115 The Rock Giant Stirs to Life

    "We can't afford to have any one tank fall at any given moment. Go full ham with the healers! If there are any healers with their hands still empty after that, which I do not believe for one moment, they'll watch the team. Bandits and warriors need to pay attention and interrupt their spells as soon as they can. We will begin when everyone is ready!"

    Jiang Fei walked up to one of the monks.

    An advantage was that these monsters were not aggressive. The players did not have to fend off their assault as they moved into position.

    "Prioritize your damage on Dazzledance's monk. Go help the other tanks before you come to me. Oh, please don't kill them yet. Leave them with 10% of their Hitpoints, then we'll kill them all simultaneously!"

    Jiang Fei did not want their deaths to strengthen one another.


    Lady Casanova nodded.

    "Let's get started!"

    Everyone was ready, so Jiang Fei led the assault.

    "Outrageous! What have you done?"

    "These damned adventurers! You have made a wrong decision!"

    "In the name of Dark Shadow Council, you will be punished!"

    "You will regret this!"

    Attacking one of the monks had triggered the others, but the party was already prepared. Each monk was quickly intercepted by a tank. Far from being chaotic, the advanced elites were separated and methodically lured away by the tanks!

    "Get them out of their healing range!" Jing Fei instructed as he dragged one of the monks further away.

    With her legendary sword, Rosette Dazzledance was able to rapidly build up aggro and allow the team to go all out.

    Nevertheless, Rosette Dazzledance was no longer able to maintain her dominance as the lord of DPS. With her new Crystal Battle Hammer, Lady Casanova was a killing machine. Each regular swing was dealing 300 to 400 damage. That was almost the damage of a Magician class' fireball.

    Lady Casanova's attack played a huge part in her team's DPS. Her monk was quickly dying.

    Jiang Fei had an eye on the Hitpoints of the monk monster lured by Rosette Dazzledance. When it dropped below 50%, he shouted.

    "Bandits, prepare to interrupt their healing!"

    After Jiang Fei shouted, sure enough, the remaining 3 monks stopped chanting their Arrow of Darkness and started chanting the Healing of Darkness -- which had a visibly longer casting time!

    "Pak!" A Bandit from Magithieves easily interrupted the monk.

    A short while later, the monk was only left with roughly 1k Hitpoints.

    "Stop! Next target!"

    Lady Casanova had been paying attention.

    "Leave one Bandit to keep the monk busy. Remember, don't kill any of them yet!"

    Jiang Fei reminded them yet again.

    It did not take long for the party to reposition themselves.

    "Piece of cake!" Lady Casanova smiled.

    A massive fireball abruptly engulfed her head. Even the sturdy cow had her Hitpoints reduced by half.

    The fireball landed on the floor, but it did not vanish. The flames flickered about and formed a giant of fire.

    Hellfire (Demon, Elite)

    Level: 25

    Health Points: 20,000

    Attack Power: 0

    Skill: Flame Halo

    Note: Hellfires have no attack power, but they will continuously cause 400 fire damage to target(s) within the radius of 3 meters! It is a summoned creature that only lasts for 1 minute!

    "This thing is way too tough! Magicians, exile it!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly.

    The members of Magithieves truly deserved being called a part of an elite guild. A Magician had almost immediately obeyed his commands. The Hellfire was exiled to a sub-dimension and immobilized. The Flame Halo was still there, but keeping a safe distance was all they needed.

    "Get everyone back to full health!" Jiang Fei shouted, as another Hellfire ran about and burned some members rather severely.

    The battle went on. Each time a Hellfire was summoned by a monk, chaos followed for a moment. Nevertheless, the Magithieves were skilled veterans. No lasting damage was caused.

    "Great! My turn now!" As time went on, three of the monks were left with 10% Hitpoints each. It was time to attack Jiang Fei's monk. Bandits have stayed behind to prevent the other three from Healing their comrades.

    After another Hellfire, Jiang Fei's monk was left reeling close to death.

    "Start with the weaker tank's!" Jiang Fei ordered the gang.


    It took seconds before a monk was slain.

    "Shua!" After the monk died, a red light rose from the corpse, split three-ways and sunk into the bodies of the three remaining monks!

    "Ho, he just got roided up! I cannot hold on for much longer!" Bao Zi shouted at the healer behind him. He was an excellent tank, but he was nothing like Rosette Dazzledance.

    "We will kill Bao Zi's monk first!"

    Lady Casanova led the charge and saved her tank.

    When the second monk fell, the red light went to the remaining two monks.

    "Speed up and get rid of Dazzledance's monk!" Jiang Fei bellowed.

    After the 3rd monk was killed -- "I can manage by myself!" -- Jiang Fei had cut in.

    As Jiang Fei spoke, the red light from the 3rd monk corpse sunk into the body of the final monk. After the 3rd enchantment, the monk had already finished casting Arrow of Darkness!

    Protection of Evil God!

    Jiang Fei spared no energy -- he raised his shield and activated a skill!


    A ridiculously high figure popped up, but not on Jiang Fei's head -- it was on the monk. The reflected Arrow of Darkness instantly finished off the Monk.


    After an extended battle with the monks, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

    "That was quite easy!"

    Lady Casanova laughed, she was not aware that everything was only possible because Jiang Fei had firsthand information of the monsters.

    Without that information, the monks would have casually healed themselves as the team ran out of gas and keeled over. Additionally, those Hellfires would have roasted the team alive.

    Even if they somehow managed to get through all that, they would not have been able to kill all 4 monks in turn. If they had failed to do that, the last monk would have wiped the team out with its 4k+ damage Arrow of Darkness. The team might have had to experience being wiped out seven to eight times before they could finally learn about the skillset!

    "Crack... Crack..."

    Just as everyone started breathing easy, more cracking noises interrupted them. Jiang Fei realized that the Rock Giant was stirring to life.
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