86 Evolution Blood


    Super Smash!



    Jiang Fei was surprised. He had not expected to be immune to anything that this Evolved Mutant threw!

    It took him a moment to realize that the special effect attached to his Demon Aegis had been triggered. It was a 5 percent chance of ignoring a physical attack!

    Well, it would be great to have this 5% chance trigger again, for the boss was about to launch another attack, and the Healers were yet to be free of the silence.



    What remained of Jiang Fei's Health Points vanished.

    "It's over!" Jiang Fei squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for the dreaded pop-up.


    A golden light flashed. A golden mace appeared on Jiang Fei's head. It took the form that replicated the Blazing Hammer in his hand. At the same time, Jiang Fei did not just survive, but had huge, green numbers hovering over the top of his head!


    Jiang Fei's Health Points popped right back up to 50%!

    It was because the special effect on the Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer: When struck with a fatal blow, you refuse to accept death and recover 50% of your Health Points. 30 minutes cooldown!

    "Damn! I totally forgot about this!" Jiang Fei breathed through his teeth. As his character was so ridiculously powerful, he had never been this close to death before. He had actually forgotten about this Evolving Chromatic Weapon's special effect!

    Finally, the silence was over. Rosette Rose and Rosette Miaomiao immediately healed more of Jiang Fei's Health Points.

    "Let's do this!" Jiang Fei shouted.

    "Ooo-rah!" Sub-Tank Rosette Dazzledance had joined in on the DPS. The two Healers aside, everyone else was giving it everything they got. Their skills were on perpetual cooldown. To hell with Mana conservation. Even the damage Classes were chugging down Blue Potions!

    "Oww..." Finally, the Evolved Mutant was killed, just before Jiang Fei ran out of Health Points again.

    "Treasure chest! Treasure chest!" Rosette Miaomiao cheered.

    "I don't see any!" Jiang Fei looked around.

    "How could that be... All that work for nothing?!"

    The girls were unhappy. After spending so much time and effort, the game had given them nothing in return. How awful!

    "Wait! I see something!" Rosette Rose suddenly said.

    "What did it drop?" Jiang Fei asked.

    Evolution Blood (Potion, Quality: Excellent)

    Use: Permanently increases personal Attributes and all Base Attribute Points +1

    "Damn! Good stuff!" Jiang Fei said with great joy.

    "How many of it are there?" Zhao Feng asked.

    "Ten bottles!" Rosette Rose said.

    "Great! One bottle per person!" Jiang Fei nodded and started distributing the bottles around. Of course, one could chug down all ten bottles to himself, but everyone had played a crucial part in the battle. As a leader, it was highly important to be fair.

    After drinking the Evolution Blood, all of Jiang Fei's attributes have increased by one. It was equivalent to an entire Level up!

    Everyone would level up, sooner or later. However, there were not many opportunities to get additional attribute points such as this. Even if the Dungeon had nothing more to offer, it was more than worthwhile.

    After resting for twenty minutes and recovering their Health Points and Mana Points, Jiang Fei and the others continued to move forward. What that awaited before them was yet another Hatchery.

    "Awesome!" Instead of protesting, the party was overjoyed.

    Another Hatchery did not only mean another Evolution Blood for each of them; it was also a treasure trove of Experience Points! One had to know that monsters in Unknown Dungeons already gave tons of Experience Points, to begin with. This particular instance had them strewing towards them almost endlessly. Even though Jiang Fei just leveled up not long ago, that battle in the Hatchery had managed to fill up his Experience Points bar quite a bit again. Players like Sun Mengmeng and Zhao Feng who were of lower levels had already leveled up twice!

    "Hehe, it would be nice if there were a hundred of such Hatcheries!" Rosette Bubbles laughed.

    "Stop dreaming. That'd be too good to be true. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!" Rosette Rose said.

    "Let's wait for a bit before we start fighting again, I have to wait for the special effect on my weapon to cooldown!" Jiang Fei spoke up. Without his special effect which made him immune to death, he would really be no match for the final enemy, the Evolved Mutant!

    As they had already gone through it once, they were now experienced. So, Jiang Fei and the others cleared this Hatchery with a lot more ease. Although Jiang Fei's death immunity special effect had been triggered once again, the situation was still under control and they still managed to clear up the second Hatchery smoothly!

    After each person received a Evolution Blood, Jiang Fei looked at the time. They have been inside this Unknown Dungeon for a while now, and they had to go offline soon. If they started another battle, they might never finish.

    "Let's take a break for now, and then log out. We'll continue with this tomorrow!" Jiang Fei said to everyone.

    "Sure!" Everyone nodded.

    "Wow! Ah Fei, you're on the rankings!" Sun Mengmeng suddenly said.

    "Eh?" Jiang Fei was startled.

    "Brother Fei, you're on the Level Rankings. You're ranked third!" Zhao Feng had nodded in agreement.

    "Is it?"

    Jiang Fei and the others were so busy fighting monsters that nobody was paying any attention to the rankings. Now that they were looking at the Level Rankings, Happy Drunk was still first at Level 24. Billy Boy was Level 23 at second, followed by Jiang Fei who matched him!

    As they cleared up another Hatchery, Jiang Fei's Experience Points bar had already exceeded two-thirds. If so, Billy Boy had to be close to leveling up!

    After Jiang Fei, names like Southern Azuresword and Daemon's Grimace were also on the rankings, but they were still Level 22. Placed below these two, were several girls from Rosette Knighthood!

    "Haha! I'm there too!"

    "Me too!"

    "Wow wow! We've all become top players!"

    Other than the more mature Rosette Rose, the other girls were extremely excited. They only played the game for fun knowing full well that they were terrible players. The last thing they had expected was to get on the Level Rankings. Naturally, this was a pleasant surprise.

    At that moment, Jiang Fei discovered that his Friend List had been flashing for a long time.

    "Brother Ah Fei, are you attempting that Unknown Dungeon?"

    "Little brother, have you gone to attempt that Asukuna Ruins together with your all-girl army?"


    After checking briefly, all the messages he received all contained such contents. Obviously, people from the four major guilds have noticed the changes on the Level Rankings. The levels of Jiang Fei and the Rosette girls had suddenly soared -- there was only one possible reason for that.

    At that moment, the people from the four major guilds were assaulted by feelings of regret. They had spent quite a bit of money buying information about this Unknown Dungeon, but none of them had dared attempt it. After all, they could not even clear an Elite Dungeon themselves. What reason was there to skip two difficulty levels and attempt something so tough?
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