113 Internal Auction

    "We can't draw this out for long! He'll grow with time!" Jiang Fei announced.

    The boss had already started off with terrific defense. With the 50% damage reduction, the massive party was struggling to bring it down. This battle would take quite a while.

    The boss was not just a pile of moving rocks. Sometimes it sent rocks raining down from the ceiling, sometimes it turned players into statues. The party was forced to constantly haul itself around -- the opportunities to plant their feet and damage it were scarce.

    With the party moving about so frequently, the importance of techniques such as positioning and foresight were finally unveiled. Despite having better equipment and higher levels, the ranged fighters of Rosette Knighthood, namely Rosette Waterlily, Rosette Foxy, and Rosette Bubble were unable to deal as much damage as those from Magithieves.

    The melee fighter Rosette Dazzledance was still dominating the damage table as always. Jiang Fei had constantly reminded the melee fighters to dodge the Rock Slide at the right moment. This left them able to put all of their attention on damaging the boss, without needing to be wary of the rock slides.

    As the battle went on, the boss gained more strength, and the pressure on Jiang Fei's healers grew. When there were only 20% of its Hitpoints remaining, the six healers started to struggle. The ranged fighters were starting to turn to their own healing potions!

    "My god!"

    Jiang Fei employed all his skills and potions, fighting as if his life was on the line. Nonetheless, the boss had reached its 8th transformation. It started hitting like a crystal truck, dealing 2k damage per blow!

    It was time for the melee fighters to shine. They were now able to use "Execute" -- an ability that made itself available when their target had less than 20% of its Hitpoints remaining. Their damage shot up, they tasted blood.

    The boss finally looked mortal.



    "Hang on!"




    Just as it entered the 9th transformation, they finally brought it down, but not before it dragged eight players along with it to the grave in its death throes.

    Other than the three who were blasted apart by the exploding stone armors, the others fell only because healing did not come to them in time.

    Jiang Fei was actually surprised to see that all members of Rosette Knighthood had actually survived. The three ranged fighters from Rosette Knighthood had not contributed much -- they were too busy running away from the boss' various wide-scaled attacks. They were rich and had a sufficient supply of healing potions. Whenever their health went in the red, they had even consumed greater healing potions that cost 2 Golds each.

    "Let's see what we have here!" Jiang Fei smiled to the team and move towards the corpse.


    A purplish flash -- as expected of Jiang Fei and his luck.

    Crystal Battle Axe (Two-Handed Axe, Epic)

    Attack Power: +378

    Strength: +15

    Agility: +8

    Equipment Skill: Increases the chance of critical attack by 5%

    Equipment Level: 23

    "Mine!" Lady Casanova roared.

    What a powerful axe it was. It matched, or even surpassed an average Level 20 melee warrior class with white grade equipment. We have not even taken that 5% critical rate into account.

    This battle axe had to be the mightiest weapon ever within Dawnlight City. Even the Legendary grade sword of Rosette Dazzledance was short by about 100 points of attack, being a one-handed implement.

    "How do we split this?" Jiang Fei was confused. He had promised a 15% share, but what about a piece of equipment?

    "Gold! We'll bid with gold! The proceedings from the auction will be divided per the ratio we agreed upon!" Rosette Rose said.

    "Agreed!" Lady Casanova nodded. She had the fundings of a massive guild on her side. With over 30 guild members, she stood to gain more than Jiang Fei's group.

    Rosette Rose smirked. The trap had been set.

    Lady Casanova would have never imagined that everyone in Jiang Fei's group was dirt rich. They never started off poor, and the Unknown Dungeon with Jiang Fei had already yielded them 5k Gold each. Rosette Rose had already intended to hire Lady Casanova as raw muscle, albeit expensive muscle.

    "Let's get started!" Jiang Fei smiled.

    "Ten Gold!" Lady Casanova started with a low bid, knowing that Jiang Fei's group was devoid of any two-handed axe-wielders.

    "Rosette Dragoness wants that! I will buy it for her! 50 Gold! Rosette Dazzledance and Rosette Dragoness were close to each other. Clearly, both guild chatters were rather animated at that moment.

    "Hey, that's not fair, isn't it meant to be an internal auction?" Lady Casanova was displeased. She had expected to get the axe for a bargain.

    "True!" Rosette Rose nodded.

    "Since this is an internal auction, there should be a minimum bid. An Epic grade weapon should at least start with 200 Gold. If no one bids for it, we will take it at the default price!"

    "Fine!" 200 Gold!"

    Lady Casanova agreed. She would look better spending more gold as the tank and treasure map was from the other party.

    "Deal!" Jiang Fei saw that Rosette Rose nodded at him and handed the weapon to Lady Casanova. There it was. Two hundred Gold banked in.

    "Second item!" Jiang Fei took out another Epic grade equipment.

    Crystal Ring (Ring, Epic grade)

    Magic Attack Power: +80

    Intelligence: +9

    Stamina: +5

    Equipment skill: Crystal Arrow

    Crystal Arrow: Releases a crystal arrow towards a target, dealing 400 damage and petrify the target for two seconds. Cooldown: 15 mins.

    "Accessory type equipment, starting with 100 Gold!" Rosette Rose said.

    "Is that not too expensive?" Lady Casanova furrowed her brows. None at Magithieves save for her could afford it.

    "Expensive? Why don't we make it free..." Rosette Foxy sneered.

    "Fine! So be it!" Lady Casanova was resolved to financially support her underlings.

    "One hundred!"

    With Lady Casanova's approval, a magician from Magithieves called out.

    "One hundred fifty!" Rosette Foxy followed.

    "One hundred sixty!" Rosette Waterlily cried.

    "You..." The Magician could not believe his ears. To be eliminated within seconds, even with a loan of 120 Gold. He was only a second-class player from Magithieves. The nouveau riche was basically a myth to him. He peered at Lady Casanova for help.
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