116 Titan Projection

    "Damn! A red name!"

    That gigantic stone man had a red name over its head!

    They had not unsealed and rescued a friendly target. They had unsealed a god damned boss!

    Escada (Titan Projection, Leader)

    Level: 28

    Health Points: 80,000

    Attack Power: 1,125

    Skills: Cleave, Saber Lash, Titan's Order, Earthquake, Falling Rocks.

    Remarks: The projection of an ancient Protoss Titan. Although only a mirror image, the boss still possesses a great deal of power!

    "Peasants! You will be purified!"

    As soon as he was unsealed, the giant was already turning to face the hapless party.

    "Damn! Get me to full health, now!"

    Jiang Fei could not think of any possible happy ending to this tale. In reckless abandonment, he Charged into the boss.


    -2716! (Saber Lash!)

    In response to that little thump, the boss had swung its gigantic sword at Jiang Fei.

    "Leave two Healers to watch the party, and send whatever you can afford my way!"

    As Jiang Fei generated aggro and pulled the boss to a corner with its back facing the crowd, the party scrambled into position.

    They had just only finished off the annoyingly resilient Shadow Council Monks. They may have taken zero casualties, but not one person had been left unscathed, and the Healers were running low on Mana. Rosette Peach was rich enough to glug potions down by the dozen, but she had poor Mana management in turn. It was the total opposite for the Healers from Magithieves. They paced themselves well, but they were not as wealthy. The only Healer with sufficient Mana Points was most probably Rosette Rose, but she could not carry Jiang Fei alone!

    "Fox, get the Healers from Magithieves a set of Blue Potions!" Rosette Rose shouted.

    "Okay!" The girls from the clan were all extremely rich. Not only did the Healers have Blue Potions with them -- those Blue Potions came in massive stacks!

    "F*cking hell... they're that rich after all!"

    When the Healers from Magithieves received the Blue Potions, they quickly gulped the liquid down and went back to healing. Even so, a part of their mind was now distracted by the thought of being in the presence of such tycoons. When they bought Potions, they bought them bottle by bottle. The girls had just given Potions in sets! Comparing oneself to another is the key to ultimate misery!

    "All right, I'm all set now, DPS team!"

    As Jiang Fei had pulled the boss to a corner and the Healers had Mana, the team was finally back in fighting condition!


    Before they could even fall into rhythm, the boss suddenly stomped and sent the entire cave shaking.


    Large boulders broke off the already cracked ceiling.

    "Out of the way!" Jiang Fei shouted.

    As the previous boss had pulled off something similar on them, the team evaded the rockfall without much chaos. Those who were caught off-guard only took the first wave of damage before they swiftly vacated the area. Healers who acted in advance were also quick to keep them healthy.

    When the boss's Health Points dropped to 80%, the boss finally used its first threatening skill!

    "Order: Betray!"

    With a roar, five players from the Magithieves immediately expanded in size -- their names turning red.

    "Tankers, they'll be needing some dance partners!" Lady Casanova barked.


    Steamed Bun may not be as well-equipped as Rosette Dazzledance, but he reacted far quicker. In one fell Charge, he managed to attract the attention of all traitors. Healers were already working on him, even before the confrontation.

    Rosette Dazzledance and the other Sub-Tanks quickly scurried to assist.

    Half a minute later, the affected players returned to normal.

    It did not take long before the boss' Health Points dropped to 60%.

    "Order: Weaken!"

    "Ohhhhh **!"

    As soon as the boss raised a commanding finger, Jiang Fei's face went green.

    Weaken: Reduces your Health Points by 50% and lowers your Defense by 80%, lasts 20 seconds!

    Of all places, the debuff had to appear over Jiang Fei's head.

    -2210! (Cleave!)

    "Oh, hell no!" Jiang Fei was genuinely horrified. At that moment, he did not even have 5,000 Health Points. As his Defense had just been sharply reduced, one Cleave from the boss was able to half that amount. If the boss used Saber Lash, wouldn't he die instantly?

    "Dazzledance, take over, quickly now!" Jiang Fei groped the air in her direction, frantically beckoning her to hurry over. He was not going to last 20 seconds like this.


    Rosette Dazzledance used Taunt, taking the weight of the world from Atlas' shoulders.

    "Healers, don't hold back now, treat it as if she's constantly in the red!" Jiang Fei shouted.

    As Rosette Dazzledance was vastly inferior to Jiang Fei as a tank, the Healers suddenly found themselves working much harder than before.

    The 20-second period of weakness soon passed, but Jiang Fei had no way of reclaiming the aggro!

    After all, Jiang Fei was not a Warrior nor specialized Tank. He did not have any skills that could force aggro over. Any other Tank could regain the battle with such a skill. Rosette Dazzledance's Legendary sword was not helping either.

    "Dazzledance, stop attacking!" Jiang Fei proceeded to unleash all his skills in a single burst, including the aggro-generating ones like Battle Cry and Sunder Strike.

    Even after all his efforts, the boss still stubbornly pummeled Dazzledance.

    "Let me help you!"

    Zhao Feng spoke up.

    Fury Transfer!

    It only took one skill. The little fatty had instantly transferred Rosette Dazzledance's aggro to Jiang Fei, and the boss complied like an obedient dog.

    The battle was back on track. While avoiding the falling rocks, the firing squad went to work.

    Very quickly, the boss' Health Points reached 50%!


    The boss lifted its giant sword with both hands and slammed it into the ground.


    The ground began to shake so violently that everyone started stumbling about clumsily. At the same time, they were taking 200 damage each second!

    "Potions, don't be shy to drink those potions!"

    As the Healers were too busy staggering about, they could not tend to anyone. The only person who was somewhat unmoved was Jiang Fei -- who had propped himself against the wall to keep his feet beneath him.

    The boss's skill lasted for five seconds, which caused 1,000 damage to everyone in the party. All the Cloth Armor players were close to death.

    -2768 (Saber Lash!)

    The boss tugged its giant sword from the ground continued to slash at Jiang Fei. However, the Healers had been so violently shaken that they had stumbled out of healing range.

    "Get back in line! Healers, just think of it as finding your sea-legs. Those who are close to death, don't let any more rocks touch you!"

    Jiang Fei activated Armored Bulwark between gulps.

    "Ding! Your party member XXX has fallen!"

    "Ding! Your party member XXX has fallen!"

    Despite the frequent reminders, two ranged attackers from the Magithieves were still crushed by rocks. They were all out of potions!

    *Sigh* "Does your guild always take part in activities without Potions?" Jiang Fei complained.

    "Oh, please. Do you think everyone here is made of money like your lot? Some of us only have three to five bottles as a last resort, and we already consumed them all in the last boss fight. Get off your high horse, richboi. May I remind you that Potions are a luxury!" Lady Casanova rolled her eyes. The members of her guild were treated pretty well. Active members would be given potions from time to time, but they most certainly could not afford giving multiple stacks of it!
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