112 Crystal Guardian

    Lady Casanova was partly responsible for Bao Zi's stunt. Two waves of attacks and he had crumpled over like a cookie that had been dipped in coffee for too long.

    With his mysterious ring, Jiang Fei was able to gauge the strengths of the monsters, but Lady Casanova had been unaware of it. Although the Elite monsters did not seem to hurt Jiang Fei and Rosette Dazzledance much-just take a good look at the gear they were donning!

    Rosette Dazzledance was already at Level 24, and Jiang Fei had tailor-made all of her equipment. She was holding a Legendary grade sword, an Excellent grade shield, and the most essential factor to her strength was those fifteen bottles of Evolution Blood. As strong as she was, she had only taken in five to six monsters. But the prideful Bao Zi had pulled in over ten monsters to himself. It was suicide.

    Fortunately, Lady Casanova had brought along several of her men. With sufficient manpower, they quickly quelled the rampage. Nevertheless, they paid for the mistake with the lives of three Warriors and two Bandits.

    Six players had died for nothing. Their equipment might be retrievable, but their levels were gone. It was most humiliating, and Lady Casanova was speechless.

    As furious as she was, it would be tasteless to punish Bao Zi in front of non-guild members. Additionally, she had given him her silent consent.

    Magithieves were now painfully aware of how well-equipped Jiang Fei and his people were. The DPS players from Rosette Knighthood were able to deal twice the damage of their DPS. They had undeniably better equipment, higher levels and the blood of evolution.

    As the waves were cleared, Magithieves started to behave. They were the more skilled group, but they were dealing lower damage. Their tanks were made of tinfoil and they were in more danger than those clueless, clumsy girls. It was embarrassing, but they had no right to gloat or brag about their power.

    After all the monsters were cleared out, the hall suddenly started to tremble.

    "Get in positions!"

    Needless to say, these were the trumpets heralding the appearance of a boss.


    The top of the roof collapsed. A crystal giant that had to be over 5-meters in height fell from the sky and did a superhero landing.

    Crystal Guardian (Puppet, Leader)

    Level: 25

    Health Points: 55,000

    Attack Power: 850

    Skill: Crystalize, Crystal Glare, Rock Slide, Fissure, Crystal Boost

    "Damn! The first boss, and it's already a leader class!" Jiang Fei furrowed his brows. A forty-player Unknown Dungeon made a ten-player counterpart look like child's play.

    "How should we proceed?" Lady Casanova asked.

    Her guild had the numbers, but Jiang Fei held the keys.

    "Beats me, let's just go for it!"

    Jiang Fei shook his head. He could not determine much from the skill names alone. His ring was in desperate need of some leveling up.


    Lady Casanova nodded. Trial and error was the surefire method that yielded eventual results. Lives were always paid to learn more of a foe.

    "Keep an eye on my Health Bar!"

    Jiang Fei slammed straight into the crystalline colossus.

    Battle Cry!


    Iron Fist!



    Jiang Fei furrowed his brows. His skills all came from his equipment. They all had fixed damage. Even so, the boss had circumvented that 'fixed' nature of his offense.

    Upon close inspection, he took notice of a certain buff on the boss.

    Crystalize: All damage received would be reduced by half!

    Jiang Fei shrugged before slowly maneuvering the boss into a position that presented its back to the team.


    Jiang Fei gave them the green light.

    "Holy f*ck! It's tougher than my balls!"

    "Damn! We're supposed to take out 50k of that?"

    The abnormal defense of the boss quickly became apparent.

    Fire Art: Scorch

    Zhao Feng activated his fire arts, and the damage of the team shot up by a margin. The more people around, the better the effects of Fatty's support.


    As the battle went on, Jiang Fei noticed the eyes of Crystal Giant turning red.

    Suddenly, the boss twisted its body a full 180 degrees. Two red lasers flew out of those eyes. They spread out into a fan-shape and struck everyone that had been behind it a moment ago.

    "What did that do?"

    Jiang Fei called out.

    "Movement speed will be reduced by 20% for every second passed!"

    Rosette Bubbles hollered back.

    Five seconds had passed in the blink of an eye, and all the affected players froze on the spot.


    The boss raised up a massive foot and brought it down. A wave shot through the cave, but none of the fighters were damaged.


    A huge boulder broke off the already-damaged roof and came crashing down.

    "Brace!" Lady Casanova shouted. It was raining rocks, courtesy of Rock Slide -- an AoE type attack.





    Each rock dealt 400 damage. If cloth-armored players remained where they were, they would be crushed to death in no time.

    "Everyone, healing potions! Try to save the petrified ones too!" Jiang Fei shouted.

    Some players had managed to run out of the way, but those who were petrified were like sitting ducks.


    The boss released one skill after another. With each shout, the stone armor on the petrified players blew up. Each explosion inflicted 800 damage to the victim, along with the players around them.

    "Ding! Your team member xxx died!"

    "Ding! Your team member xxx died!"

    "Ding! Your team member xxx died!"

    As they knew next to nothing about this boss, three ranged players from Magithieves had been petrified at the same time. The ensuing damage from the exploding stone armors had inflicted up to 2400 damage per person-more than enough to kill them.

    "Health, get them green again!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly.

    Three losses out of forty players was not exactly crippling, so the fight went on.


    After a moment of chaos, the team stabilized itself. Three players had paid the price of deciphering more than half of the boss's skills. Other than that, the boss did not exactly hit hard. Rosette Rose and Rosette Peach were enough to keep Jiang Fei afloat.


    Approximately thirty seconds after the previous barrage, the Crystal Guardian suddenly roared toward the sky. A buff appeared, and its damage visibly rose.

    Crystal Boost: When the Crystal Guardian enters battle mode, its damage and defense will increase by 10% in intervals.
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