95 Asukuna Orb

    "Not bad at all, Brother Fei!" Zhao Feng gave Jiang Fei a huge thumbs up.

    "Hey grandaunts, cut it out already?" Jiang Fei groaned. The minority would always be bullied. If there were only one girl in a group of people, this girl would be teased by the wolves, and vice versa.

    "Alright, everyone stop. Ah Fei, let's keep moving forward!" After Rosette Rose added Sun Mengmeng to the clan, she pressed her hands together. The other girls who were originally laughing and playing quickly fell silent.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded. He had to be the most anxious soul in the entire room. The Treasure Hunting Ring around his finger was flashing like a strobe light. The yellow arrow was pointing towards the paved path that had appeared after the Empress's death.

    "Everyone, be careful!" As he did not know if the path ahead was safe, Jiang Fei led the way with caution.

    In the end, Jiang Fei had worried for nothing. The entire path was spotless. No traps or monsters blocked the way. Their party of ten walked through unhindered.


    "So many gold coins!"

    "We're rich!"

    After Jiang Fei and others walked through the paved path and entered the next big hall, they were shocked.

    This hall was not as spacious as the previous big halls. In the middle of the hall was a small hill made up of gold coins. A fine wooden box sat at the top of the gold coin hill.

    "Eh? What's that?" While everyone else had locked their sights upon the gold coin hill, Rosette Bubbles pointed towards the corner of the hall.

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei followed her finger and spotted a corpse in the corner. The corpse had long shriveled up.

    Next to the body were seven or eight egg-sized, blood-red Ganoderma Lucidums!

    "Blood Lingzhi Mushrooms!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. He had been agonizing over the prospect of fighting an entire horde of Spectres just for some bloody Blood Lingzhi Mushrooms. He had not expected to find it in this Unknown Dungeon! The arrow of the Treasure Hunting Ring had directed him here.

    Jiang Fei approached the Blood Lingzhi Mushrooms and stowed them away in his backpack. It was of no use to anyone else, after all.

    "Hmm?" He had inadvertently touched the corpse. Something metallic was gleaming beneath the corpse.

    He gently rolled the corpse over. After a "plop," an item fell out.

    Soul Guarding Plate (Special Item, Artifact) (Severely Damaged)

    Inscription: You feel a deadly aura...

    Remarks: The artifact of the Spectres. Can accommodate millions of dead people, but it is already broken. Only God knows who can fix it!

    "No wonder Blood Lingzhi Mushrooms are growing here. It's this nasty object!" Jiang Fei said to himself. Even though this thing was an artifact, it was no use in such a state.

    Artifacts always sound pretty cool, but it was a broken artifact. To players, this was nothing but a Quest Item. When you don't even know who to give it to, it was doubly worthless.

    "Does any of you want this thing?" Jiang Fei asked while holding this artifact up.

    "It's dirty and useless. I don't want it!" Rosette Miaomiao pouted and said.

    "Brother Fei, if no one wants it, give it to me! I wanna hold something artifact-related!" Zhao Feng was quite interested.

    "You just want to show it off to others, right?" Jiang Fei instantly saw through Zhao Feng.

    "Hehe!" Zhao Feng scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

    "Have fun with it!" Jiang Fei threw the useless artifact to Zhao Feng. After all, it was a worthless piece of trash!

    "Cutie, the box -- what's in the box?!" Rosette Miaomiao was clearly not interested in this broken artifact, so she urged Jiang Fei to look at what was inside the box sitting atop the gold coin pile.


    Jiang Fei opened the exquisite, wooden box.

    A golden light flooded the room.

    "Legendary!" Even Jiang Fei was shocked.

    Asukuna Orb (Oblation, Legendary)

    Special effects: With the light of God, the Attack Power, Defense Power, Health Points, and Mana Points of all targeted allies within one-kilometer radius are doubled!

    Needed for activation: Asukuna Altar.

    Remarks: After placing the Asukuna Orb on an Asukuna Altar, you can use 100,000 gold coins as a sacrifice to activate the special effect of the Orb -- which will last for three hours!

    Construction Recipe: Asukuna Altar! (3 times remaining)

    Use: Allows an NPC craftsman to build an Asukuna Altar for you.

    Construction Time: Seven days!

    "This..." Jiang Fei held the item in his hands, and for once, he was at a complete loss of words.

    This was not an equipment that players could wield. It was an artifact used to defend cities! If you built an Altar in your city and offered the Orb to the Altar, you could just activate the Orb and watch your army turn the enemy into mincemeat. The defensive wall and gate of the city would double in power.

    "Ah Fei! You should hunt for a Territory Order as well! We should form a city!" As soon as she saw this powerful Orb, Rosette Rose became interested! She was feeling mighty ambitious. She was so excited that her little face became flushed with a tinge of pink, which made her look abnormally attractive!

    The Level Ranking Board was not where the end of her goals lay. At first, she did not have the confidence in her strength and the strength of her friends. They would be easily eaten up by the hostile world. With this orb, what was there to be afraid of?

    "Leader... it's easy for you to say, but where can I even find a Territory Order? Haven't you seen how the three major guilds have not even managed to find a second Territory Order even though they've pretty much ruined all the areas surrounding Dawnlight City?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes and said.

    "You're right..." Rosette Rose had gotten ahead of herself. If the Territory Order was that easy to obtain, three of the four major guilds would not have banded up to fight the one that obtained a Territory Order!

    "So, what do we do with this Orb?" Rosette Fox asked.

    "Let's just keep it for now. The only guild that can use it now is The Aristocrats, but we are not short of money, so there's no reason to sell it yet," Rosette Rose said.

    "True!" None of the girls in the clan were poor. Jiang Fei, Zhao Feng, and Sun Mengmeng were the same. They were not as rich as these girls, but they would not sell such treasures so easily.

    "Let's distribute the gold coins!" Jiang Fei said while looking at the slightly disappointed girls.

    "Okay! It's time to split the gold coins!" Rosette Miaomiao dove into the pile of golden coins.

    These girls would not think twice before they spent any money, but this was because gold coins were just numbers to the players. When piled up into a mountain like this, anyone would get excited!

    After counting, he could see that there were as many as 50,000 gold coins! In the past two days, Happy Drunk had almost sold his underwear in the attempt to gather 50,000 gold coins. Now, Jiang Fei and the others had gotten an equal amount without half the effort!

    "Let's distribute them evenly!" Jiang Fei and the others were not lacking any money, so they had no complaints. These gold coins were distributed in one breath, and everyone received 5,000 gold coins each!
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