99 Letter Delivery Ques

    Letter Delivery Quest

    Iron Will Helm (Chainmail Helmet, Quality: Excellent)

    Physical Defense +70

    Magic Defense +40

    Vitality: +8

    Magic Resistance: +15

    Equip: Allows you to obtain the skill ---- Iron Will. Immediately removes the effects of Crowd Control Spells like Fear, Charm, Mind Control and others! Cooldown: 3 minutes!

    "Hehe, this Helm isn't bad!" Jiang Fei gave a small grin. It was just an Ascended, Excellent quality item, but he was pleased. After all, it was a free gift. If he had completed the Quests the old-fashioned way, such rewards would not have even existed!

    "Well, I better make a move first. I'll be back with the other materials soon enough!" Jiang Fei smiled, waving goodbye.

    "Don't be in such a hurry, Verdure Glider. I know that these materials aren't easy to find, so I have written a letter for you. Take this letter to someone called Aeneidstrasza. He may be able to help you!" Princess Isabella's next words stopped Jiang Fei in his tracks.

    "Ding! Princess Isabella has initiated a Hidden Quest ---- Procuring a Helper! Do you accept?"

    "Hidden Quest? Accept!" Jiang Fei nodded immediately. Hidden Quests were uncommon in "Dawn Break" and were often accompanied by vast amounts of Experience and generous rewards. Only a fool would turn them down.

    "Here!" Princess Isabella handed a letter to Jiang Fei.

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    Quest Name: Looking for a Helper

    Quest Goal: Find Aeneidstrasza at XXX, XXX and hand him the Princess's letter.

    Quest Rewards: 10,000 Experience, 50 silver coins.

    "Tsk tsk..." Jiang Fei's mouth twitched a little. Those rewards were a little lacking. After all, he needed millions of Experience Points to level up, while fifty silver coins were barely equivalent to a single sneeze. On the other hand, this was just the delivery of a latter. It was more of an errand than a quest. It was more than likely that this would be the start of a chain questline.

    If anything, Jiang Fei was asking for too much. Whenever other players cleared Quests, they were only rewarded with one or two silver coins. 10,000 Experience Points for a letter was mind-boggling!

    "Hmph! Go on, kid, keep pressing! The moment that letter finds itself in the hands of my senior, I'll see how you're going to keep blackmail me, then!"

    When Isabella saw that Jiang Fei had accepted the Quest, the corners of her mouth lifted up into a smug smile.

    After all, Jiang Fei had repeatedly stepped on her tail, and Isabella was not a good target to provoke. If she was not able to overpower Jiang Fei, she could at least find some help. She still relied on Jiang Fei to help her look for the resurrection materials, but at least a helper could keep him in line.

    "Okay, if there's nothing else, I'm leaving!"

    Jiang Fei turned, remaining clueless. He was a veteran gamer, but never before had any NPC actually plotted against him without any intended foreshadowing.

    As the jubilant adventurer started jogging away, Princess Isabella approached her own corpse -- the Blood Lingzhi Mushrooms in her hands.


    With a wave of spiritual power, the five Blood Lingzhi Mushrooms melted into an orb black-red colored blood!

    "Drip... drop..."

    The blood dribbled onto the crystal coffin. It glowed with a red light and seeped into the corpse within.

    The Princess' face was already rosy and vibrant, to begin with. If anything, the blood added even more life to it. Anyone would be convinced that her eyes would flash open at any moment.

    "Congratulations on the recovery of your body, Your Royal Highness!" William, the Blood Bat Commander spoke up.

    "Mmm! I, too, did not expect this adventurer to be so capable. He actually got his hands on Blood Lingzhi Mushrooms in no time at all!" Isabella smiled weakly.

    "Indeed! It is true that Verdure Glider is quite capable, but he is too greedy for his own good, and he has no respect for others!"

    If Jiang Fei had heard this, he would definitely regret his actions. He has played many games, and he was used to pushing NPCs to their limits. He had not expected the NPCs in this game to possess actual intelligence. They now bore a very real grudge against him!

    "Oh, greed is not a problem at all. The greedier he is, the easier he will be to control! But being the disrespectful prick he is, I'd love to wipe that smile off his face!"

    Isabella nodded. She was determined to teach Jiang Fei a good lesson when her senior comes into the picture. A mighty Princess like her could not -- should not -- be blackmailed!


    Jiang Fei, unaware of this, was still happily delivering the letter to Aeneidstrasza. Little did he know that this 'helper' had been assigned by the Princess to be his 'taskmaster'!

    "Entrance to the Void? What place is this?" Jiang Fei talked to himself as he rushed to the designated location.

    After walking for more than an hour, Jiang Fei started to grow a little frustrated. His destination was still nowhere in sight.

    "F*ck this **! Is this Aeneidstrasza some f*cking demon hermit?" Jiang Fei groaned.

    The monsters around him were already over Level 40, and Jiang Fei still had not yet arrived at his destination.

    "Fortunately, they're not coming to intercept me. I'll never break through them!"

    Jiang Fei frowned to himself.

    Regular Level 40 monsters may not be able to kill him, but the sheer level difference meant that he would not be able to even attack them. Even if he wanted to gain some Experience points here, he could only dream on.

    Jiang Fei had been walking for about three hours, and he could no longer see the levels of the monsters on either side. The mysterious ring was the only thing that gave him the slightest hint of them being over Level 60.

    "Ding! You have discovered the Entrance to the Void! Obtained 1,250 Experience Points!"

    After loading an entirely new map, Jiang Fei finally arrived at his destination!

    "F*ck! If I knew that I had to walk this far, I wouldn't have come!" Jiang Fei was starting to regret this. It had been a three-hour journey. If he had known about this sooner, Jiang Fei would not have attempted the quest at this level. This Quest had no time limit. He could have waited until he was Level 30 and got himself a horse. It would have been far more convenient that way!

    "Forget it, since I'm already here, I might as well just deliver it!"

    Jiang Fei continued towards the destination.

    Jiang Fei walked very cautiously. He did not dare to stray too far from the main road, as the surrounding monsters were all around Level 60 to 70. If he attracted their attention, Jiang Fei would have been in serious trouble.

    As the Quest demanded, Jiang Fei arrived at the side of a small lake. There was a small log cabin. No one was nearby, and there were no monsters.

    "Knock knock knock..."

    "Is anyone there?" Jiang Fei knocked on the door.

    "Squeak..." The door was not locked -- it was unlatched. That knock had nudged open the door.

    Jiang Fei curiously peered inside. The furnishings in the house were simple enough. One bed, one table, and one chair. An oil lamp and a thick book sat on the table. There was nothing else -- no one.

    "Is anyone here?" Jiang Fei asked as he took tentative steps into the log cabin.

    The cabin was small. Even through the doorway, he could already see the room in its entirety. Stepping through the doorway had taught him nothing new.

    "Where's the guy? The quest arrow is hovering right above my head!" Jiang Fei wondered. He walked to the nearby desk and casually flipped the thick book open.

    "Put it down!" A stern voice barked.
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