79 The Trickster Rears Its Ugly Head!

    In no time at all, they had reached the end of the passage.

    Directly before Jiang Fei and the others was an archway. Beyond the archway was a vast hall. Two huge monsters stood on the left and right side of the arch!

    Guardian Golem (Puppet, Elite)

    Level: 19

    Health Points: 3,500

    Attack Power: 450

    Skills: Smash, Stomp.

    Remarks: Stone statues that have been subjected to black magic. Extremely high combat effectiveness!

    "Hunters, do you know how to split the monsters up?"

    As Jiang Fei was standing before the entire party, they could only see his back. No one could see the smirk on his face.

    "Nope!" Rosette Bubbles was quick to answer. These girls were very, very casual players. Demanding for such a technical performance from them was too much!

    "What about you?" Jiang Fei turned back and looked at Azure Roc Prince.

    "Me?" Azure Roc Prince was startled. He was just about to say that he did not know how to do it as well, but he realized that all seven girls were now looking at him. This experience of being the center of attention, surrounded by so many beautiful ladies at the same time was quite something, and his ego was stoked. At the same time, the two words "I don't" seemed to have gotten stuck in his throat. He could not bring himself to say those words!

    "I do!"

    In the end, Azure Roc Prince clenched his teeth and said. He would rather die than diminish himself in front of so many beautiful ladies!

    "That's great then, you'll be in charge of luring the monsters. These two look pretty strong!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Although I know how to split them, I'm not very skilled at it. If I fail..." Azure Roc Prince clearly knew himself well. He also knew that he did not know how to split monsters at all. So, he gave a pre-emptive excuse for certain failure that would happen in a short moment. This was also to ensure that Jiang Fei and the others were prepared enough to save him in time!

    "Don't worry!" Jiang Fei turned away, hiding his grin. This kid had been a needle in his side for a while now. Jiang Fei was not a magnanimous person. He believed in the principle of "an eye for an eye"!

    This time, he was deliberately hoping to send Azure Roc Prince to his death. Although these two door guards looked huge, they were not much stronger than the Bearmen in the Elite Dungeon. Even the Sub-Tank Rosette Dazzledance would be able to handle both of the monsters at once; and much less was needed to be said about Jiang Fei!

    "I'll make a move then..." Azure Roc Prince nodded. He had never been more uncertain of himself. Previously, their party had fallen here. Their Tank had immediately gone down, quickly followed by the eradication of their entire party. He really believed that this pair could only be taken on, one at a time.


    Azure Roc Prince carefully let an arrow loose. However, the two monsters were standing too closely to each other. Even if he had a decent grasp of splitting monsters, it would have been impossible to split them up!


    The two Guardian Golems let out deep growls. At the same time, they lifted their huge, one-meter-long legs and stomped towards Azure Roc Prince!

    "Save me..." Azure Roc Prince shouted while rapidly backpedaling.

    "F*ck! Don't you have any Hunter ethics? If you've failed to split the monsters up, then you should die alone! Don't drag your party members into it!" Jiang Fei yelled back and gave Rosette Dazzledance a look. The two tanks retreated at the same time.

    "F*ck you! You..." When Azure Roc Prince saw the others retreating, his heart sank! He was already down to Level 19. If he died again, not even an entire day's grind could fix that!



    -572 (Smash!)

    -525 (Stomp!)

    The two gatekeeper monsters took turns flattening Azure Roc Prince. All of a sudden, he was low on Health Points!

    "Ah Fei, are we not going to save him?" After all, Sun Mengmeng had known Azure Roc Prince for a while. She could not bear to just let him die off like that.

    "Leader, heal him up! Dazzledance, guard the Healer!" Jiang Fei gave Rosette Rose a look. He did not want Rosette Miaomiao to put her all into healing, afraid that the naive and innocent girl would get it wrong.


    Now, who was Rosette Rose? She was a natural businesswoman, and an extremely quick-witted one on top of that. No one was savvier than her. Jiang Fei's eyes told her all that she needed to know. Almost immediately she had sent out a healing wave. Less than half a second later, Azure Roc Prince's Health Points rose up -- not by much, only a little more than a hundred.


    At the same time, Jiang Fei had already dashed out and stunned one of the monsters. However, as Jiang Fei was incapable of using Taunt, the other monster still came towards Azure Roc Prince!


    "Ding! Your party member Azure Roc Prince has been killed!"

    Azure Roc Prince already had less than 200 Health Points left. Even though the Healer had thrown him a lifeline, he was utterly crushed!

    With its current target dead, the Guardian Golem went straight to Rosette Rose. However, Rosette Dazzledance saw it coming a mile away and had used Taunt, which diverted the monster's aggro!

    "I told you to buy potions. Why wouldn't you listen?" Jiang Fei did not forget to rub the salt in.

    These two monsters had turned Azure Roc Prince into mincemeat, but they were hardly doing any damage to Jiang Fei and Rosette Dazzledance. They only dealt a little over 100 damage to Jiang Fei and less than 200 damage to Rosette Dazzledance. Any Healer could take care of that in her sleep.

    "Hey, don't fall asleep just yet. Respawn and regroup with us when you can. None of our Healers have Resurrection, anyways!" Jiang Fei said to Azure Roc Prince.

    "Verdure Glider! F*ck you! You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Azure Roc Prince began scolding Jiang Fei in the party chat!

    "Hey! To be fair, I've never been to this Unknown Dungeon before. How was I supposed to know that these two big monsters were that weak? They looked pretty strong. Moreover, I consulted you about this and only gave you the green light when you claimed to know how to split the monsters yourself! You f*cked it up, don't you start pointing fingers now!" Jiang Fei sneered.

    "It was an accident, don't quarrel guys..."

    Sun Mengmeng was in a difficult position. Both of them were her friends. Although Jiang Fei's intentions were questionable, everything he said made sense. He was not a prophet, so it was impossible for him to know everything. If Azure Roc Prince had not tried to flex and claim that he knew how to split monsters, he would not have died!

    Moreover, she had known Azure Roc for a longer time, but Jiang Fei was still her classmate in the real world. Subconsciously, Sun Mengmeng would still favor Jiang Fei. Also, Azure Roc Prince was getting on her nerves.


    Azure Roc Prince could be admired for his persistence. Even after what had happened, he did not leave the party. Instead, he started running back towards the Dungeon.

    The two monsters quickly fell, presenting Jiang Fei and gang to the big hall.

    As soon as they entered the hall, Jiang Fei and others caught sight of several groups of small monsters. These monsters were in groups of five or six. While some were cleaning the hall, others were busy on the test bench. Far away, a high-level monster which looked like a lecturer was currently conducting a lesson for the smaller monsters!

    "Wow! There are so many little critters scurrying about!" Rosette Miaomiao said.

    "Yeah!" Although Sun Mengmeng had already entered the Dungeon twice, this was her first time reaching so far.

    "Damn! It's bustling in here!" Jiang Fei was startled. He looked at the Map to better his bearings. At that moment, the Map showed: Demon's Lecture Hall!

    Azure Roc Prince, the Level 18 Hunter returned. Jiang Fei laughed to himself. Still not leaving, kid? How does Level 17 sound to you?
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