84 Evolving Mutan

    As the battle continued, Jiang Fei realized his mistake.

    He did not expect the Poison Spray of these Chambermaids to be independent of their Health Points. Instead, they were triggered on a completely random basis. The previous poison spray had been entirely coincidental. Also, Jiang Fei's great Luck had prevented the other Chambermaids from releasing their poison clouds.

    Tanking three Advance Elites and around 50 or 60 small monsters was already a tall order for the Healers. Unexpectedly, at that moment, the three Chambermaids started spitting poison, one after another!

    "Mengmeng! Phantom! Step back!"

    As the Area of Effect of Poison Spray was huge, the two Bandits were also poisoned. Jiang Fei had to get them out of danger, fast.

    Sun Mengmeng and Rosette Phantom quickly slid back while drinking Potions.

    "Healers focus on me!" Jiang Fei shouted. The three stacks of poison were really doing a number on his Health Points.

    "Fatty, can't you do anything about this poison?" Jiang Fei asked.

    Zhao Feng shook his head.

    "You need to be Level 25 before you can learn Detoxification!"


    Jiang Fei glanced at his Health Points. It was almost falling to 30%.

    "Dazzledance! Try to take two of this big things off me!" Jiang Fei was finally out of options. As his Armored Bulwark sprung to life, Rosette Dazzledance struggled over to join him.

    "F*ck! Am I really gonna die here? No way am I dying for the first time here!" Jiang Fei spat. The two Healers were already giving it their all, but his Health Points seemed determined to empty themselves out.

    Jiang Fei glanced at his Health Bar. He was down to his last 15%. However, just when he was about to die, a golden light surrounded his body!

    "Ding! Congratulations, Player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 23! All Attributes +1! Gained 5 Undistributed Attribute Points!"

    "Holy **! The f*ck just happened?!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. What a time to level up!

    Minions in Unknown Dungeons always gave tons of Experience. With so many of them here, everyone had walked into a waterfall of Experience Points. Jiang Fei had not noticed it, but his party members had all taken their turns at Leveling up.

    The Level up had fully restored his Health Points and removed the poison. Suddenly, Jiang Fei's shoulders felt considerably lighter.

    As the two Bandits had temporarily withdrawn from the battle, the two big oafs had started taking much less damage. However, the small minions were still being wiped out, thanks to the Zhao Feng-fuelled AoE attacks from the ranged Classes. However, the three Chambermaids were still doubling back to hatch new eggs every once in a while. No matter what, they could not seem to stem the flow of those pesky nuisances.

    "Come back when you can, Bandits!"

    Jiang Fei had also realized that the small monsters could never be eliminated entirely. They had to kill the Chambermaids. There was no other way.

    "Okay! I'm going all out!" Rosette Phantom nodded and pounced on the Chambermaids.

    Although Rosette Dazzledance had a Legendary sword in her hand, her damage was only equivalent to an average Damage Class. After all, she was still inherently a Tank. Moreover, the Legendary one-handed sword's attributes were also more inclined towards Defense. However, Rosette Phantom was different. The Epic sword in her hand was the best weapon there is. Her damage was amazingly high, and she was also a Bandit, a Class that was already specialized on offense. Each slash would take chunks off their Health Points.

    Less than a minute later, another Incubator Chambermaid fell.

    "Grow up! Grow up! Let the intruders see just how powerful you are!" After the second Chambermaid died, the remaining two immediately activated a new skill!

    A red light radiated from the two Chambermaids. As soon as they touched the Mutant Hatchlings, those monsters started transforming.

    In the blink of an eye, these puppy-sized Mutant Hatchlings grew into the size of a lion!

    Evolving Mutant (Mutant, Elite!)

    Level: 20

    Health Points: 2,400

    Attack Power: 380

    Remarks: The second form of the Mutant, their combat effectiveness has been greatly enhanced!

    Battle Cry!

    Jiang Fei was afraid that the aggro of these monsters would reset after evolving, so he drew them in for good measure.

    "Damn! Their Health Points have doubled!" Somewhere behind, Zhao Feng shouted.

    "Don't fret it, just give them your best!" It was not like Jiang Fei had given up on his plan to focus fire on the Chambermaids. But those Chambermaids were so good at doing their jobs that the little minions could not be ignored. They had to at least break even, or he would die a stupid death.

    The four ranged attackers were struggling against these tougher variants, but with one less Chambermaid now, the party was more or less breaking even. Although Jiang Fei was taking some heavy punishment, his Potions and the two Healers were enough to stabilize him, as long as the Chambermaids did not spit poison at him again.


    Good times did not last long. The Chambermaids did just that.

    "F*ck! It's no wonder that this makes Heroic Dungeons look like a daycare center!" Jiang Fei's face fell, as his Health Points did.

    "Ah Fei! We can't keep you alive! What now?" Rosette Rose asked anxiously. To her, Jiang Fei was the backbone of the party. As long as Jiang Fei told her not to worry, she would be assured.

    "Fatty, change to Cloud Arts! Ranged attackers, just get back on the Chambermaid!" Jiang Fei said in desperation.

    "Okay!" Zhao Feng quickly responded.

    Cloud Art: Air Shield!

    A buff that reduced damage received by 10% appeared above Jiang Fei's head. The damage of these Elite small monsters dropped from around 17 or 18 to 7 and 8!

    "That did it!" Rosette Rose chirped happily. It was impossible to keep Jiang Fei at full Health Points, they could at least keep him out of trouble.

    "C'mon, guys!" Jiang Fei knew that this fragile balance was only short-lived. If the two Chambermaids hatched new batch, it would be over!

    As the rangers no longer had splash effects to their attacks, the Hatchlings would not fall as frequently. In desperation, Jiang Fei had ordered the ranged attackers to attempt gunning down the Incubator Chambermaids!

    "Come on! It's just a race! We gotta kill off one Chambermaid before they hatch more eggs!" Jiang Fei rallied them.

    Ten seconds later, the two Chambermaids made for the eggs again.

    "Oh no, you don't! Get them! Dazzledance, you too! I'm not going to take another wave of this!" Jiang Fei bellowed.


    Finally, Jiang Fei and the others managed to kill the third Incubator Chambermaid. As they had interrupted the hatching process, only half of a wave came at them.

    "Dazzledance! Go play with them!"

    Jiang Fei's Battle Cry was on a cooldown, so his hands were tied.

    "Alright!" Rosette Dazzledance used Intimidate. It was not exactly an aggro-pulling skill, but no one else had touched the monsters, so they all rushed to her side.

    "Ok, I've got something!" Jiang Fei shouted. He rushed over to Rosette Dazzledance and released a mouthful of cold breath towards that direction!
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