103 Receiving Three Treasures

    "Bring them all here! I'll choose for myself!" Jiang Fei smiled. He had not expected his act of bravado to not only save himself from being robbed, but to actually swindle these swindlers!

    "No, wait! Go! Go! Take out the three most valuable treasures from our storage!" Foror said to a few small gnomes around him.

    Although he was afraid of Jiang Fei and the alleged Naga force behind him, Foror still had the backbone to deny his wishes! Both the Naga race and human race were famous for their insatiable greed. If Jiang Fei was allowed to go to the treasure storage, wouldn't he just take everything?

    Jiang Fei did not mind it one bit. He was just as greedy as they feared, but this was his first time encountering gnomes. They were timid, but if he pushed things too far and they actually attacked him out of fear and desperation, these Level 50 to 60 Elite and even Lord monsters would shred him to ribbons!

    About half an hour later, Jiang Fei realized that his Treasure Hunting Ring had begun to flash. Apparently, the small gnomes had brought the treasures back!

    "Leader, we've brought the treasures!" Several small gnomes said to Foror as they came forward with three brocade boxes in their hands.

    "Sir, these gifts are just a little something to show the respect I have for you. Please, take it!" Foror looked like he was in pain, but he still respectfully handed the boxes to Jiang Fei.

    "Pop..." Jiang Fei opened the first gift box.

    Lunar Crystal (Jewelry, Epic)

    Use: Weapon inlay. Allows the damage of your physical attacks to turn into Light Magic damage.

    "Hmm?!" Jiang Fei's eyes flew wide open!

    This was a really good item! The Physical Defense of monsters was always far higher than their Magic Defense. If a Physical Damage Class could deal Magic Damage with all their attacks, their damage output ability could increase by at least 20%!

    A pity that this thing was a single-use treasure. Once used on a particular weapon, that would be the end of it. It would be better to use it on a weapon that had the ability to grow. It would be wasted on an early or mid-game weapon!

    After he took the Lunar Crystal, Jiang Fei opened the second gift box.

    Ring of Domination (Special Item, Quality: Epic)

    Use: Use it on a weakened Beast-type or Dragon-type monster to capture it as your own pet.

    Note: Cannot be used on targets more than 5 Levels above you.

    Remarks: Cannot be used on bosses of Overlord rank and above.

    Remarks: If you do not want to die, please be careful when using it on pure-blooded Dragon-type monsters!

    Requirement: Character Level 30

    "This isn't bad either!" Jiang Fei said with great joy. Although the pet system would be opened to players after Level 30, finding a pet egg was a monumental task, let alone incubating it. There was nothing as convenient as directly capturing one alive. Moreover, this Ring of Domination was a cheat code of its own. You could capture all kinds of bosses as long as they were below Overlord Rank. Jiang Fei could wait until his level was higher. He would definitely be able to capture a Lord boss. No matter what, it would still be stronger than an Epic pet egg!

    After receiving two treasures in a row, Jiang Fei opened the third gift box.

    Low-Quality Possom Apple (Potion, Quality: Epic)

    Use: Increases your level by one immediately.

    Remarks: Can only be used by players below Level 30!

    There was nothing much to say about this item. It was just an Experience Potion which increased your level when you consumed it. However, Jiang Fei definitely had to keep it and not eat it until he was Level 29. Only this way could he maximize the benefits!

    "Sir, are you satisfied?" As Jiang Fei was looking at the gifts, Foror was focused on observing Jiang Fei's facial expressions. This Young Master with a Naga background could not afford to be left discontented.

    "So-so!" Jiang Fei kept the Possom Apple, then looked around and noticed a small light in the distance.

    "What's that?" Jiang Fei asked while pointing at the distant light.

    "That's the ship that we use to go to sea!" Foror replied. Although this island was their base, they still had to go out for some errands. Whether it was stealing or cheating, there was no one on this island for them to trick.

    "Oh? Ship? A ship that can sail out to the sea?" Jiang Fei was suddenly interested!

    "Yes!" Foror nodded.

    "I've never been on a ship before! How about you guys bring me around for a bit?" Jiang Fei said. He did not dare to ask them to immediately send him back to Dawnlight City, as they might see through his lies.

    "Of course, not a problem at all!" Foror, who had grown very convinced that Jiang Fei was somewhat related to Nagas did not dare refuse.

    After two hours of preparations, dozens of gnome sailors called out, and Jiang Fei followed Foror aboard the big ship named Gold Coin!

    The big ship left port and headed for the heart of the ocean.

    "Sir, where would you like to go?" Foror asked.

    "Hmm..." Jiang Fei pretended to ponder for a moment, then said to Foror, "Let's go to Dawnlight City! I heard that place is pretty interesting!"

    "Yes, sir!" Foror nodded, then directed the sailors to turn the rudder, and the big ship was now headed in the direction of Dawnlight City.

    Darkmoon Island was truly far from the mainland. After about more than an hour, the big ship took anchor!

    "Alright! I'm planning to look around Dawnlight City, do you guys want to join me?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "No! No! Sir, please enjoy on your own!" Foror shook his head again and again. He could not wait to get rid of Jiang Fei immediately! Dealing with any Naga was truly frightening.

    Jiang Fei walked forward ostentatiously for a bit. When the gnomes behind him could no longer see him, he quickly took a Return Scroll out, and he was back in Dawnlight City in an instant!

    "Phew..." As he had returned to the city, Jiang Fei was relieved. Over the past few hours, he and the gnomes were completely afraid of each other. The gnomes thought that he was a Naga, so they were afraid that the Nagas would take revenge, and they did not dare to offend Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei was afraid that the gnomes would see through him. That was a large group of gnomes. Their levels were higher than him, and the group was made up of several Elite monsters. There was even a Lord-ranked Boss. If the gnomes grew suspicious of him, his death was certain!

    However, this was also because Jiang Fei did not really know much about the Gnome race. They were very smart and very suspicious of others, but their timidity often petrified them. As long as there was a 0.0001% chance that Jiang Fei was someone from the Naga race, even if they were provided evidence to the contrary, they would not dare to take risks. They feared death that much.

    As he had returned to Dawnlight City safely, Jiang Fei secretly cursed Aeneidstrasza out, but he was also secretly happy at the same time. After all, the accidental transportation to Darkmoon Island this time had yielded him much!

    As the items in his backpack would easily drop out if he died, Jiang Fei stored all three new treasures into the Spatial Ring. After all, the Spatial Ring would never spill its contents out.

    After he was done keeping everything, Jiang Fei looked at the time and realized that he had to log out soon. Most of Jiang Fei's time in the game today had been used on his extremely long walks. The moment he set off to deliver the letter to Aeneidstrasza, his time for today was over!
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