91 Mutant Empress

    As voices chattered across the server, Jiang Fei and the others entered a new map with mixed feelings.

    As it was no longer a Hatchery, Jiang Fei and the others felt the joy of finally arriving at a whole new map, but they were also reluctant to part with the rich Experience Points and Evolution Blood.

    Although the Hatchery was monotonous and boring, the Experience Points had been on another level. It was as if they rode a rocket that sent them to the top of the Level Ranking Board. Even Sun Mengmeng, the lowest leveled girl was already closing in on Level 24!

    The most painful loss was the Evolution Blood. When Jiang Fei and the others were completely done with the Hatcheries, everyone had obtained 15 bottles of Evolution Blood. Other than Jiang Fei who had kept ten bottles the others only had empty bottles to show. This was equivalent to them getting seven and a half levels worth of Attribute Points out of thin air!

    It gave them some unneeded Attributes, but it still gave them something. If they were to be without any equipment whatsoever, their situation now was just like a regular player wielding a few more pieces of Green equipment -- with additional equipment slots!

    Gaming skills aside, Jiang Fei's party was now the strongest party in Dawnlight City!

    "Alright, let's move!" When Jiang Fei saw that everyone was getting dangerously close to winding down, he reignited the sparks.

    They were now standing at the entrance of a massive hall. This hall was about as large as all the previous Hatcheries added together!

    A gigantic egg sat in the center of the hall. It was surrounded by Hatchlings, but these Hatchlings were different. These Hatchlings had wounds of different sizes on their bodies. Yellow pus constantly leaked out of the wounds.

    When the pus fell to the ground, it would flow to the center of the hall, along with the strange runic cracks of the ground. Finally, it would gather under that gigantic egg!

    "What. The. F*ck. Is. This. Shit."

    Jiang Fei peered at the sight.

    Mutant Empress(Egg Form, Vice-Leader)

    Level: 25

    Health Points: 50,000

    Attack Power: 0

    Skills: None

    Remarks: The Mutant Empress is neither dead nor alive. Whenever she is about to die, she would revert into her egg form, and her offsprings will incubate her with their bodily fluids. The reborn Mutant Empress has a 30-minute weakness duration. After the weakness duration is over, she will recover to her full form!

    "Ah Fei, what now?" Sun Mengmeng asked. Everyone had silently agreed. Jiang Fei was most definitely their de facto leader!

    "Let's see..." Jiang Fei glanced at the Hatchlings surrounding the egg, but he realized that the Hatchlings were not monsters. The ring did not even register them as NPCs. This only led to two possibilities. These Hatchlings were similar to the Divine Blacksmith that helped Jiang Fei change his Class -- their levels were way too high -- which was unlikely. So, there was only one other possibility. These guys were not living creatures at all. Instead, they were background objects, just like stones and walls!

    "How do we start..." Jiang Fei pondered. Although these Hatchlings looked like they were part of the background, who could guarantee that they would not be triggered upon approach?

    "Fox, summon a Flesh Golem -- test the waters out!"

    It was wiser to play safe.


    As soon as Rosette Fox nodded, she cast a skill using her staff, and a Flesh Golem was summoned!

    The Flesh Golem inched forward, little by little. So, those were just harmless objects. The Flesh Golem now stood below the gigantic egg, but still, they did not react.

    "Try attacking the egg!" Jiang Fei frowned and said.




    The Flesh Golem was not exactly a DPS unit.


    However, that single blow had been enough to stir up a hornet's nest!

    The surrounding Hatchlings let out a shrill screech. Their bodies blew up, and yellow pus was scattered all over the place.

    "Tss tss tss..."

    The Flesh Golem in the center was covered from head to toe with yellow slime. A sickening, sizzling sound was heard. The Flesh Golem melted quickly, just like butter put in a hot pan!


    The Flesh Golem was destroyed instantly, much to Rosette Fox's surprise.

    "Phew!" Jiang Fei let out a small sigh of relief. Fortunately, he had taken the careful route. If the entire party had rushed in, everyone would have ended up as sacrificial offerings!

    However, that was just the beginning. The yellow liquid quickly converged towards the giant egg in the center. Whatever it was, that could not be good. Jiang Fei knew that they had to destroy the egg soon. However, as soon as he stepped on the yellow puddle on the ground, a huge damage figure appeared above his head!


    "Damn!" Jiang Fei was so shocked that he quickly retracted his foot. 400 damage per second? Even if you sent an entire party of Healers, they would all end up as bloodied puddles on the ground!

    The yellow, slimy pus had occupied a large area. Not even the ranged attackers could reach the egg without stepping on the pus. It was at that moment when Jiang Fei realized that the map had been rigged.

    "Crack... crack..."

    Not long after, a slight sound came from the giant egg. Cracks started forming on its shell.

    "Everyone, get ready to fight!" Jiang Fei loudly warned.


    A seven-inch long claw tip pierced the eggshell.

    Not soon after a series of clatters, a scaled animal claw broke out of the shell!


    The eggshell shattered, and Jiang Fei finally got to see the behemoth that was their latest adversary.

    Mutant Empress(Alien, Vice-Leader)(Weakened)

    Level: 25

    Health Points: 25,000

    Attack Power: 1,250

    Skills: Blink Strike, Fade, Corrosive Spit, Parasitism, Empress's Screech.

    "Ta... ta..."

    The Mutant Empress shook the remnants of her eggshell off her massive body -- which was wrapped in shining, black scales. She had to be four meters long. With all four of her feet on the ground, she was close to two meters in height. Her long tail was layered in dark scales, making it look like the cruel, sleek barrel of a modern day rifle. Cold light glimmered off it.

    She had a streamline shaped head, and a huge, bloody mouth filled with sharp teeth. Pale, yellow saliva dripped down its mouth. When the saliva reached the ground, parts of the ground visible sizzled away.

    The Mutant Empress opened a lazy eye and took notice of Jiang Fei and the others. Her head was tilted sideways as she surveyed them. If anything, she seemed to be examining the sacrificial offerings -- her soon-to-be meal!

    The huge puddles of yellow liquid had finally vanished. As the Empress straightened up, the eggshells had also faded away. The system had cleaned the battlefield up. Jiang Fei knew very well that they could not prevent the inevitable fight.
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