109 The Nature of the Profiteering Merchan

    "Huh? Why stop?" Jiang Fei was still indulging in his bloodlust when Hungry Wolf quickly turned tail.

    Indeed, Jiang Fei was strong, but there was nothing he can do if the opponent decided to run away.

    "Why...?" While Jiang Fei was feeling disappointed when he saw a humanoid figure speeding toward him. Approximately 100m away, the figure turned invisible.

    "Haha! She who comes does not bear a good will, she who bears good will would not come!" Jiang Fei laughed. 'Entering Stealth before even reaching me, you want me dead, don't you?'

    Unfortunately, the signature move of the Bandit class, Stealth was ineffective against Jiang Fei. The red arrow was like a beacon to him. It was always better to be visible against Jiang Fei. Heavily armored warriors flying out of the bushes had given him a genuine scare.

    In this case, the arrow was showing him the precise location of his hunter!

    Night Shadow (Elf, Bandit)

    Level: 22

    Health Point: 2150

    Attack Power: 585

    Note: Guild Leader of Phantom Killers.

    "Haha, I've really drawn the boss out!" Moreover, it's some chick!" Jiang Fei smirked. Although her overall attributes and equipment were pretty decent, it was an entirely relative statement.

    Charge and Ice Burst were still on cooldown. Hence, Jiang Fei pretended to remain clueless. He continued looting the dead bodies scattered around him.

    The female Bandit was indeed patient. Inch by inch, she closed the distance between Jiang Fei and herself. Even so, she still maintained a distance of three meters from Jiang Fei, without taking any further action.

    Again, Jiang Fei bent over to loot an item -- and the female finally made a move!



    Apparently, the female Bandit was confident of her attack. That was the very reason why she had not opened up with a player-disabling skill like a typical Bandit class. Instead, she had used a sure-kill attack which possessed a great burst of damage.

    Unfortunately, she had miscalculated. She thought that Venomous Wolf had exaggerated Jiang Fei's abilities to cover up his arse.

    That was why she had not paid much attention to Jiang Fei and tried to suppress Jiang Fei with her surekill skill.

    It usually resulted in more than 1,000 damage that could instantly kill a Magician class. On Jiang Fei, it had only dealt over 100 damage. Her confident grin quickly vanished.

    When Jiang Fei's Health Bar did not even twitch, she decisively escaped. This was impossible. Bandits relied on their ability to strike first and kill their prey before they could react. Only a fool would attempt to face a single opponent head-on.

    "WHAT?" Jiang Fei was stupefied. He had not expected the female Bandit to escape without even looking back.

    Unfortunately, both Ice Burst and Charge were still in cooldown. There was nothing he could do. Before he could even straighten back up from his doubled-down position, the female Bandit was already vanishing.

    "Verdure Glider! This is not the last of me! I will be back!"

    She left with a tinkling, chime-like laughter and disappeared deep into the forest.

    "Haha..." Jiang Fei helplessly shrugged. Obviously, he had made another enemy. He shook his head without much care and continued looting the equipment.

    As Jiang Fei was clearing up the scene, Night Shadow, Venomous Wolf, and others had reassembled.

    "Boss, how was it?"

    Vicious Wolf was dull-witted and mentioned the taboo phrase.

    "Verdure Glider is abnormal!"

    Night Shadow furrowed her brows. She was young and beautiful, nothing like the typical next door gentle beauty, but more of the heroic kind. Anyone would agree that she deserved an acting role in a fantasy epic.

    "I told you so..." Hungry Wolf mumbled.

    "Shut up!" Night Shadow glared at Hungry Wolf.

    "Boss, what should we do?" Vicious Wolf asked.

    "Let's just focus on reimbursing our brothers and sisters first! Verdure Glider is packing more heat than any roid-head I know, so let's level up and find some better gear. It would make victory all the sweeter!" Night Shadow elaborated, carefully and slowly.

    "Sounds great."

    The guild members nodded. There was no other option. There were only a little over twenty of them, and Jiang Fei had killed eleven of them! To compensate for the equipment lost even by robbing other players would take at least one or two days.

    Hungry Wolf and the rest left.

    "This is not the last of me!"

    Night Shadow gritted her teeth.

    Jiang Fei categorized his loots. Green equipment went to the guild storage. Anything his members did not like would be piled up and supplied to the four major guilds. The white equipment would be broken down into raw materials.

    After storing the equipment, Jiang Fei suddenly thought of the treasure map he had acquired.

    Bandit's Treasure Map (Treasure Map, Fine Grade)

    Description: Use to indicate the location of the treasure.

    Required Level: 25

    This item had been gained from the outer boss that he had taken on with The Aristocrats. However, Jiang Fei had not yet met the level requirement back then. When he did meet the requirements, that damned prince had sent him away to god-knows-where.


    Jiang Fei lightly tapped on the map.


    The treasure map became an actual map, and a red-colored cross indicator came up on the map.

    Crystal Mountain Range was what the map showed. It was a Level 25 area -- occupied by monsters such as the Rock Giants and Crystal Giants. It was not particularly difficult, but it was the territory of Magithieves.

    "Oh no."Jiang Fei groaned.

    If Jiang Fei wanted to grind on their territory, it was fine. He was the Divine Blacksmith.

    But this was different. He was actually treasure-hunting with a party of his own! That was inappropriate. Even though the treasure map belonged to him, it was their backyard. Jiang Fei was reluctant to split his gains.

    Now, Jiang Fei had no choice but to consult Rosette Rose -- the most astute person he knew at the moment.

    "Treasure Map? On Magithieves' territory?" Rosette Rose had a similar response. She furrowed her brows.

    After a bit, Rosette Rose finally said. "The Magithieves are too strong, we cannot offend them. And they're trigger-happy. We best come clean."

    "We'll offer them 10 to 20%!" Rosette Rose pondered and said.

    "Just like that?" Jiang Fei was dissatisfied.

    "No! They need to at least provide us with a fully-fledged team, or they won't be getting anything from me!"

    Talking about money brought out Rosette Rose's second nature as a profiteering merchant.

    Score: 2.95
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