71 The Bloodbath Caused by One Order


    -1724! (1296 absorbed!)

    War Stomp went right through Jiang Fei's Armored Bulwark.

    Heavy Slash!




    The three consecutive blows of the boss came, one after another, and even Jiang Fei's confidence faltered!

    He dejectedly stared at his remaining Health Points.


    Out of 6,400, 108 was a pinch of salt in the ocean. This pinch was now the only thing keeping him standing.

    "He actually survived!" Happy Drunk could not believe his eyes. When he saw that Jiang Fei failing to summon his purple-red shield this time, his heart had sunk. Powerful abilities demanded for long cooldowns. Jiang Fei may have defense and Health Points that far surpassed his best Tank, but the boss was ridiculous!

    "Healers! Heal up!" At this time, no one had to remind them anymore. The healer team was spamming their skills like crazy as if they had gone mad. Jiang Fei was once again saved.

    Due to the effect of War Stomp, Jiang Fei was still stunned. However, the boss had emptied out its tank. It was a valiant effort, and it had almost taken out Jiang Fei, but that's the end of the road!

    "Leader! The enemy is here! Someone saw Billy Boy leading the Magithieves..."

    Happy Drunk's greatest fears had been realized!

    "F*ck! F*ck!"

    As suave and courteous as Happy Drunk is, he started cursing out in the most boorish of manners. His guild was crawling with spies! There is just no other way for word to spread that swiftly. The three majors guilds were most definitely not here to back him up. Most of all, Billy Boy was there, and that madman wanted nothing more than to bathe in the blood of his fallen enemies.

    "Try to hold them back. Prevent people from the three major guilds from coming in at all costs, I just need two minutes!" With the boss near-death, Happy Drunk decided to make the gamble.

    He did not know how Jiang Fei knew so much about this boss, but Jiang Fei's prior intel had always been solid. If there was a chance for the Territory Order, he would take it. He would not even hesitate to cross swords with the three other guilds. But if nothing comes out of this boss, his efforts would have been all for naught.

    Happy Drunk was either going to make, or break this.

    "Yessir!" His members placed their full faith in him. They thoughtlessly obeyed his every command.

    "Demons... will make all of you... pay the price..." Within a minute, the boss was finally dead.

    "Ding! You have eliminated the Leader Boss Ou Leba the Killmonger and gained 125,000 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You eliminated the Bandit leader for the Empire and gained 2,000 Reputation Points!"

    "Ah Fei! Loot the body!" As Jiang Fei was the closest to the body of the boss, Happy Drunk quickly removed the looting restrictions. He had bigger things to worry about. The three major guilds was just the beginning. He could only put his blind faith in Jiang Fei to honor the agreement. As long as he got the Territory Order, everything else was fine.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei quickly looted the body of the boss.

    A golden light flashed. A legend appeared in Jiang Fei's hands -- it was the Territory Order!

    "Quickly, take the Territory Order and get out of here! Leave the others to me!" Jiang Fei threw the Territory Order to the oncoming Happy Drunk.

    "Okay!" Happy Drunk knew better than to get hung up over the other items. He did not even have time to express his joy at getting the Territory Order. He swiftly tore a Return Scroll to shreds, just as the three guilds broke through and reached the area.

    As the white light spirited Happy Drunk away, Jiang Fei shoved the other items into his backpack. By the time he looked up, a mindblowing scene greeted him!

    Tens of thousands of players were fighting. This was something that Jiang Fei has never experienced before, even though he had played many games before. He was also a little popular, but only among pub players[1]. Pub players knew better than to get caught up in a massive conflict between major guilds. They would flee to a safe spot and mind their own business.

    This was Jiang Fei's first time ever, getting this close to a battle of this scale, much less be in the middle of it all. Capturing the most attention was the Bonnie and Clyde pair, Lady Casanova and Billy Boy!

    She was more than two meters tall, and she was swinging a mace that was even taller than she was. Her level was high, her equipment powerful, and her healers numerous. She swung about without a care in the world, looking like a meat-grinder that carved a path through the crowd.

    Billy Boy was not that deadly a fighter when confronted alone. His strength lay in his intellect and tactics. Anyhow, Jiang Fei clearly saw him being escorted by a massive squad. They moved in organized formation, cutting through everything they saw. This was no battle. This was a severe case of the strong bullying the weak!

    Compared to the dazzling Bonnie and Clyde pair, Daemon's Grimace and Southern Azuresword appeared almost pedestrian-like. More often than not, they were merely backing up the Magithieves. It was a sad, sad role where there was nothing left for them to loot.

    Ten minutes later, no trace of The Aristocrats was left. They had been utterly massacred. Fortunately, the higher-ups of the three major guilds had already ordered their people to lay off Jiang Fei, or he would have been stampeded into sludge already.

    Jiang Fei knew his place. Powerful as he was, he could not stand against then players at once, let alone entertain the pipe dream of fighting off a hundred men. He was only alive, because they permitted it!

    The leaders of the three major guilds also had their own considerations. First of all, Jiang Fei had no use for the Territory Order. He could not possibly be holding it. So, if they killed him, they would only get some spoils from the boss. However, killing Jiang Fei was equivalent to the three major guilds sending the strongest Blacksmith in Dawnlight City right to the doorstep of The Aristocrats!

    His neutrality was in everyone's best interests. No one was allowed to hurt Jiang Fei. Spies of The Aristocrats had been placed into the three major guilds. They had planned to attack Jiang Fei to frame the three major guilds, but they were all discovered by their companions just in time and were killed on the spot. And that's how the eye of the hurricane flew past Jiang Fei without touching a hair on his head.
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