82 Mind Control

    "I'm going!" Jiang Fei shouted as he started the battle against the Demon Lecturer with a Dash!

    Battle Cry!

    Ice Burst!

    After two consecutive Area of Effect skills, Jiang Fei managed to grab hold of both monster's attention. Then, he started bashing the Demon Lecturer into oblivion.


    Iron Fist!

    Mana Burn!

    Jiang Fei deliberately burned up all his available skills. Had he saved his skills up only to end up getting controlled by the Demon Lecturer, he might end up wiping his party singlehandedly!

    Jiang Fei would use his skills the moment they became available. This way, the Lecturer would not gain much from taking over his body.

    Rosette Dazzledance did the same. Other than Taunt, she kept her other skills in perpetual cooldown. In the entire party, she and Jiang Fei were the non-healer with the lowest Attack Powers. So, they would not end up killing everyone by accident!

    "Dazzledance, keep an eye on Phantom. It won't be too much trouble if the others get possessed. Phantom hits like a nuke!" Jiang Fei panted between his blows.

    The two monsters had average Attack Power. The Believer dealt Physical Attacks that never surpassed 200 damage to Jiang Fei. The Lecturer that dealt Magic Attacks could go up to 600 damage, but it needed time to cast each of its spells. So, the interval between attacks was quite long, and there was enough time for the two Healers to keep up.

    The difficulty of these two monsters depended on whoever who gets controlled. As Rosette Phantom had extremely powerful weapons -- a Blue dagger and a Purple Epic sword, her Attack Power was off the charts. If she got controlled, she would wipe the party out!

    "I'm gonna bring a little boy in to play!" Rosette Fox chuckled and activated a skill with her staff.

    Suddenly, a Flesh Golem was summoned. With a few hits, the Flesh Golem managed to pull the aggro of the Believer away from Jiang Fei. That lessened the burden on Jiang Fei by a fair bit!

    With a strong damage dealer like Rosette Phantom, paired with the support of the little fatty Zhao Feng, the damage output of Jiang Fei's party was most impressive. In the blink of an eye, the boss' Health Points had dropped to 80%!

    "Your hands! My will!"

    The hoarse voice of the Demon Lecturer crackled, and a red light entered Zhao Feng's body!

    "F*ck! I no longer have control!" Zhao Feng shouted.

    "Dazzledance, get him!" Jiang Fei cried.

    Zhao Feng's already round body had expanded even further. He was now over two meters tall, and his whole body was flashing blood-red. He stopped casting spells altogether and brandished his staff like a club. He ran at a terrifying speed towards Rosette Miaomiao, who was beside him!


    The sudden charge startled Rosette Miaomiao. However, just in the nick of time, Rosette Dazzledance had saved the day with Taunt!

    "Bzzz!" A red light flashed across Zhao Feng's body.

    "Damn! Even monsters can get your buffs?" Jiang Fei was shocked by the monster's sudden increase in Attack Power. Zhao Feng had been providing them with amazing buffs. Now that he had joined the opposition, his character had started buffing up the monsters. The influence that a good support had over a party had never been clearer.

    "Miaomiao, make sure that Dazzledance stays alive. Dazzledance, go easy on him. Don't end up killing him instead..."

    Jiang Fei was worried. He had to keep repeating himself, even if it sounded like a broken recorder. She may be a defensive Warrior, but she still wielded a Legendary-tier one-handed sword. Her damage was no joke!

    As these two monsters were not exactly bosses despite being as powerful as the final bosses of normal Dungeons, they were not that difficult to handle. After all, they were still minions. That randomized mind control could mess a party up, but it was easy to counter.

    Soon, Zhao Feng regained control over himself. Rosette Miaomiao healed him up, and the whole party was back to square. After that, the Lecturer did not pull out any new tricks. That Mind Control was the only thing from this one-trick-pony.

    The next mind controls did not select the Tank, or the dangerous Rosette Phantom. The party breezed with relative ease to victory.

    Of course, this was only possible due to Jiang Fei's strength. He was so heavily-armored that attacks were glancing off him. Secondly, the Rosette Ladies were packing some serious firepower. The Bandit -- Rosette Phantom alone was equivalent to two attackers, and the Legendary Sword-wielding Tank -- Rosette Dazzledance was basically an armored DPS. Any other team would have been decimated by these powerful monsters!

    Although they were not very skilled as players, how technical could an encounter with these Elite monsters be? All you had to do was to pile drive on it. It was even easier for ranged attackers. They only had to stand a spot and attack. If someone ever fell under the enemy's control, the Sub-Tank would have their back. It was just another session of target-practice.

    When the Demon Lecturer fell, nothing much could be said about remaining Believers. As Jiang Fei had known that they would refuse to die as long as their Lecturer lived, he had ignored them entirely. If this was an average party, they would have most definitely taken on the minion first. The minion seemed to be made of cotton. Whatever the Lecturer took, the Believer would take twice the damage. The party would be baited into killing the Believers, only to realize that they were unkillable.

    It would drive any pub party into a panic spree. The monsters dealt rather powerful blows. Healers would run out of Mana points, and they would never last long enough to attempt going after the Lecturer instead. The mysterious ring had just given them a ridiculous shortcut.

    After the entire hall was wiped out, the party started venturing about. Behind the podium, Jiang Fei and the others discovered a treasure chest.

    "Ah Fei, that should be the reward, right?" Rosette Rose asked. She had subconsciously regarded Jiang Fei as the de facto leader.

    "I think so..." Jiang Fei was uncertain about it. After all, this chest had been there even before they cleared the hall. Maybe it was a stage reward, maybe it was just an ordinary treasure chest.

    "Cutie, open it!" Rosette Miaomiao urged. Everyone in Rosette Knighthood knew that Jiang Fei had ridiculously high Luck. So, when it came to opening treasure chests or touching corpses, it was always up to Jiang Fei!

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded and opened the ugly treasure chest's lid.


    A blue light flashed...

    Aura Stonehammer (One-handed Hammer, Quality: Excellent)

    Physical Attack +15

    Magic Attack +70

    Vitality: +5

    Intelligence: +10

    Equip: Increase your Healing effects by 10%.

    Level Requirement: 20

    "Leader, it's yours!" Jiang Fei directly threw the one-handed hammer to Rosette Rose. Only Knights that heals used these healing type hammers. Even Clerics preferred staffs that suited them more.

    "Okay!" Rosette Rose asked no questions. She directly equipped this Blue weapon. Her Mana Points and Healing Power instantly shot up.
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