114 The Council of Dark Shadow—Monk

    Lady Casanova was helpless, she had more than 10k Gold on her. However, the game was still new, so the guild needed the money very badly.

    "So be it, they can have that, it's not like we really need it!" Lady Casanova tried to save as much pride as she could.

    "One hundred and seven!"

    "One hundred and fifteen!"

    Magithieves had already withdrawn from the auction, yet the price continued shooting up. Women would do anything for an accessory.

    When the price peaked at one hundred and ninety gold, Rosette Rose shut them down via the Guild Channel. Jiang Fei personally handed the ring to Rosette Foxy.

    "Guild Leader, aren't these girls filthy rich? How are we going to get a word in? Everyone was communicating through the guild channel.

    "Ignore them for now, even if they purchased their Gold from the black market, they could not possibly own 500 Gold each. Let them throw themselves at each other. We can save our money for better items!" Lady Casanova deduced.

    "I see!" Members of Magithieves nodded. The game might not be over for them just yet. Never would they have believed that each of those little misuses carried a minimum of 5k Gold!

    "Next up is a Fine grade item!" Jiang Fei held the third item up in the air.

    Power stone (Jewel, Fine grade)

    Use: +5 Strength when embedded in weapon

    "Starts at fifty!" Rosette Rose said.

    "Good! Fifty here!" Lady Casanova responded immediately. She only had an Epic grade weapon. Naturally she wanted her weapon to have 5 extra strength points.

    "100 Gold!" Rosette Dazzledance shot back.

    The damage taken by shield holders was slightly reduced by strength attribute points. It still played a small role in tanking.

    "These nouveau riches!" Lady Casanova gritted her teeth. She begrudgingly withdrew. She had money, but it was the guild's and she had to think of the many rather than the few.

    "Done, the boss dropped a total of 50 Gold. With the auction, there's a total of 540 Gold!" Jiang Fei announced.

    "Okay! Let's move on!" Lady Casanova nodded. 540 Golds with just one wave. This was a promising run, even if she did not get what she wanted.

    Common players would barely have ten Gold to flaunt. Working with Jiang Fei for a day, had already netted each of the thirty-odd members from Magithieves that amount. Any equipment they were fortunate enough to obtain would be a blessing.

    The team marched on, facing hordes of alien-looking Cavern Beasts. With each of those beasts dropping three to five Silver, the members of Magithieves were more than happy to face them.

    After following the treasure map, they finally reached the deepest part of the cavern.

    "If this is the end, where are the treasures?" Lady Casanova was confused. Ultimately, they were still here for the Territory Order.

    "Wait!" Jiang Fei raised a hand and slowly walked towards the center of the hall.

    Jiang Fei's ring was blinking rapidly. Obviously, there was a treasure! The bright yellow arrow also pointed toward the same direction. Another ingredient for the resurrection of Princess Isabella was there!

    "What is going on? I don't see **!"

    Jiang Fei was starting to get nervous.

    "Are you okay?" Lady Casanova and the others were catching up.

    "I..." Jiang Fei was about to say "I don't know," when a loud crack interrupted him.

    The floor cracked wide open. With nowhere to go, all forty members plummeted to the ground.


    Other than Bandits who had the skill "Break Fall" which reduced fall damage, the others have had their Hitpoints halved.

    "My goodness..." Rosette Rose placed a hand over her mouth in awe, while the other hand was raised in the air, pointing at something up ahead.


    Jiang Fei spotted her target.

    It was a sixmeter-tall giant made out of rocks, with eyes of precious stones that flashed with dazzling, bright light and finally, donned in armor of gold and crystal. A gigantic sword as long as two people was slung over its back.

    The giant was untargetable and indestructible. It was surrounded by four black-robed spellcasters. Rays of light extended from each of the spellcasters -- towards the body of the giant. It appeared that they were confining the giant to another dimension.

    At that moment, the rock giant looked more like a translucent projection. Jiang Fei was unable to scan the giant, but he was at least able to identify the attributes of the four spellcasters.

    Monk of Dark Shadow Council (Humanoid, Advanced Elite)

    Level: 25

    Health Points: 15,000

    Magic Attack Power: 850

    Skill: Dark Arrow, Dark Heal, Dark Shift, Demon Summoning.

    Note: Members of Dark Shadow Council, will heal each other and summon demon servants for help. With the death of each Dark Shadow Monk, the remaining monk(s) would grow stronger! Deadly!

    "What is this?" Lady Casanova inquired. Although the four spellcasters were hostile, red-named monsters, they were ignoring the players.

    "Let's heal up. After these four Advanced Elites, the main boss would most likely show up. I just can't tell if we're rescuing that giant, or killing it!"

    Jiang Fei furrowed his eyebrows.

    "We'll never know if we don't try!"

    Lady Casanova shrugged.

    Two minutes later, Jiang Fei and the team were back in tip-top condition.

    "Dazzledance and I will lure one each, you guys split the remaining two up. These advanced elites need to be separated, or they'll heal one another!" Jiang Fei explained.

    "Fine!" Lady Casanova nodded. She seemed to assume that the information had already been provided by the treasure map, so it did not seem odd to her.
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