94 Harem?

    Of course, when it came to things like touching corpses, the ridiculously Lucky Jiang Fei was in charge!


    A ray of purple light flooded the hall.

    "Wow wow! An Epic item!"

    Rosette Miaomiao was the first to realize.

    "Brother Fei! Awesome!"

    Little fatty Zhao Feng's eyes were wide open.

    Corruptor's Robe (Cloth Armor, Quality: Epic)

    Physical Defense +70

    Magic Defense +55

    Vitality: +7

    Intelligence: +8

    Spirit: +15

    Equip: Increases the effects of your indirect damage spells by 20%.

    Level Requirement: 20

    "It's a Robe, it adds Spirit, not damage. Fox, wait here for a bit. Miaomiao, fatty, which one of you is taking it?" Jiang Fei said as he held the Purple Grade Robe aloft.

    "Sure! Handsome, your hands aren't even red anymore..." Rosette Fox rolled her eyes at Jiang Fei flirtatiously. Rosette Narcissus inched closer to Rosette Fox and deliberately showed off her beautiful robe to invoke her jealousy.

    "I want it! I want it!" Rosette Miaomiao screamed as she jumped and waved her hands around. She was afraid that Jiang Fei could not see her.

    "Sure, ladies first!" Although Zhao Feng also wanted it, he was embarrassed to fight a girl for it.

    "Miaomiao, try it on first!" Jiang Fei handed the robe over to Rosette Miaomiao.

    "Yay! I have new clothes now too! Hmph! Big sister Narcissus, let's see you flaunt about next time!" Rosette Miaomiao took the robe smugly and put it on.

    "Ahh!" As soon as she put on the robe, Rosette Miaomiao screamed and changed back into her Green robe.

    "Fatty big brother, you can take it. It's too ugly!" Rosette Miaomiao looked disgustedly threw the Epic robe over to Zhao Feng.

    "Hehe, I'd feel bad if I take it..." Although Zhao Feng said this, his hands were quick to move otherwise, and he hurriedly donned the robe.

    "Oh my! Little fatty, stay away from me!" As soon as Zhao Feng's outfit was swapped, Rosette Fox had cringed away from him.

    Apparently, this Corruptor's Robe completely inherited the ugly looks of the Mutants. The overall style of the robe that was made up of yellow and black was making a valiant attempt to look cool, if not for the fact that it was torn in several places. Yellow-green pus flowed out of the tears. On top of that, the effects were very convincing, so it was no wonder that Rosette Miaomiao had given up on it as soon as she tried it on.

    "Hehe! Not bad!" Zhao Feng was rather pleased with how he looked. After all, men took attributes over aesthetics.

    Girls were different. They would rather settle for a weaker character than don hideous garments.

    "Okay, stop acting like you don't like it, even though you obviously do." Jiang Fei smiled and joked. He already knew it in his heart. Only Rosette Rose of the knighthood played the game seriously. Her friends were in it for fun. They only played for entertainment. No one would ever wear such a monstrosity!

    "Cutie, is that the only drop?" Rosette Miaomiao asked. It was truly difficult to find something new to wear, and when something so hideous had shown up, she was naturally dissatisfied!

    "There's more!" Jiang Fei said, lifting up the second piece of equipment.

    Empress's Talon (Dagger, Quality: Excellent)

    Physical Attack +112

    Agility: +9

    Vitality: +5

    Critical Hit: +7

    Level Requirement: 20

    "Phantom, Mengmeng?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Well..." Sun Mengmeng hesitated. After all, it was her first time partying up with them. As much as she wanted it, she was too embarrassed to say so.

    "Give it to Mengmeng, I'm all good here!" Rosette Phantom said, waving the Epic sword in her hand around. The Epic sword alone was the reason why she did double the damage of a regular DPS. The dagger in her main hand dagger was mainly used to activate skills. Moreover, the dagger in her hand was a Level 15 Blue dagger. It paled in comparison to an Epic sword, but it was good enough.

    "Thank you!" Sun Mengmeng smiled sweetly at Rosette Phantom.

    "Here!" Jiang Fei threw the dagger to Sun Mengmeng.

    "Ah, a Recipe, I'm taking it!" Jiang Fei shook the last item for a bit and activated it on the spot.

    Design: Mutant's Necklace

    Use: Allows you to make Mutant's Necklace.

    Requires: Jewel Meister

    Mutant's Necklace (Necklace, Quality: Excellent)

    Physical Attack +70

    Random Enhancement

    Equip: Increases your Attack Speed by 5%.

    Level Requirement: 20

    Although it was a jewelry Recipe, Jiang Fei was a Divine Blacksmith.

    "I'll need to experiment around with the necklaces later on. Physical damage Classes can go to the clan's storage and extract them. Mengmeng, this includes you as well. I'll pass it to you later on!" Jiang Fei said to everyone after he finished learning the Recipe.

    "Why must you be the one giving it to her? Are you using this opportunity to get closer to our Mengmeng?" Rosette Fox would not miss any chance to tease Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei remained bemused, but Sun Mengmeng's face was all red.

    "Fine, you give it to Mengmeng then."

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. At some point, the girls made him red between the ears every single day. However, he had been with them for some time now, so he was basically immune at that point. Sometimes, he would even tease the girls in return.

    "Why go through so much trouble? Why don't we just invite Mengmeng into the clan?" Rosette Fox said.

    "Yeah, Mengmeng, would you like to join our clan?" Rosette Rose asked.

    "Sure!" Sun Mengmeng was delighted. She had started off as a pub player. Now, such a powerful all-female clan was standing before her.

    "I wanna join too! I wanna join too!" Zhao Feng shamelessly said.

    "Little fatty, you wanna join us?" Rosette Fox went to Zhao Feng, lifting his fat chin up with her slender fingers.

    "Yes! Yes!" Zhao Feng was just like a puppy.

    "Well, you'll have to meet the requirements! We only accept beautiful women. If you want to join, I can show you the path!" Rosette Fox's voice was so sweet that it would entrance anybody.

    "What path?" Zhao Feng asked dumbly.

    "Fox..." Rosette Rose rolled her eyes. This girl was just being cheeky again.

    "Let me tell you now! First, you have to go to Thailand and do a minor operation, then go to Korea for plastic surgery. You'll be able to join after that!" Rosette Fox said with a smile.

    "Haha..." This time, all the girls were laughing their heads off.

    "Can't I join without changing my gender?" Zhao Feng asked with a downcast face. F*ck me, wasn't he going to be a ladyboy?

    "That can't be done! Our clan only recruits beautiful women!" Rosette Fox said with a straight face.

    "Then, how did he get in?!" Zhao Feng asked while pointing at Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe, little fatty, can't you tell? Our clan is this handsome's harem!"

    Rosette Fox knew no limits.

    "Yeah! That's right!" As soon as Rosette Fox opened her mouth, the other girls actually followed and played along.
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