81 Weathered the Storm!

    "Ah Fei, this doesn't look good!"

    Rosette Rose was the first to catch on to his mad frenzy.

    "Azure Roc Prince, what exactly are you trying to do?" Sun Mengmeng demanded.

    "Haha! Aren't you all in on this? This is payback!" Azure Roc Prince cackled like a madman.

    "Hah!" Jiang Fei snorted. He was slightly surprised, but this was still within acceptable margins.

    "Ding! Azure Roc Prince has been expelled from the party!"

    "Fox, Narcissus, Bubbles, kill him now!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly. First, they had to prevent him from causing more trouble.

    "Okay!" The three girls had complete faith in Jiang Fei. They quickly cut the little brat into ribbons.

    "Dazzledance, protect the Healers!" As Jiang Fei spoke, he used Dash and met the oncoming monsters!

    Battle Cry!





    Battle Cry's Area of Effect was a full eight meters. Almost the whole screen was filled with damage figures. The damage was not particularly high, but Battle Cry generated a lot of aggro. Three or four waves of monsters clamored around Jiang Fei. Occasionally, Rosette Dazzledance would intercept and kill one or two of them.

    "Leader, keep healing! Miaomiao, whenever Dazzledance looks to be in the clear, heal me as well!" Jiang Fei said, between mouthfuls of a Medium Health Points Potion.






    These monsters were rather weak, but it was the volume that might get Jiang Fei into trouble. Twenty to thirty of them surrounded Jiang Fei. Each tick, Jiang Fei's Health Points would plummet by more than 1,000. At this early stage of the game, Healers -- even Knights who were specialized in single-target healing could barely manage half of that.

    Cloud Art: Air Shield!

    As Jiang Fei's Health Points spilled out like a ruptured pipeline, Zhao Feng finally played his card.

    Air Shield: All Physical Damage received is reduced by 10%!

    A buff immediately appeared on Jiang Fei's head.

    It was not a really useful ability. After all, it did not reduce the damage by percentages. Against a boss, 10% damage was barely discernible. In this particular scenario, it was a godsend! Almost immediately, the damage Jiang Fei received had been reduced by a third!

    With Rosette Rose and Rosette Miaomiao working in tandem with his potions, his Health Points were finally stabilized.

    It did not take long before Rosette Dazzledance cleaned up her end. With everyone able to Heal him now, it was impossible for him to fall.

    Fire Art: Flame Imbue!

    Assured of the Tank's survival, Zhao Feng withdrew his Cloud Art and released his Fire Art. This time, a buff appeared on the heads of all the ranged players!

    Flame Imbue: Your spells or arrows will have a splash effect, dealing 30% of your total damage to all enemies around your target!

    "Amazing!" Rosette Narcissus exclaimed.

    Originally, her Fireball skill could only hit a single target and deal two or three hundred damage. Now, several monsters next to her targets would also suffer around 100 damage. In the blink of an eye, a single-target spell had transformed into an Area of Effect skill!

    "Hehe, little fatty, I couldn't tell at all. You're pretty strong!" Rosette Fox gave Zhao Feng a coquettish look, almost sapping the little fatty's soul away.

    "Now, that's what I call a Rare Class!" Rosette Rose also spoke up.

    "Well, other than Heal, there isn't anything that I can't do in terms of support!"

    The little fatty was really smug at that moment. There was nothing special about him -- he was not even good looking. Girls had never fawned over him like so. Now, he could not help but feel smug!

    With Zhao Feng helping him, the single-target attacks of the ranged attackers dealt Area of Effect damage, so they made much faster progress.

    "Since we're lacking one, call Phantom over!" Jiang Fei said. Currently, Rosette Phantom had to be their hardest hitter, period.

    "Sure! I'll let her know. Carry on, guys!" Rosette Rose nodded.

    "Hoho, this kid isn't bad at all. He actually had a Green Level 15 Bow."

    After looting the monsters, Jiang Fei went over to Azure Roc Prince's corpse.

    "Ah Fei, are we not going to return his equipment?" Sun Mengmeng asked hesitantly. After all, she knew Azure Roc Prince, and this might just burn the bridge for good.

    "Are you kidding?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes.

    "Bubbles, it's yours!"

    Jiang Fei stripped Azure Roc Prince naked and gave the weapon to Rosette Bubbles. The White equipment would be salvaged in the furnace.

    Sun Mengmeng sighed. After all, Azure Roc Prince did cross the line. If everyone had fallen, their Rare equipment would have been stuck here, tightly guarded by several small monsters. Retrieving them would be less than likely!

    Although Sun Mengmeng could not see the attributes and equipment tiers of these beautiful girls from Rosette Knighthood, she could tell that they were all fully equipped with Rare equipment -- just by looking at their aesthetics and their damage output. Her full set of White Equipment was not even worth mentioning!

    "Okay, Phantom, catch up if you can. We're moving on for now!" After Jiang Fei added Rosette Phantom to the party, he pushed forth.

    After clearing a few waves of small monsters once again, Jiang Fei and the others met their first powerful opponent!

    Demon Lecturer (Spectre, Advance Elite)

    Level: 20

    Health Points: 11,000

    Magic Attack Power: 565

    Skills: Shadow Bolt, Binding Thorns, Soul Temptation.

    Remarks: The lecturer responsible for spreading the teachings of the Demons. Able to control players' minds for a short time.

    Pious Zealot (Spectre, Elite)

    Level: 20

    Health Points: 6,800

    Physical Attack Power: 485

    Skills: Fortify Defense, Deadly Loyalty.

    Remarks: Faithful believer of the Demon, has high Defense. As long as the Demon Lecturer lives, the believers would vehemently cling on to life!

    "Strong!" Jiang Fei was taken aback. It could not be helped.

    "Why are we waiting?" Sun Mengmeng asked.

    "I changed my mind. We'll have to wait for Phantom. It'll be a hard fight against these two monsters. This is as good as a boss fight!" Jiang Fei shook his head and said.

    "Oh!" Sun Mengmeng nodded. She had been gradually convinced of Jiang Fei's capabilities.

    Twenty minutes later, Rosette Phantom finally managed to get into the Dungeon and meet up with Jiang Fei and the others.

    "Wow! First thing I meet in this dingy cave is an Advanced Elite Boss!"

    Rosette Phantom was shocked. They were already meeting an Advance Elite Boss this soon. Just how powerful would the final boss be?

    "Ignore those Believers, just focus fire on the Lecturer. I'll keep them all occupied. This Lecturer might mess players up. Think it's some mind control thing. Dazzledance, just get your Taunt ready. Taunt whoever who gets controlled. If you think he's downright possessing me, Taunt the Believer. Leader, focus on healing me. Miaomiao, keep everyone else safe!" Jiang Fei quickly assigned the tasks.
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