprise, surprise. It was not supposed to end at two blows. It was three consecutive blows. Wei Shao Ye never lasted long enough for everyone to see the third blow!

    Jiang Fei may have been stunned, but he had activated Claret Aegis and lived to tell the tale, none worse the wear! He still had about 2000 Health Points left!

    "F*ck that **! It was meant to be three hits, and he actually survived!"

    When he saw the boss's three consecutive blows, Happy Drunk had squeezed his eyes shut in dismay. He had thought that it was over. He never expected Jiang Fei's purple-red shield to be that effective. Jiang Fei still had one-third of his Hit Points to boast!

    "Healers, heal up!" It was a completely unnecessary and redundant order. The healers were already scrambling to keep the Tank in the running.

    Almost one second after the boss completed its three consecutive blows, Jiang Fei's Health Points were already back to full!

    That burst of exertion seemed to have exhausted the boss. For a period of time, he seemed to be slower and weaker. Apart from Swipe and Heavy Slash, there were almost no other tricks. However, the ranged-format Mark for Death was still continually taking lives. Even so, The Aristocrats had the numbers to spare! Replacing a new member every thirty seconds was no sweat

    As the boss's Health Points gradually neared the 10 percentile, he visibly grew desperate.

    First, the boss shot three consecutive arrows with his bow, killing three ranged attackers. That was 15% of its Health Points. The volley was followed by another skybound leap!

    "God damned **!" Jiang Fei was startled. His Claret Aegis had not yet cooled down. It was the boss' desperate, frantic bid for survival. This is going to hurt!

    Armored Bulwark!

    Jiang Fei could only brace and pray for the best!

    Armored Bulwark: Once activated, absorbs physical damage equal to 20 percent of your total Health Points. Lasts for 10 seconds, five-minute-cooldown!
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