83 Hatchery

    That was all the treasure chest contained. Jiang Fei was a little disappointed.

    "Well, let's move on!" Jiang Fei said, walking towards the back of the podium. A closed stone door awaited them.

    The switch that opened it had been designed to send players pulling tufts off hair from their scalps. However, Jiang Fei had the mysterious ring cheekily sitting around a finger. A huge red arrow was pointing him towards a rather remote corner of the map. As long as Jiang Fei was not blind as blind as a bat, it would have stood out to him like a tree log in his eye.


    After Jiang Fei pulled the lever, the heavy stone door grinded open.


    The stone door had only opened a little, but Jiang Fei's treasure-hunting ring already lit up. Moreover, a yellow arrow was pointing directly to the back of the stone door!

    "Damn! Awesome!" Jiang Fei was surprised. The glow of the ring indicated that there was a treasure behind the stone door, and the yellow arrow guide might just give him something to revive the Demon Princess.

    As the stone door slowly opened, a new stage was slowly revealed to the party.

    It was also a huge hall, but unlike the previous one, this hall was full of alien-like, giant eggs. These eggs all stood over a foot, and they were densely placed on the ground. Between each egg was only an extremely narrow path.

    Moreover, these eggs did not look as harmless as the chicken eggs that people usually had at home. Their green eggshells were covered with dark spots and slime oozed down their sides.

    "Eww... disgusting!" Although there seemed to be no detectable stench, the girls behind Jiang Fei still pinched their noses.

    Hatchery's Egg

    Health Points: 100

    Remarks: These eggs are susceptible to ranged attacks. Getting too close and hitting them might cause premature hatching!

    Remarks 2: Attacking the eggs might attract the Incubator Chambermaid.

    Jiang Fei looked at the eggs. These were spawn points, nothing else. Thanks to the ring, Jiang Fei now knew better than to trigger them. He panned his gaze over the map. Up ahead were several huge monsters in the distance, tending to these eggs!

    Incubator Chambermaid (Mutant, Advance Elite)

    Level: 20

    Health Points: 15,000

    Attack Power: 345

    Skills: Poison Spray, Rapid Hatching, Catalysis.

    "Ranged attackers, hit the eggs!"

    After a little thought, Jiang Fei decided to clean up the eggs on the ground first. Otherwise, if they step on the eggs and monsters crawl out, it would be troublesome!


    Although ranged attackers such as Rosette Fox and the others seemed unwilling, they still obeyed Jiang Fei's command. After all, it was much better to get rid of these disgusting eggs than to risk walking between them.

    With the little fatty Zhao Feng included, Jiang Fei's party had a total of four ranged attackers. Thanks to Zhao Feng's buff, all four of their skills became Area of Effect cannons. These eggs were not particularly tough, so they quickly cleared the vicinity.

    "Hey! What are you guys doing?!"

    It did not take long before the Incubator Chambermaids roared furiously at them!

    "Dong dong dong dong..." Four huge monsters, each standing over two meters -- ran towards them, careful not to touch the eggs on their way.

    "I'll pull three, Dazzledance gets one! Kill Dazzledance's one first!" Jiang Fei assigned the party on the go.

    "Okay!" Everyone agreed. They hurried into position.

    Ice Burst!

    Jiang Fei started off with a blast of cold air. He froze all four Advanced Elites and used Battle Cry to start earning the aggro!


    By the time Jiang Fei started swinging, the four Chambermaids had broken lose.


    At that moment, Rosette Dazzledance had claimed one of the Chambermaids to be her own!

    They may be Advanced Elites, but it was more of a position than a designation of actual power. They dealt a little over 100 damage to Jiang Fei. Even Rosette Dazzledance could easily handle them! However, they were ridiculously tough.

    "Dazzledance, try to get her to turn around! It'll be great if the party gets to poke her rear!" Jiang Fei said. As he knew that this monster was capable of spewing poison, he had to indirectly take the necessary precautions.

    "Alright!" Right after Rosette Dazzledance finished adjusting the Chambermaid's position, it spewed out a cone of poisonous gas.


    The entire area was dyed green. Rosette Dazzledance's Health Points began to sharply decline!

    "This poison is pretty deadly. 400 damage per tick over ten seconds!" Rosette Dazzledance immediately started reporting.

    "Miaomiao, just buff me with Regeneration. Focus on healing Dazzledance!" The monsters on Jiang Fei's end were still relatively healthy, so the poison breath had not yet been triggered. All Jiang Fei was receiving now was some minor Physical Damage. On top of the Cleric's Regeneration, a Medium Health Points Potion, paired with the Cleric's continuous Health Point regeneration skill, he could handle it!

    "This one's dying!" After a minute, Rosette Dazzledance called out.

    "Good! Take another one!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Oww..." A scream soon announced the death of an Incubator Chambermaid.

    "Not good! These intruders are too strong! Awaken the young'uns!"

    The remaining Incubator Chambermaids screeched at each other and quickly reached a consensus. They immediately turned around, ignoring Jiang Fei and rushed towards the eggs. Even Rosette Dazzledance's Taunt could not stop them!

    "Crack... crack..."

    Under their urging, the disgusting eggs began to crack, and many puppy-sized, disgusting creatures spilled out of the eggs!

    These things looked like naked raccoon dogs that had been skinned. Their fuschia colored flesh was fully exposed and their blood vessels were clearly visible. All these monsters had claws and fangs that were more than an inch long. It was not going to be an easy fight.

    Mutant Hatchling (Mutant, Normal)

    Level: 20

    Health Points: 1,500

    Attack Power: 200

    Remarks: Newly hatched variants. Alone, they are relatively weak, but they would never act in a group smaller than ten!

    "F*ck!" Jiang Fei furiously spat. He thought fast.

    "Dazzledance, protect the Healers. Leader and Miaomiao, focus on healing me! Fatty, activate Fire Element, ranged attackers, try to gun them down! Melees, engage the Chambermaids, if you get poisoned, drink your Potions!"

    Jiang Fei opened his mouth wide.

    Ice Burst!

    Battle Cry!

    With two consecutive skills, Jiang Fei drew all the hatchling towards himself. If he allowed these monsters to swarm up to the ranged attackers, the battle was basically over.






    Dozens of little digits appeared on top of Jiang Fei's head. At the same time, a large -5 appeared on the heads of this group.

    "Ranged attackers! Get the little ones off me!"

    Jiang Fei roared. He was not only pulling the aggro of a large group of monsters, the three Advanced Elites were still slapping away!

    Rosette Phantom and Sun Mengmeng worked together with Jiang Fei to finish off the Chambermaid. Zhao Feng's Fire Element buff allowed the four ranged attackers to bombard the small monsters. Occasionally, they would let a hatchling slip. However, Rosette Dazzledance would take care of them with relative ease. As intense as it was, it was quite easy to find a tempo to this.
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