77 Regrouping

    "First things first. If Smithing Recipes or Jewelry Recipes drop, I call dibs," Jiang Fei spoke up again.

    "Why the hell should we say yes to that?" Azure Roc Prince was the first to deliver the rebuttal. Everyone knew that Recipes were extremely valuable -- even more so than equipment!

    "Give me leadership. Everyone has to do as I say. If I catch anyone deliberately messing around, you're out!" Jiang Fei pointedly ignored Azure Roc Prince and continued talking.

    "Jiang Fei..." Sun Mengmeng tugged at Jiang Fei's arm. She felt that his requests were a little too much.

    "If you're down for that, I'm in. If not, I'm out!" Jiang Fei firmly stated. His personality was like so. He would specify the terms -- clearly and sternly at first. After that was out of the way, he would be courteous. He preferred to make things clear beforehand so that complications would not arise after that.

    "Mengmeng, Miss Succubus has sold information about the location of the Dungeon to Arkosios Sanctuary..." Suddenly, one of the party members spoke up.

    "What?!" Everyone was startled. No one had expected the Miss Succubus who left unhappily to be so cold-hearted and betray them to a major guild. Originally, Sun Mengmeng had planned to leave Miss Succubus some of the drops if they really managed to clear the Dungeon. She never expected Miss Succubus to be so ruthless. Apparently, she did not plan to remain in their small party any longer!

    "What now?" Sun Mengmeng turned around and asked her party members.

    "Just go along with it, it's still better than nothing!" -- was the final decision. Jiang Fei was their one shot at this. If they remained indecisive, they would not have any decisions to make altogether.

    "Fine. I'll let this pass. If you're this audacious again, I won't let you off!" Sun Mengmeng waved her small fist at Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei scratched his head sheepishly. In his thoughts, he said, "If you weren't my classmate, I wouldn't have come here at all, okay?"

    Soon, Sun Mengmeng added Jiang Fei and Zhao Feng into the party. Then, she passed the Party Leadership to Jiang Fei.

    "Holy sh*t, over 7,000 Health Points? Are you kidding me?" Sun Mengmeng's party members went crazy. Even if the three party members with the highest Health Points added their Health Points together, they would still not add up to Jiang Fei's!

    "What a pro! Mengmeng, where did you find such a god?" All of a sudden, they were already looking at Jiang Fei in admiration.

    "Alright! Let's lay down some rules. Everyone has to make sure that they have more than two bottles of Medium Red Potions with them. Healers need to be carrying at least one stack of Small Blue Potions!" After Jiang Fei received the Party Leader status, he ignored the chirps of awe and started talking.

    "What, we still have to buy potions?"

    Many faces were instantly crestfallen. After all, potions were not cheap. A bottle of Medium Red Potion cost more than 30 silver coins, and two bottles of that were almost half of these people's wealth!

    Although Blue Potions were cheap, a stack of Small Blue Potions would nearly cost a gold coin. Those two Knights would be bankrupt!

    "Please, just take a look at your equipment level. An Unknown Dungeon is equivalent to a Heroic Dungeon of the same level -- maybe even tougher. As it is now, you guys should be attempting Normal Dungeons. You guys can't even clear Elite Dungeons, and you're trying to enter an Unknown Dungeon without bringing any potions. Are you guys on a suicide mission?" Jiang Fei said testily.

    "Mengmeng, should we just not go?"

    One of the Knights said reluctantly. He was not ready to part with his cash...

    "If you're getting cold feet, just stay out! I can always call for backup!" Jiang Fei said with a sneer. It was best if these people did not go. Bringing Sun Mengmeng was enough, she was there to guide him to the Dungeon. He could always summon Big Bear and gang, or the Rosette Ladies. Regardless of who he called, they were far stronger than these people!

    "It's true, we're too weak for this. Mengmeng, I think we'll pass on this..."

    Originally, everyone had been focused on the precious treasures the dungeon could offer. Jiang Fei had just given them a reality check.

    Previously, their Tank had been falling like a stack of dimes. It had never occurred to them that they were too weak a party, as a whole. Jiang Fei made them see otherwise. They were not the type to venture into Elite Dungeons. This Dungeon was arguably tougher than a Heroic Dungeon -- wouldn't that be equivalent to suicide?

    "Well, okay then. If I get some good drops, I'll compensate you guys..." Sun Mengmeng's heart sank as these members she knew filed out, one after another.

    "What compensation? You guys should learn from Miss Succubus. Sell the location of the Unknown Dungeon to other major guilds. That would be more than enough!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Is that actually appropriate?"

    Although they would not be able to enter the Unknown Dungeon together, they still played the game together. These people were torn between loyalty and self-interest.

    "Are you seriously getting torn up over ethics in a game? It would make no difference to my odds anyway! Rest assured, just do a good job selling it. Those earnings would be yours to keep!" Jiang Fei strongly suggested.

    Jiang Fei was truly unbothered by the fact that Miss Succubus had sold them out. After all, the four major guilds have not yet been able to clear an Elite Dungeon. So even if they knew of this secret location, the most they could do was send a few people to scout the area. Elite players never needlessly risked losing levels. So go ahead, pile up on the Dungeon. Nobody was going to snatch this from Jiang Fei anytime soon!

    "Yeah, just do what you want..." Sun Mengmeng eventually nodded.

    "Alright, we'll be on our way!" When everyone heard that, they immediately went to look for a buyer with jubilance. After all, this could potentially draw in the big bucks. On top of that, they had earned the consent of their friend.

    "Yo! You're not leaving?" Jiang Fei looked back and realized that Azure Roc Prince had not left with the others. He was still in the party.

    "Why should I go? I'm joining you! So what? Are you going to kick me for no reason?" Azure Roc Prince looked at Sun Mengmeng and said.

    He did not want to leave. He had already stepped on the toes of the beautiful Miss Succubus. Now, he could only pursue the cute Sun Mengmeng. Jiang Fei's presence left him with a sour taste in his mouth, so he absolutely refused to let Jiang Fei play the game alone with Sun Mengmeng.

    Moreover, Azure Roc Prince knew that Jiang Fei risked offending Sun Mengmeng if he gave him the boot for no reason. At the end of the day, he could still sell the location of the Unknown Dungeon -- it was a win-win situation!

    "Do whatever you want..."

    Jiang Fei pursed his lips together. There was no point arguing with a retard like him.

    The party's current configuration was like so -- Jiang Fei the tank, Zhao Feng the Damage Support, Sun Mengmeng the Bandit and a Hunter who was no better than paperweight. Jiang Fei decided that he still needed two Healers, a Sub-Tank and three ranged attackers.

    He started scrolling through the list of punks, but quickly stopped when he caught sight of the clingy MrsAwesome's IGN. Goosebumps springing up his back, he quickly turned to the Rosette Knighthood.

    "Leader, send a few people to help me clear an Unknown Dungeon!" Jiang Fei sent a message to Rosette Rose.

    "What Classes do you need?" Rosette Rose replied almost instantly.

    "Two Healers, one Sub-Tank, three ranged attackers!" Jiang Fei said.

    "No problem! Where are you?" Rosette Rose sounded more and more enthusiastic by the second.

    "East Gate!" Jiang Fei sent his coordinates over.

    "We'll be right there!" Rosette Rose immediately cut off the call, as if she had immediately sprinted off.
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