108 One Word: Abuse!




    -897! (Critical!)

    "Ding! You have eliminated XXX!"

    With one Bash, the Healer was instantly dead!

    It could not be helped. Although the Knight was in Heavy Armor, the Knight did not have many Health Points. Currently, Jiang Fei had more than 9000 Health Points, and each Bash dealt more than 400 damage. With a critical hit, the Healer was knocked down into the grave.

    "What the f*ck! F*ck him up, quick!"

    When they saw that their prey had actually dared take the initiative to kill one of their own, the members of the Bandit group were furious!



    The two Warriors used Charge -- one after another and managed to stun Jiang Fei for a second! These attacks were followed closely by attacks from the Hunters further back!





    When a group of Physical Damage Classes in mostly White equipment attacked Jiang Fei, they were better off tickling him! Not only that, Jiang Fei's Thornmail was also reflecting 5 damage to these guys -- each time they attacked. Moreover, it produced Poison Effects, which reduced their attack speed.


    After three seconds of casting, the only Magician within the Bandit group finally launched an attack! This was probably the only Bandit there with decent equipment!

    "Hmph! Idiot! He actually doesn't know that he has to kill the ones with Cloth Armor first! He also doesn't know how to interrupt spell-casting! Even though he has good equipment, he's still a noob!" After the Magician successfully completed casting the spell, he looked at Jiang Fei who was busy fighting the melee attackers with a disdainful look.

    Demon's Harbourage!

    Right after the Magician cast the spell, the big fireball flew to Jiang Fei like a Meteor, forcing Jiang Fei to turn around and face the Magician. Then, he raised the shield over his shoulder.

    A silver light flashed, and a layer of film appeared in front of Jiang Fei's shield!


    The fireball turned around and gained even more speed!


    "The f*ck!"

    The Magician had never seen such a skill before. He had just eaten his own Pyroblast whole! Moreover, with the distance between Jiang Fei and himself, there was no way that Jiang Fei could hit him, so he had not activated his Magic Shield at all! The Magician received the full Pyroblast -- all by himself!

    Mana Burn!

    Jiang Fei followed up his victory with fevered rigor.

    -682! (Mana Damage)


    Blue and red numbers suddenly appeared above the head of the Magician. The blue numbers represented the Mana Points that had been burned, and the red numbers represented the lost Health Points!

    "Ding! You eliminated XXX!"

    Magicians did not have many Health Points. They primarily relied on their Magic Shield to tank the damage received. However, this Magician thought that Jiang Fei was a beginner who knew nothing about combat, so he did not activate his Magic Shield whatsoever. As a result, he lost a significant portion of his Health Points just by receiving the damage of his own Pyroblast. As he was still in a daze, Jiang Fei's Mana Burn had directly taken away the remainder of his Health Points!

    When the Magician died, Jiang Fei was relieved. Only a group of garbage Physical Damage Classes were left. Only one or two of them could deal over 30 damage to him, and he still had a death immunity skill. Even if he stood there, and allowed them to hit him freely, they would need more than five minutes!

    Battle Cry!

    Of course, when he saw a bunch of red arrows approaching him, Jiang Fei would not give the Bandits a chance to stun him. He simply used Battle Cry and forced them into the daylight.

    Bandits at this level range did not know how to use Advanced Stealth at all. When they received damage, they would naturally appear!

    Jiang Fei started moving about, attempting to reposition all the enemies so that they were in front of him!

    Ice Burst!

    Jiang Fei blew out a mouthful of cold breath, and there was now a row of ice sculptures in front of him!


    The cooldown of this skill was only slightly over ten seconds, so Jiang Fei used the highly-damaging skill once again!

    -895! (Critical!)



    When using Bash on a frozen target, the first attack would almost surely be a critical hit. When followed by the other two attacks, another Bandit was almost instantly killed.

    Iron Fist!


    "Ding! You eliminated XXX!"

    Within half a minute, three people had already fallen! However, these guys had only managed to decrease Jiang Fei's Health Points by less than 300! Compared to Jiang Fei's total Health Points of 9000, this was simply a drop in the ocean!

    "Boss! He played us out..." Hungry Wolf muttered to the Phantom Killers.

    "His reinforcements have arrived?" The female voice sounded as confident and as calm as ever.

    "No, it's just Verdure Glider alone!" Hungry Wolf replied.

    "What? Him alone? Are you all idiots? There's more than ten of you, and you guys still can't beat one person?" The female voice almost became squeaky. Clearly, she was furious!

    The leader started throwing a tantrum. Even though they were a Bandit group that robbed for a living, they did not really have a stable source of income. The pub players were not stupid, they only went to the places where NPCs patrolled. How was robbing easy? How was she to provide for her group? If they fail this robbery and get destroyed by the prey instead, how was she going to get more than a dozen sets of equipment back for her members?

    "Boss! We really can't beat him!" Hungry Wolf was about to cry at that moment. They were attacking Jiang Fei with all their might, but they only dealt around 10 to 20 damage to him. When they watched Jiang Fei's Health Points bar barely even budging -- they quickly learned that he was a human boss.

    Hungry Wolf could not be blamed. No one in their right mind would expect any player to be this tanky, this early in the game. Jiang Fei had a few hundred more Health Points than the first boss in Elite Dungeons! Moreover, his Defense was extremely high. Even his Offensive-power was ridiculous.

    "Useless! You guys are just a bunch of useless good-for-nothings!" A sharp female voice tore through Hungry Wolf's ears.

    "Boss! We really can't beat him!"

    At that moment, Hungry Wolf could only stare at his men helplessly. Although Jiang Fei's Attack Power was average, Hungry Wolf and the others did not have a Healer. It did not take long for two of his members to be bludgeoned to bloody pulps!

    "A bunch of useless good-for-nothings! Hold on for a bit! I'm heading there myself!" The female leader gnashed her teeth in rage. She could not give up now. If she retreated at this moment, these people would not only lose their levels for nothing, they would also lose all their equipment!

    "Alright!" Hungry Wolf clenched his teeth. Now we're talking!

    Jiang Fei was on a high. A group of Bandits and Warriors encircled him and attacked him, but they could not deal much damage to him. Each time his Bash was chambered in, another one of them visited the grave.

    "Damn! Being a boss is awesome!" Jiang Fei laughed and said. At that moment, he truly found the fun of being a boss and cruelly abusing players!

    "Okay! I'm here! You guys leave!" Just after Jiang Fei killed his sixth target, Hungry Wolf finally received his lifeboat!

    This news sounded like God's voice to him. His party was quickly becoming wiped out!
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