80 Set-up

    "Hunters, draw them in. Even if you can't split monsters up, you can at least lure a whole group at once, right?" Jiang Fei turned back, pointedly staring at Azure Roc Prince. Then, without even waiting for Azure Roc Prince's answer, he added, "If you can't do that either, I'll have Bubbles do it!"

    "I know! I know!" Rosette Bubbles squeaked excitedly. These ladies were sharper than their gaming skills let out. Even the silly Rosette Miaomiao could tell that Jiang Fei was deliberately giving Azure Roc Prince a hard time, much less the eccentric Rosette Bubbles!

    The girls became Azure Roc Prince's most enthusiastic bullies. They cornered him, forcing him to listen to his ego.

    Azure Roc Prince was not stupid. He knew very well that Jiang Fei did not have any good intentions. However, he did not want to seem like a wimp in front of so many beautiful ladies. In the end, he could only suck it up and bite off more than he could chew!

    "I'll do it!" Azure Roc Prince said.

    "Are you certain?" Jiang Fei relentlessly pressed him. These monsters were truly scattered. Even a Warrior would be able to lure them, not to mention a Hunter!

    "Hmph!" Azure Roc Prince snorted and started walking into the hall, not noticing the smile on Jiang Fei's face.

    "Hey! Naughty boy, are you trying to set him up again?"

    Azure Roc Prince did not see it, but Sun Mengmeng had noticed it!

    "How am I supposed to do that?" Jiang Fei shrugged. He would never own up to that!

    "Thump!" Just as they were talking, Jiang Fei and the others heard a muffled sound!


    A scream -- and then a flying Hunter. Azure Roc Prince had stepped on a landmine. The damage was not particularly high, but the landmine sent him flying towards to a group of faraway monsters.


    The shout drew all the monsters to his location.

    "F*ckkkk! Save me!" Azure Roc Prince yelled, backpedaling rapidly.

    "F*ck you! Don't run, just die! Are you planning to drag us into dying together with you?" Jiang Fei shouted as he gestured for everyone else to step back.

    Although Azure Roc Prince had only lured one group of monsters, he and Jiang Fei and the others were still separated by three or four groups of monsters. If he lured all of them in, that would be trouble.

    "Do we save him?" Sun Mengmeng was hesitant for once. After all, there were too many monsters in their way!

    "How can we save him? Lure all four groups of monsters at the same time? Do you think I'm God?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes.

    Sun Mengmeng counted the total number of monsters in the four groups. There were 20 to 30 of them. It was impossible. The entire group might die saving that one man. This obviously could not be done! She may be willing to make that sacrifice, but to ask of that from a group of strangers?

    "Verdure Glider! F*ck you, you set me up again!"

    As Azure Roc Prince roared his final words, the monsters skewered him into a pincushion.

    "Come back here on your own!"

    Jiang Fei shouted lazily after his vanishing corpse before turning to Sun Mengmeng.

    "Floor seems to be rigged with traps. You go check it out, be careful!"

    Indeed, Jiang Fei had expected Azure Roc Prince would be blown up by a landmine. The mysterious ring had marked all the traps with big red arrows. However, Jiang Fei did not have the means of removing them. So, he still had to order Sun Mengmeng, the only Bandit to remove the landmines.

    Of course, this did not mean that he could not send Azure Roc Prince to his death before having Sun Mengmeng clear the traps!

    Traps were one of the primary tools of a Survival Hunter -- job twice reborn. Survival Hunter pets were not a strong as the pets of Beastmasters. On the other hand, Survival Hunters did not have Marksmen's raw damage, but high-tier Survival Hunters were capable of raising hell. In valleys, a high-tier Survival Hunter was enough to block a powerful army!

    These were tactical guerilla fighters!

    Traps became invisible upon placement. Get close enough to them, and you would trigger them.

    As Bandits had high detection and identification senses, they could spot these traps, as long as they proceeded with utmost caution. Moreover, they also had the skills to remove these traps. Therefore, Bandits were the first choice when it came to eliminating traps. Of course, they could always have a Tank steamroll over the landmines.

    At that moment, Sun Mengmeng advanced like she was stepping on glass. She had successfully dismantled a trap so far. However, dismantling traps was far more arduous than sprinkling them on the ground. This was also why Hunters who specialized in traps could keep an entire army of Bandits at bay.

    "Mengmeng, try going to the left, you haven't checked that area..." Jiang Fei gave orders from time to time. After all, he had the mysterious ring helping him.

    After Sun Mengmeng cleared all the traps, Azure Roc Prince finally returned. Azure Roc Prince was now Level 17 and hated Jiang Fei to the core. Although he could not prove it, he was certain that Jiang Fei had set him up to this.

    "Bubbles, you go this time. I really can't trust a certain someone!" Jiang Fei threw another jab at Azure Roc Prince.

    Of course, that was impossible. There was no way that Azure Roc Prince could go again. Although he was already here, he did not even have a bow in his hands. His equipment were all scattered on the ground, beyond reach.

    "Verdure Glider! You're really pushing it!"

    Azure Roc Prince glared at Jiang Fei. He turned to the beautiful ladies around him with a softer gaze. Some were not only looking at him with pity, but also whispered to themselves while pointing and laughing at him. The humiliation and anger were at risk of giving him a premature heart attack.

    "Dazzledance, pick three of your favorites and bedazzle them -- I'll handle the other four!" Jiang Fei and Rosette Dazzledance immediately got to work. These monsters struck them like children attempting to blow houses down. Jiang Fei could have handled them all by himself. However, Rosette Dazzledance wielded a Gold weapon. She was a more efficient killer than him.

    "Healers, get to work, attackers, back Dazzledance first!"

    Rosette Dazzledance led the monsters to the party. The firing squad initiated their first volley.

    Soon, waves of monsters were cleared, and Azure Roc Prince finally managed to retrieve his equipment.

    "Bubbles, bring in another wave!" Jiang Fei commanded.

    "Okay!" Rosette Bubbles lured another wave of monsters back really quickly.

    "Dazzledance, take control!" Jiang Fei and Rosette Dazzledance grabbed hold of the mass aggro.

    "Go to hell, you fools!" At that moment, Azure Roc Prince suddenly exploded with anger. He started firing at random, luring in multiple groups at once. Eventually, the entire map had swarmed up to them. Clearly, he wanted to bring the entire party down!

    "Even if I die, I've only got junk to lose! I wanna see you guys struggle to retrieve your beautiful Rares!" Azure Roc Prince grinned smugly, as if the gloom that had befell upon him after two deaths had been wiped away with a new dawn.
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