89 Ordering Potions

    "Really? That would be great!"

    Chen Kaiyin was ecstatic. He was no businessman. To hell with profit. He genuinely wanted to prevent more meaningless losses of lives!

    "I can't get it done immediately. I'll need a month, maybe two!" Jiang Fei said, after some thought. Although Small Health Points Potions were not very costly, this was the military. Militaries took stock in massive bulks. The game was still relatively fresh so it would be rather difficult for him to get a capital amounting to hundreds of thousands of gold coins. In a few months, he could gain a steady cash flow from his armor-making and buy as many Potions as he needed.

    "No problem at all! Haha... On behalf of the country and the young boys, I thank you..." Chen Kaiyin laughed. Although a month of in-game time was quite a fair bit, it was the blink of an eye in real-life projects. People needed time to stock up on Cold tablets, even, let alone miracle potions!

    "Cough cough..." Although Chen Kaiyin had been brought back from death's door by Jiang Fei's potion, he was still frail and weak. The passionate speech, paired with the massive laughter of joy opened up his wounds again. The old man dramatically coughed up a bout of blood.

    "What the! Uncle Chen, please slow down a little there..." Jiang Fei quickly took out an Health Points Potion from the Spatial Ring and had Chen Kaiyin drink it.

    "Phew..." Following a sigh of relief, Chen Kaiyin's face was rosy again.

    "This is really a godly potion... Previously, I drank it while I was still in a coma, so I did not get to see its effects firsthand. But this, this is something else! Haha, if the soldiers ever got their hands on such a potion, I wouldn't mind dying of laughter. It would be worth it!"

    "Ah Fei, don't worry, the country won't just take without giving anything in return. We'll talk about compensation later!" At that moment, Han Tianyu interjected. His family's Octopus Group still had its roots in the military.

    "Yes! That's right! Xiao Fei, I was so happy that I forgot to mention it. Although I don't exactly know what this potion is, it has to cost a fortune. Even bullet grazes don't heal overnight. You can be rest assured that we will not mistreat you!" Chen Kaiyin also laughed and said.

    "Uncle Chen, you're too nice. You and your men are already laying their lives down to protect the country. And nobody has ever returned you anything. It would be perfectly fine to contribute these potions freely!"

    Jiang Fei shook his head.

    "Alright! Ah Fei, Uncle Chen's body is still fairly weak, he needs some rest. Let's talk outside!"

    After Han Tianyu and Jiang Fei said goodbye to Chen Kaiyin, they left the ward.

    When they arrived at the lounge, Aaron patted down Han Tianyu to make sure that there were no bugs on him. Only after that, did Han Tianyu turn to Jiang Fei. He was uncharacteristically solemn and stern.

    "I've already had this talk with Uncle Chen, but regardless of whether you can give us the formula of the potion or the finished product, they have to go through me first. Then, we'll hand it over to the military claiming that the potions are products of the successful research and development of the Manda Group! I can pay you well for that, but you may not receive the honors! Brother, do you understand what this means?"

    "Big brother Yu, don't try to be the bad guy here. You have my thanks!" Jiang Fei nodded. If he was a silly, average Joe, he would have thought that Han Tianyu was taking the opportunity to steal his credit, but Jiang Fei knew that Han Tianyu was protecting him!

    Jiang Fei knew his place. Being the sole producer of such a miracle potion could spell trouble. Various corporations, legal or otherwise would come after him. They would not ask nicely.

    Some might even kidnap him and demand that he spill his secrets. By then, not even the mysterious ring would protect him.

    Clearly, Han Tianyu had already done the math. Chen Kaiyin was also grateful that Jiang Fei had risked his secret for his sake. They had worked up a plan to keep Jiang Fei out of trouble. The research and development laboratory of the Manda Group would supply the potions to the military. That was perfectly justifiable.

    Moreover, the Manda Group was rather powerful. It was almost like attempting to rob an entire nation. On the other hand, Jiang Fei was one schoolkid. Even if the country did not forcefully expropriate him, foreign spies would not spare him. He would be extracted in minutes!

    "Hoho, big brother Yu, that works for me. Originally, I did not intend to ask you for money, but if it makes you feel better, I do need money right now!"

    Jiang Fei was not a greedy person. His ring was. It devoured diamonds by the dozens for a single level. Now that an opportunity had presented itself, Jiang Fei was not one to pass up!

    "Damn! Brother, how can you not tell your big brother that you're short on money!" Han Tianyu rolled his eyes. Money was the one thing where he had no boundaries.

    "Hehe, I'm not used to asking people for money straight up. It's two entirely different things!"

    Jiang Fei was firm on his principles.

    "Alright! Then let's talk money."

    Han Tianyu laughed.


    Jiang Fei nodded. Securing the government as a regular customer gave him a peace of mind. If he reached out and asked Han Tianyu for money, wouldn't that amount to making Han Tianyu pay, just because he owed him one for saving Uncle Chen?

    "I've made it clear. The military will purchase the potions from Manda Group at the price of one thousand dollars per bottle. Of course, if they can't meet those demands, Manda Group will cover the rest!" Han Tianyu said.

    The military had limited funding, but Han Tianyu's words were as clear as crystal. The Manda Group would sell the potions to the military at this price. If Jiang Fei wanted more, the Manda Group would cover the gap! Clearly, profit was the last thing on their mind!

    "One thousand dollars per bottle?" Jiang Fei asked incredulously. The current exchange rate of gold coins on the black market was only one to ten. Even a Medium Health Points Potion was slightly over 30 silver coins, which was equivalent to three dollars. With a change of hands, those potions could be bought at the price of one thousand dollars. The world has gone insane.

    Of course, Jiang Fei's calculations were off. Indeed, this potion was only worth three dollars in the game. Healer Classes existed. Dying in-game only costed you a level. In reality, things were different. This potion saved lives! Disfigurement, cancer, the possibilities were endless!

    Buying a life for a thousand dollars was a bargain, regardless of how you looked at it. This was why Han Tianyu was willing to have Manda Group cover prices that the military might possibly fail to meet.

    "Why? Is that not enough? It doesn't matter, name the price, and I'll cover it!" Han Tianyu asked.

    "No, it's a huge amount to me -- it's getting me a little guilty..." Jiang Fei told the truth.

    "Oh! That's okay, let's just go with that price then!"

    Han Tianyu laughed.
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