76 Party-Forming Crisis

    After shaking off MrsAwesome, Jiang Fei and Zhao Feng arrived at the East Gate of Dawnlight City.

    When the two of them arrived, a team was already waiting for them.

    "You're Jiang Fei?" A pretty and cute elven Bandit asked.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Wow! Jiang Fei, your equipment seems pretty good!"

    This elven Bandit had to be Sun Mengmeng.

    "Just call me Ah Fei in the game..." Jiang Fei was not used to being called by his real name in the game.

    "Sure! Ah Fei, what position do you play?" Sun Mengmeng asked.


    Jiang Fei pointed at the shield slung over his back and said. The Demon Barrier was a piece of art, compared to the bland, generic Iron Shield. A ferocious demon head was embossed on the shield. The demon's eyes were flashing with fire. Epic Quality Equipment did not just have better attributes. They also looked far better.

    "That's great! Our Tank happens to have something on and can't be online today!" Sun Mengmeng said cheerily. If only she knew that her Tank had blatantly lied to them. He was not busy. Are you kidding me, it's the middle of the night! He just did not want to die yet again. Having lost Two Levels, he decisively gave up on the Unknown Dungeon.

    At the moment, Jiang Fei read through Sun Mengmeng's attributes.

    CutiePie (Elf, Bandit)

    Level: 18

    Health Points: 1,320

    Attack Power: 182

    Remarks: No affiliated to any group.

    Then, he looked at the people standing behind Sun Mengmeng. These people were generally between the Levels of 17 and 19. Having died to this ruthless dungeon several times over, their levels had dropped significantly.

    Low levels aside, their equipment was utter garbage. Most of their equipment was White, with only one or two Greens standing out from the entire group. This was typical of a pub party.

    "We can try, but I promised to bring this fatty inside to give him some good Exp. One of you has to leave!" Jiang Fei looked at Sun Mengmeng and the others. There were nine of them, so there was only room for one. Afterall, he was the one doing the favor, so he had the right to ask of this.

    "This..." Sun Mengmeng became hesitant all of a sudden. After all, these people were all her friends, and it was not cool to kick any one of them out.

    "Mengmeng, who is this jerk? We don't even know if he's strong, and he's already acting like he's hot stuff! Who are you to decide that any of us has to leave? Don't you know who discovered this Dungeon?" A Human Hunter behind Sun Mengmeng said.

    Azure Roc Prince( Pure-blooded Human, Hunter)

    Level: 19

    Health Points: 1,345

    Attack Power: 173

    Remarks: Member of the Blood Shadow guild.

    Jiang Fei spared him a glance but ignored him almost immediately. After all, he was only here for his classmate, Sun Mengmeng. He did not even need this Unknown Dungeon!

    "Class representative, I'm sure that you already know this. Your current party configuration doesn't stand a chance. Both your healers are Knights. They can only give some sub-par Healing. Your party does not have any Buffers, and your DPS is inadequate. At least fatty here could boost the entire party's DPS by 30%. If I'm not wanted here, forget it, just act like this conversation never occurred!" Jiang Fei turned to Sun Mengmeng.

    "He's also that good?" Sun Mengmeng asked, her eyes wide open. She would have never known that the little fatty Zhao Feng would be this good in the game.

    "Of course! I'm a Rare Class!" Zhao Feng said proudly.

    "What?!" Everyone was shocked. They were either individual players or members of small guilds. They knew that it was not as difficult to change into a Rare Class when compared to a Hidden Class, but the Class Transfer Quest was not something that ordinary people could accomplish. Any player who held a Rare Class had to be skilled!

    "The weak links in your party are the Human Hunter and that Devil Sorceress. At their current levels, they just can't contribute to the party. If one of them gives up their spot, I'll help you. Otherwise, you'll have to find someone else!" Jiang Fei went straight to the point.

    "Uhhh..." Sun Mengmeng had been placed between a rock and a hard place. Jiang Fei's equipment alone spoke volumes of his power. If she missed out on this top-tier Tank, she might as well have given up on the Dungeon entirely. To make matters worse, they were not the only party that knew about this Dungeon. It was a race. This was why they had been reckless enough to try the Dungeon out, resulting in the loss of two levels.

    "Why should I leave? If you don't have my consent, I'm not doing it! Either way, I won't leave!" Azure Roc Prince snapped. However, as soon as he said that, he regretted it. Wasn't it clear that he firmly wanted the Devil Sorceress in the party to leave?

    "Fine! I'll leave!" At that moment, a cold female voice broke through the atmosphere.

    Jiang Fei turned to its source. It was the Devil Sorceress.

    Miss Succubus (Elf, Sorceress)

    Level: 18

    Health Points: 1,105

    Magic Attack Power: 195

    Remarks: Demon Faction. Relies mainly on the Devil during combat. Individually lacking in DPS. No guild or clan.

    This sorceress was very beautiful. She had a scorching hot body. Even that loose magic robe could not hide her attractive figure. However, her gloomy temperament gave people the chills.

    "Verdure Glider, it really is no wonder that you cleared a Normal Dungeon solo and while also being the first to clear the Elite Dungeon. You're really ostentatious and extravagant. I'll remember you!" Miss Succubus slowly walked towards Jiang Fei, lowering her voice into something that bordered on an intimate whisper. Then, she took her leave.

    "Ding! Miss Succubus has left your party!"

    At the same time, the rest of Sun Mengmeng's party members received a system prompt.

    "How does she know my in-game name?" Jiang Fei was left wondering.

    "Well, someone left, albeit on a horrendous note. Happy now?" Azure Roc Prince pouted. This guy was a typical Young Master loser. He was not even strong, but he would hit on any girl to the left and right. He regarded both Sun Mengmeng and Miss Succubus as his property. He was already not pleased to see that Sun Mengmeng and Jiang Fei were that close. Now, this other dude had led him to a Freudian slip, offending Miss Succubus and having her walk out of his life. Now, Azure Roc Prince was more displeased than ever.

    "Nah, I'll only be happy if I don't have to deal with your **. You leaving too?" Jiang Fei was only here for Sun Mengmeng. What reason did he have to treat her party just as nicely?

    "Heh! This gentleman has no reason to leave. I'm staying, and I'll annoy you to death!" Azure Roc Prince said smugly.

    Everyone around gave him looks of disdain. As confrontational as he was earlier on, he was still speaking up for the party -- for the sake of the original party members. Now, he was being totally shameless!

    "Class representative, bring us in!" Jiang Fei ignored the clown. Quarreling with such a person was complete self-abasement!
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