101 Directional Teleportation

    "Hoho, you're pretty smart, kid!" Aeneidstrasza looked at Jiang Fei, far from angered.

    "What's going on here? That chick's going back on her words?"

    Jiang Fei squinted at the Black Naga Prince while squinting at him. He thought that Isabella had found someone else to help her and did not intend to help him change his race anymore.

    "Hoho, our kind is not as shameless as you adventurers. As long as you continue to help Bella with her resurrection, she will definitely keep her promise and convert you into a Nephilim!" Aeneidstrasza smiled.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei nodded. Apparently, as long as the system had already initiated the Quest, the NPCs could not renege.

    Jiang Fei was relieved. After all, there were only 36 chances of racial evolution in the game. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If the Nephilim chick goes back on her words, he would suffer a great loss!

    "So, you're not going to help her resurrect?" Jiang Fei asked curiously. If this guy helped him, it would be much easier to get the other materials!

    "Of course! For starters, I'll stand guard over Bella's body. As for the materials, that is your mission and also your test!"

    Aeneidstrasza instantly saw through Jiang Fei's thoughts.

    "Fine..." Jiang Fei shrugged his shoulders. Apparently, he still had to procure the Quest Items on his own. Also, he had learned that it was better to avoid blackmailing that chick, Isabella!

    "Okay, I'm going to pay Bella a visit now!"

    Aeneidstrasza grinned cheerfully.

    "Sure, you go do your thing!" Jiang Fei realized that this guy was not going to grant him any follow-up Quests, so he prepared to use a Return Scroll.


    It was at that moment when Aeneidstrasza stopped Jiang Fei.

    "What's up?" Jiang Fei wondered.

    "Ah, nothing much! Just fulfilling Bella's last little wish!" Aeneidstrasza smiled wickedly at Jiang Fei.

    "Whoa, what the f*ck are you-!"

    Jiang Fei knew that he was not up to any good, but it was already too late!

    "накiраванаяперадача (Naga language: Directional Teleportation!)" Aeneidstrasza chanted softly.

    "Holy!" As Jiang Fei understood the Naga language, he knew what those words meant. Understanding was one thing, while being the target of the spell was something else entirely!

    A white light flashed before him, and Jiang Fei vanished.

    "Hehe! You adventurers can't die anyways! Good luck, you're on your own now!"

    Aeneidstrasza gave him a parting grin.

    "F*ck my life! Where the hell am I?"

    Jiang Fei found himself in an unknown place.

    "Forget it, I'll figure it out another day!"

    Jiang Fei quickly tore a Return Scroll!

    "Ding! Your current location is too far from the main city. Return Scroll failed!"

    "My god!"

    Jiang Fei flung the used Return Scroll on the ground in fury.

    Directional Teleportation, just like the name implied, randomly teleported a person in one particular direction. How far -- one meter or one light year away, it depended entirely on luck. Of course, considering the strength of the Black Naga Prince, it was impossible to transport Jiang Fei out of the solar system, but it would not be a problem to transport Jiang Fei thousands of miles away. It was not outer space, but it was far enough for his Return Scroll to fail.

    It could not be helped. He was already here, so he might as well enjoy his time there. Jiang Fei looked at the map. Apparently, he was at Darkmoon Island.

    "F*ck Darkmoon! F*ck islands!"

    Yet again, Jiang Fei started cursing. A single glance told him all he needed to know. He was not even in the Empire any longer. They had sent him overseas!

    He started looking around. All the map showed was black, foggy areas. Other than providing the name of the current place, it was totally useless!

    "Cutie, help us clear out some Dungeons!" At that moment, Rosette Miaomiao sent a message. At least this showed that the map was not some secluded instance.

    "Hah, I yearn for some Dungeon runs myself, but I still have to be able to find my way back first!" Jiang Fei moaned, frustrated.

    "Cutie, what's up with you?" Rosette Miaomiao asked curiously.

    "I've been transported to a place that's really far away, and I can't even use a Return Scroll to go back!" Jiang Fei explained.

    "So, what will you do?" Rosette Miaomiao asked. For some reason, this girl was always sidling up to him.

    "I don't know! I'll try to be back as soon as possible!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Okay!" Rosette Miaomiao ended the voice message conversation, a little disappointed.

    "Forget it, I should look around first!"

    As the Return Scroll had failed, Jiang Fei decided to walk around the island to see if there was any other way to leave this place.

    If he did not walk around, Jiang Fei would never uncover any secrets that may be hidden here.

    Jiang Fei was at the center of the island. There was a massive mountain. There was nobody, and no monsters. After much difficulty, he managed to get out of the mountain. As he approached the beach, he began to hear extremely cheerful music!


    "Drink! Drink!"

    "Haha! That idiot can't even hold his bottle properly!"

    "Come and play! Five rings for one gold coin. The prizes that you win are all yours!"

    "Quick! Come and see! A black bear is about to jump through the ring of fire!"

    "Mama! I wanna eat that ice cream!"


    It was not just cheerful music. All sorts of voices and a mess of sounds from the hustle and bustle filled Jiang Fei's ears. It felt exactly like when he was at a funfair as a child!

    "Damn! Where's this place?" After getting through layers and layers of the thick forest, Jiang Fei came to an area near the sea and found a huge gathering!

    20 or 30 caravans surrounded the area, creating a vast circle. The whole place was bustling, filled with people. People were juggling, performing circus skills, and all kinds of foods and drinks were for sale. The atmosphere was vivacious!

    However, in this huge market, other than Jiang Fei, a human who stood over 1.7 meters, everyone else was basically green-skinned, tiny beings who grew no higher than 1.2 meters!

    These green-skinned tiny beings were ugly. They had fangs as teeth, and claws at the end of their fingers. They looked pretty ferocious, but they were only focused on eating good food and having a good time, so no such ferocity was found in their eyes! Moreover, they were all yellow-named, neutral creatures.

    Jiang Fei took a closer look at the one closest to him. The mysterious ring started reacting.

    Chef Flem (Gnome, Elite)

    Level: 45

    Health Points: 75,000

    Attack Power: 350

    Skills: Cooking

    Remarks: The Chief Chef of the Darkmoon Circus. Great at preparing a variety of delicacies.

    "Darkmoon Circus? What organization is this?" Jiang Fei said to himself.

    "Wow! You are really tall!"

    A little green-skinned gnome had run right up and was looking up at him.

    Racer Bobo (Gnome, Elite)

    Level: 52

    Health Points: 100,000

    Attack Power: 225

    Skills: Driving a racecar

    Remarks: Darkmoon Circus's racer, typical chatterbox.

    "Err, hello, may I know where am I?" When Jiang Fei saw that he had been discovered by someone else, there was nothing he could do but bite the bullet and start a conversation.
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