111 Flaunting Gone Wrong

    The two Bandits from Magithieves were excellent scouts. Without Jiang Fei reminding them, they were able to accurately discover the traps and effectively remove the traps, clearing the path for the team.

    After some distance, the booby traps came to an end. Monsters started to appear.

    Crystal Hound (Puppet, Advance Elite)

    Level: 22

    Health Points: 11,000

    Attack Power: 885

    Skills: Heavy Strike, Trample

    Note: Crystal Hound's normal attack has a fan-shaped area of effect.

    "Dazzledance, lure the monsters in, one at a time. Leave our backs to the team!"

    The tanks from Magithieves were more skilled, but their equipment and levels were far inferior to Rosette Dazzledance's. Tanks relied heavily on raw attributes. Equipment mattered a lot more than attributes.

    "Alright!" Rosette Dazzledance nodded. Her techniques were decent. They had worked together long enough to develop a tacit understanding of each other.

    "Prioritize Dazzledance's lures! Melee fighters circle around and smack their asses!" Jiang Fei instructed the members of Rosette Knighthood. The members of Magithieves were all well-trained -- they all knew what to do.

    Jiang Fei and Dazzledance pulled a guard each. One to left, and one to the right. With sufficient healing and damage from the team, the two Advanced Elite monsters which were basically ten-player-rated minibosses were quickly finished off.

    "That was easy..."

    One of the warriors behind Lady Casanova grinned smugly.

    "Well, we just got in..." Lady Casanova furrowed her eyebrows. Unknown Dungeons were rumored to be ridiculously difficult, yet here they were, breezing through their doormen.

    "Haha.." Jiang Fei silently smiled.

    "If not for our awesome tanks, you guys would already be kissing the floor!" Jiang Fei thought inwardly.

    "Ah Fei, noticed it yet?" Rosette Rose asked.

    "What do you mean?" Jiang Fei was confused.

    "The monsters here do not provide any experience, but they drop a lot of money!" Rosette Rose said.

    "Right!" Jiang Fei was startled. He had just only noticed it.

    "Yes, there are different types of dungeons. Treasure Map Dungeons do not give any experience -- the monsters drop money while the bosses drop treasures. Lady Casanova was well-informed.

    After the Gate Deities, the cavern opened up into an underground hall.

    Cave Beast (Beast, Elite)

    Level: 22

    Health Points: 6,000

    Attack Power: 450

    Skill: None

    Note: Live in groups and commonly found in caves.

    Although the monsters were a lot weaker, each wave was comprised of at least ten monsters. The numbers even went up to the thirties!

    "I will be the main tank. Dazzledance and the tanks from Magithieves will be my backup! Fatty, change to Fire Arts!"

    Jiang Fei prepared to engage.


    Jiang Fei collided into the mob of monsters. Since he was the first to engage, the monsters naturally went after him. In a flash, he was already surrounded by twenty elite monsters.

    Battle Shout!

    As Jiang Fei was surrounded by all the monsters of that wave, his battle shout had not been wasted. Nearly all monsters were affected.

    "Kill!" Healers and DPSers were ready. Being attacked by twenty Elite monsters simultaneously was painful, but not life-threatening. With six healers, Jiang Fei held strong like a rock.

    "What is his class? That fatty is awesome!" Lady Casanova was impressed by the fatty's support abilities.

    The first wave was cleared off in no time. But Jiang Fei's charge and battle shout were still in cooldown. Thus, for the next wave, the tanks had to work together.

    "Dazzledance, I am on cooldown!"

    Jiang Fei gave her a warning and charged on ahead.

    Ice Burst!

    Although it was an AoE, it had a much smaller range than Battle Shout. Seven to eight monsters had been left out.





    Rosette Dazzled tried to provide backup, but her technique was lackluster. She ended up sprinting up and down like a tennis player. That was normal for Rosette Rose members, but Magithieves were sneering at such display of technique.

    "I will do it!"

    One of Lady Casanova's Tanks felt that it was a chance to show off his techniques in front of so many beautiful ladies.



    Of course he would be a skilled Tank. He displayed acute positioning and the timing of his AoE taunts. He managed to pull the monsters which were missed by Jiang Fei and even managed to pull three monsters away from the group of monsters Jiang Fei was tanking.

    Thunder Strike!

    "WTF! You want to die?"

    Jiang Fei was outraged.

    "It's fine. Bao Zi is one of my pretty good Tanks!" Lady Casanova thought that Jiang Fei was just pissed at having his limelight stolen.

    "No!!! Fatty, Cloud Art! All healers focus on Bao Zi!"

    Jiang Fei was beginning to panic.

    Other than Rosette Rose and Rosette Peach, only one out of all the remaining healers listened. The rest were still focused on Jiang Fei.

    Attacks from more than ten Elite monsters landed on Bao Zi, and his 5000+ Health Points was halved in the blink of an eye.

    "Oh no! Heal me!" Bao Zi realized that he had indeed screwed up, but it was already too late for the healers to save him.

    3 green color numbers amounting to a total of 1,000 Health Points flashed on Bao Zi's head, but the second wave of attacks from the monsters came raining down.

    "Ding! Your team member Bao Zi died!"

    "Dazzledance, take over!" Jiang Fei had his hands tied, for all his AoE skills were still on cooldown.


    Rosette Dazzledance was frantic. The moment Bao Zi fell, the aggro went all over the place. Even the healers were backing off. Rosette Rose prioritized her sisters -- standing against the monsters that went after Rosette Rose and Rosette Peach. The members of Magithieves were not as lucky.

    "Two sub tanks, get in there now! Do something about that!" Lady Casanova was agitated. If the monsters were left as they were, many cloth armored players would fall. Many would die, and their levels would drop. It would be a huge loss.

    Lady Casanova had been observing Jiang Fei and Rosette Dazzledance since the beginning. The damage had not seemed very high. That was where she had the confidence to let Bao Zi do his thing. She had only intended to demonstrate the prowess of Magithieves to win Jiang Fei over. They had only ended up humiliating themselves.
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