106 King of Masks

    "You, shut up!" Dean Wang glared at Zhao Feng. Then, he turned around and asked, "Which one of you beat this guy up?"

    "Dean Wang! The students in your school are truly undisciplined and ruthless!"

    A Japanese who was responsible for the negotiations immediately jumped out and said.

    "Mr. Tanaka, don't you worry. You can rest assured that we will deal with this matter seriously!" Wang Huairen smiled apologetically. After all, he had already taken their money, so he naturally had to give in to them.

    "Damn it, f*cking traitor!" The students who were outside of the court were whispering to themselves. Even though they did not dare to say it out loud, they all glared at Wang Huairen furiously.

    "What the hell are you all looking at? Leave!" Wang Huairen looked embarrassed. After all, he was a teacher of this Chinese school, but he was not siding with his own students.

    "Dean Wang! I hope that you can come up with a swift verdict. We ask that your school severely punishes the concerned students. The lightest punishment permissible is expulsion!" The Japanese named Tanaka continued to pressure Wang Huairen.

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Wang Huairen smiled apologetically at the group.

    Then, he turned around and screamed at the students from his school, "Tell me now! Who did it!"

    "I did it!" Jiang Fei walked out.

    "You? What's your name? Which class are you from?" Wang Huairen asked, his posture and tone somewhat condescending.

    "First year, ninth class, Jiang Fei!" Jiang Fei replied.

    "Hmph! You're only in your first year, but you're already so defiant! You know..." Wang Huairen was about to reprimand Jiang Fei fiercely, but his brain suddenly kicked in.

    "Wait... Your name is Jiang Fei? First year, ninth class Jiang... Jiang Fei?" Wang Huairen's voice suddenly turned squeaky.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded, his eyebrows raised in confusion rather than bravado.

    "Damn it! Why am I so unlucky!" Wang Huairen swore to himself. Although he was the Dean of the school concerning academic affairs, there were still a few students in the school that he could not afford to mess with.

    However, he was familiar with all these young masters and little princesses. He just had not met Jiang Fei yet, who had recently emerged out of nowhere!

    He had not even heard of the name Jiang Fei up until last week. But after Han Tianyu blew things up on Monday with armed helicopters and four fully armed bodyguards, it was impossible to slip past the Dean's sight!

    He was trying to get on the good side of the Japanese because he wanted to get some money. However, if he offended someone like Jiang Fei who had an armed helicopter fly over the city center whenever he liked, it would be over for him!

    "Dean Wang! Please decide on the fairest penalty!" The clueless Tanaka continued to pressure Wang Huairen.

    "Well, Jiang Fei, can you tell me more about what actually happened here?"

    Wang Huairen was really quite thick-skinned. A master of the 180-degree about-face. Just a moment ago, he looked as if he was about to expel Jiang Fei, but now he had put on an obsequious smile.

    Jiang Fei described the situation in full.

    "It seems that both sides have made some mistakes! You guys are still young, it is normal to be impulsive. All of these are just misunderstandings! Misunderstandings! I'm sure that everything was done unintentionally -- all of you should understand each other and forgive each other!"

    On the one hand, he did not want to offend Jiang Fei. On the other hand, Wang Huairen did not want his path to fortune destroyed. So, he could only play the fence-sitting peacemaker.

    "What do you guys think?" Jiang Fei looked at the big man and Hu Zi who were both injured.

    "I'm fine! Just a small injury!"

    Hu Zi had already stood up. Although the big man was limping as he walked, it was not a big problem. Both of them were sports students. They get injured very often, and they knew how to avoid major injuries and minimize the damage to themselves.

    Then, Jiang Fei glanced at Kato, who was still lying on the ground. This kid was already foaming at the mouth and lay unconscious. His internal organs had literally been displaced. It did not seem like a minor injury. Jiang Fei had strength but not the skill. If Han Tianyu's bodyguards had been playing with them, this kid would either be dead or half-dead!

    "Forget it!" Since he did not suffer any losses, naturally, Jiang Fei did not want to continue arguing. After all, this was related to the school's reputation.

    "No! We object! You are being biased!" Even though Jiang Fei had let it go, Tanaka was not as willing.


    At that time, even before Wang Huairen could say anything, Tokugawa Shingi suddenly spoke up.

    "Tokugawa-kun?" Tanaka was confused. Although he was a teacher and Tokugawa was a student, Tokugawa Shingi held far more sway than him.

    "Can't you tell? That Wang guy clearly doesn't want to mess with that Jiang guy. Even if you put a gun to his head, he wouldn't dare take any action! Stop making a fool of yourself here! Let's just go!" Tokugawa Shingi said to Tanaka in Japanese.

    "Okay!" Tanaka nodded in agreement. Then, he turned around and said to Wang Huairen, "We, Nagawa High School express strong indignation about this incident, and we will lodge an official protest to the senior management team of your school!"

    "Do whatever you want!" Wang Huairen was finally getting a little crossed. I'm only giving in to you for the sake of the money. Do you really think that you can push me around like a weakling?

    "Let's go!" Tokugawa Shingi did not even look at Kato who lay motionless on the ground. He turned around and led his people away.

    "Spread out, spread out, nothing to see here!"

    Wang Huairen saw that the little devils were gone.

    "You're really something, Ah Fei! Here's a reward for you!" Sun Mengmeng suddenly appeared from God knows where and handed the hamburger in her hand to Jiang Fei.

    "Where'd you get it from?" Jiang Fei took a bite out of the hamburger. He was famished. He had originally planned to go to the canteen to get a meal. Thanks to the game, the canteen had already been closed long ago!

    "Hehe, when I saw how you took the initiative to protect the school's reputation just now, I ordered someone to get you some fast food!" Sun Mengmeng laughed and said. This mighty class representative was a strong advocate of collective honor.

    "Mighty class rep, what about me? I also haven't had my lunch yet!" Zhao Feng plodded over.

    "Go buy your own!" Sun Mengmeng rolled her eyes at Zhao Feng.

    "The pretty boy gets a hamburger, but the boy with a big round face doesn't! I hate this world and its love for good looks!" Zhao Feng snorted.

    "Stupid fatty, are you trying to pick a fight?" Sun Mengmeng was embarrassed. She raised her fists up defensively.

    "Brother Fei, someone is about to hit me, but you don't even care..." Zhao Feng slid behind Jiang Fei.

    "Why should I care! Your own mouth is full of sh*t, I can't help you even if I tried to!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes in frustration.

    "Brother Fei, I thought wrong about you. It's hoes before bros for you!" Zhao Feng said dramatically.

    "Stupid fatty, I'll kill you!" The blushing Sun Mengmeng finally lost it. She chased after Zhao Feng, and they both ran far away.


    "Thanks! Brother Fei!"

    Xu Hao walked over.

    "Hoho, don't mention it."

    Jiang Fei took another bite out of his burger, shook his head and smiled.

    "Those f*cking Japanese students are too much. I had originally planned to teach them a lesson with some dirty tricks, but you were the far bigger man!" Xu Hao smiled and said.

    Jiang Fei had once impressed him on the basketball court. Today, however, Jiang Fei had stood up for his two friends. It had earned his respect and friendship.
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