92 Duelling the Empress

    "Sss..." The Mutant Empress let out a sneer. Then, her colossal body vanished out of sight!



    The next second, the Empress appeared behind Rosette Dazzledance and sunk her claws in -- deep!

    "So freaking fast!" Jiang Fei lamented while activating his skills.



    It was not much, but it was enough to attract the attention of the fresh boss.

    "Leader, watch my Health Points, Miaomiao, keep everyone safe!" Jiang Fei shouted and used Battle Cry at the same time, anchoring the boss's aggro to himself.

    The boss's Blink Strike just now had come out of nowhere. Very rarely were bosses the aggressors. They had not expected this boss to roll the first stone. Fortunately, the boss had gone after the Sub-Tank, Rosette Dazzledance. Anyone else might have instantly gone down!

    Ice Burst!


    Iron Fist!

    Jiang Fei used all his skills to get an early lead on the boss' aggro table.

    "Attackers, go!" Jiang Fei shouted at the ranged attackers behind him.

    This was probably the strongest boss that Jiang Fei had ever encountered. Although she was only of the Vice-Leader rank, her Attack Power was even higher than the actual Leader Bosses he had seen thus far!

    Fortunately, at this time, Jiang Fei was no longer the beginner he once was. He had replaced his old shield with his Epic shield, and he was of significantly higher level. On top of that, he had also drunk five bottles of Blood of Evolution. Jiang Fei's Health Points were now 8400 points! His Defense was over 600!

    However, even with such a high physical damage reduction, the boss could deal 600 or 700 damage to Jiang Fei with a single hit. Although Rosette Rose now had a Blue healing hammer, it was still too much for her alone. Even Rosette Miaomiao had to step in!

    Fire Art: Scorch!

    The fatty Zhao Feng had activated his skill again, providing the entire party with a 20% extra fire damage!

    Although it was only a 20% addition, the effect was rather apparent. Those two magicians aside, the other attackers, including the Hunter, dealt physical damage. However, the Physical Defense of Leader Bosses were super high. Their damage values had taken a nose-dive. However, the fire damage only took Magic Defense into consideration, so the boss would receive almost all the damage. This brought a smile to Rosette Phantom's face.

    In the end, an Vice-Leader boss was just an Vice-Leader boss. The Mutant Empress may hit much harder than Wild bosses, but her Defense and Health Points were proportionally lower!

    Previously, the Wild Leader Boss who rode on horseback had an incredibly high Defense. Other than players like Jiang Fei who relied on equipment to trigger various DoT effects, even Happy Drunk failed to reach the three-digit mark with his Rainbow weapon. The other players only dealt around 10 to 20 damage.

    However, this Vice-Leader Empress was dealing 100 to 200 damage per attack. Based on the percentage of the boss' Health Points, Jiang Fei's ten-man party was already dealing even more damage than the 100-men party!


    When the boss' Health Points dropped to 80%, she spat some of her yellow salivae onto Jiang Fei. Fortunately, Jiang Fei had habitually turned the boss around, having it present its back to the party. As a result, Jiang Fei was the only one who suffered from the corrosion effect!

    Corrosion: 150 damage per second, and a 30% reduction in Defense. The effects last for 30 seconds!

    "Sss! So strong!" Jiang Fei exclaimed and drank a Medium Red Potion.

    The effect which caused 150 damage per second was offset by a bottle of Medium Red Potion, but only 50 damage per second remained, which Rosette Miaomiao's Regeneration took care of. However, that 30% Defense reduction was quite a severe blow!

    After Jiang Fei's Defense had been reduced by 30%, the boss started dealing significantly more damage. Now, the two Healers had been forced to focus on healing only Jiang Fei!

    "Ding! The Mutant Empress has entered the darkness!"

    As the system sent out a warning, the boss in front of Jiang Fei disappeared into thin air!

    "Dazzledance, protect the ranged attackers!" Jiang Fei shouted.


    The boss suddenly appeared behind Rosette Miaomiao and drove her gun barrel of a tail into the woman's back!


    Rosette Dazzledance who had taken up position near the ranged attackers had immediately used Taunt and distracted the boss.

    Ice Burst!


    As soon as Rosette Dazzledance's Taunt wore off, Jiang Fei closed in and used two powerful damaging skills, getting the boss back to himself. There was no other way. Jiang Fei did not have any skills that could forcefully pull the aggro of monsters to himself, so he could only have the Sub-Tank temporarily take over.

    "Brother Ah Fei, I have a debuff effect above my head!" Rosette Miaomiao called out.

    "What effect?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Parasitism: 100 damage per second for 30 seconds. At the end of the effect, the parasite will complete its incubation!" Rosette Miaomiao said.

    "Drink a Red Potion yourself and continue to heal me. Dazzledance, stop attacking, just wait around Miaomiao. If something hatches out of her body, draw it away!" Jiang Fei quickly made a decision.

    "Okay!" The two girls nearly had their full faith in Jiang Fei. They immediately obeyed.

    30 seconds passed by quickly.

    "Ahh!" Rosette Miaomiao screamed, and the little Cleric's almost full Health Points Bar had almost been emptied out.

    "Eeek!" An Elite Mutant Hatchling forced itself out and jumped off Rosette Miaomiao's body!


    Just as the Mutant Hatchling was about to turn around and finish Rosette Miaomiao off, Rosette Dazzledance rushed into the picture with a Taunt.

    "Miaomiao, drink your own Potions and continue healing me and Dazzledance. Leader, activate your skill and keep healing me!" As Rosette Miaomiao had to take care of Dazzledance who was occupied with the small monster, she became distracted. The pressure on Jiang Fei's Healers rose all the more.

    "Ranged attackers, target the small monster, kill it first!" Jiang Fei shouted.

    Although it was a small, Elite monster, Jiang Fei's party was no longer an average party. They had not drunk 15 bottles of Blood of Evolution for nothing. Their damage output was inarguably the best of Dawnlight City. The Elite small monster did not even last a minute.

    Now free of distractions, the two Healers focused on healing Jiang Fei once again, and the battle returned to the right track.

    Soon, the boss used Fade again and then Parasitism on Magician Rosette Narcissus. However, the party was better prepared for it by now and promptly dealt with it.

    As the attackers were overwhelming, the boss' Health Points rapidly decreased. After a few rounds, the boss only had 20% of its Health Points left!

    "Her ultimate is coming. Dazzledance, get to safety! Everyone, prepare your Potions!" Although he knew that the boss' ultimate was the Empress' Screech, Jiang Fei was not clear on how it worked. So, all he could do was to make proper preparations in advance!
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