102 Shameless Gnomes

    "Wow! Wow! We have a guest!" The green-skinned, little being did not just leave him without an answer, it actually turned around and ran. Not in fear, at least. Judging by the tone, it was jubilant! Jiang Fei simply followed the little gnome and walked into the market.

    "Everyone, come see! We have a guest!" Bobo kept yelling as he ran.

    "We have a guest? Where is the guest?"

    "Wow! You are really tall!"

    "Hey! Traveler from far far away, come and try my rum! It only costs 50 silver coins!"

    "Come and try my little gingerbread! Only 30 silver coins!"


    These green-skinned gnomes were incredibly friendly. As soon as they saw Jiang Fei, they started greeting him warmly. However, their prices were really quite high!

    "Hoho, my apologies, dear human guest. We did not know that you were coming in advance. If there is anything here that is unsatisfactory, I ask for your forgiveness!"

    Just as Jiang Fei was curiously looking around, a green-skinned gnome appeared in front of Jiang Fei. From his wrinkled face, Jiang Fei had to guess that this was one of their elders.

    "Oh, you are too nice. It was me who came here without prior notice and have bothered all of you!" Jiang Fei replied politely.

    At the same time, Jiang Fei gave his ring a light tap.

    Foror (Gnome, Lord)

    Level: 60

    Health Points: 300,000

    Attack Power: 3,150

    Skills: Gnome general skills, robbery specialization.

    Remarks: The head of the Darkmoon Circus. This is a professional gang of robbers. A group of jerks who bully the weak and fear the strong. They will cautiously pry around until they learn more about you. When they learn that you are a solo traveler, this group will rob you dry!

    "My good god..."

    After he was finished reading, Jiang Fei blinked at the old little creature in astonishment.

    "Dear human guest, may I know where you hail from? Does your companion also need to take a break and come to the market?" Foror asked enthusiastically in Common Language. At the same time, Foror said something to the gnome beside him in Gnomish, but Jiang Fei could not understand it.

    People who did not know any better would have already spilled the beans. If Jiang Fei revealed the fact that he was an unlucky slob who had been unwittingly transported here alone, it would all be over. He was weaker than these gnomes -- in all sense of the word, they could hold him down by his limbs and do as they wish!

    "Bah, if you call this a welcome, don't expect to see my friends!" Jiang Fei mustered with bravado. He had to put up a strong front, for his sake.

    "Dear human guest, this is a small, barren island. There is only food and water where we are at now. Your friends need rest too! We will be thrilled to entertain them!" Foror insisted. More gnomes have started to gather behind him. If they ever learn that Jiang Fei was all by himself, they would have won big today!

    "About that..." Jiang Fei frowned. How was he going to keep this pretense up?

    As Jiang Fei hesitated, the gnomes behind Foror had already started sneaking around him. There was no doubting it. They were here to rob him dry!

    "Eh? I have an idea!" Jiang Fei suddenly had a flash of inspiration! He once heard that Gnomes were also an ancient race. These guys might recognize a word or two of the Naga language or Nephilim language, even if they did not speak it. Who knows, he might scare the greenskin out of them!

    "Здесьестьгоблин!Тыхочешьзайтиипосмотреть? (Naga language: There are gnomes here, do you guys want to come over and see?)" Jiang Fei shouted into the distance.

    "Wait, sir! Wait, sir!"

    As soon as the words came out of Jiang Fei's mouth, Foror indeed turned so pale that he no longer looked as green!

    "What's wrong?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Sir, are you a Naga?" Foror asked, his voice shaking.

    "Isn't it obvious?" Jiang Fei grunted.

    "Err..." Foror could not answer. He did not know if this human being was a Naga in disguise, or simply knew a Naga or two.

    In any case, this seemingly human guy was not someone that the group of gnomes could mess with. Even if he was not a Naga, robbing a Naga's friend would be enough trouble already, right? And if they robbed an actual Naga... Since the beginning of time, Nagas have been known to be particularly notorious. Them not robbing you was already a blessing. You robbing them? Look upon the sun for the last time, enjoy your last pathetic moments.

    "Sir, are you an explorer?" Foror tried to change the subject.

    "Oh! Well, actually, my friends and I heard that the base of a group of robbers is located somewhere around here. We're looking for that group of robbers. Do you where they are?" Jiang Fei made something up.

    "Ah?" As soon as Foror heard this, his face turned white. He could keel over at any moment.

    Good lord! These Nagas were actually here to look for them! It made perfect sense. Nagas were always doing bad things to other evil organizations! Originally, the Nagas used to go around robbing everyone but they soon stopped, as they felt that robbing others was beneath their dignity. Where then, could they get their money?

    Nobody knew when, but some bastard Naga came up with a certain idea. Ever since then, the Nagas have been specializing in marauding other evil organizations. They would clean up ports of pirates, destroy lairs of robbers. While making a fortune for themselves, they built a good reputation for themselves in getting rid of evil for the people!

    When Foror heard Jiang Fei's words, he was so terrified that his soul almost left his body!

    "Sir! Just look at us! All of us here are good citizens!" Foror explained quickly as he was afraid that Jiang Fei would misunderstand and call the other Nagas here!

    "Yeah! We are all outstanding citizens!" The gnomes behind Foror had already thrown the knives that were previously in their hands so far away that they would not be caught with weapons! These guys were all afraid of death!

    "Hoho..."Jiang Fei was slightly amused. How in the world did this group of timid, chicken-hearted gnomes even steal anything? Judging by how they were acting now, Jiang Fei realized that he had been blinded by their high levels!

    "Mmm! Well, they sent me out as a lone scout. However, if I don't find anything, I will have people to answer to!"

    Jiang Fei frowned.

    "Sir! We get along so well. You are just like our father, how could we bear to let you look bad? I have an idea, take some treasures. They won't be as disappointed!" When Foror said this, he was not one bit embarrassed.

    "Damn! My dear, obedient son! That shameless look on your face now really reminds me of myself as a kid!" Jiang Fei genuinely admired these gnomes. He had met some timid people before, but never anyone as cowardly as these gnomes. He had met some shameless people before, but these gnomes had no lower limit!

    "Hehe! As long as you're satisfied, sir! As long as you're satisfied!" As Jiang Fei's pronunciation of the Naga language had been flawless, Foror had instantly bought his lie!
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