117 Recipe: Crystallized Boots

    "Order: Death!"

    When the boss's Health Points reached 20%, the stone colossus finally drew its trump card.

    As the name suggested, it was capable of causing instant death to the unlucky target. This skill completely ignored the target's Defense and Health Points. Unless you had some form of invincibility or resistance, death was inevitable!

    "Ding! Your party member XXX has fallen!"

    An unfortunate Magician crumpled to the ground wordlessly, his soul taken out of him like some scene from an apocalyptic movie. It was a sure-death skill.

    However, this was also the boss' final card. From thereon, the boss could only depend on those falling rocks to cause the party some minor disruption.

    The boss's Health Points gradually emptied out.

    8%, 6%, 3%, 1%.


    The giant fell like a mountain with an almighty crash.

    "Weird. That somehow felt easier than the previous boss," Lady Casanova wondered aloud.

    "I think so too!" Rosette Rose agreed.

    "Hoho..." Jiang Fei laughed knowingly. The boss itself was not the tricky part. The four Monks had been the actual hurdle. However, Jiang Fei had been able to read up on their skills in advance. If another party was here, the four Monks alone would have wiped them out ten times before they learned anything!

    "Quick, take a look. Any Territory Orders?"

    Lady Casanova had not yet forgotten about her main purpose being here.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded and began to check on the boss's body.

    Gaia Power Staff (Staff, Quality: Epic)

    Physical Attack +45

    Magic Attack +358

    Intelligence: +12

    Spirit: +5

    Vitality: +8

    Equip: Increases the effect of your non-damaging skills by 10%!

    Level Requirement: 25

    "Weapons start from 200 gold coins, start bidding!" Rosette Rose said.

    "200 gold coins!"

    As per Lady Casanova's private command, a Cleric from Magithieves placed a bid.

    "400!" Rosette Peach shouted. This was a Support staff, through and through. It did not increase damage output, but the 10% increase in healing and buffs was a game-changer.

    "410 gold coins!"

    Prodded on by the guild leader, the cleric upped the ante.

    "450 gold coins!" Rosette Peach was finally becoming a little hesitant. After all, when Jiang Fei and the others cleared the Unknown Dungeon back then, she had not been present. She did not have that 5,000 Gold the other girls had earned.


    Lady Casanova gritted her teeth. If it was not because of this staff's potential of turning her Healers into walking pharmacies -- she would not have spent such a large amount of money. The staff was intended for her frontline Healer -- it would boost her guild's performance by a huge margin!

    "I yield..." Rosette Peach said, somewhat disappointed.

    "Silly, why are you giving up? If you don't have enough cash, I can lend you some!" Rosette Fox practically shouted in the clan chat.

    "Isn't that cheating?" Rosette Peach pouted and said.

    "Silly, can't you tell? That Cleric has no money at all -- Lady Casanova is behind the bidding. I also don't see him using it anytime soon. It's gotta be for someone in their main team!" Rosette Fox rolled her eyes at Rosette Peach. Her heart was already knotted up at her sister's naivety.

    "Forget it, I already yielded..." Rosette Peach still ended up shaking her head.

    "Anyone else?" Lady Casanova asked. She wanted Jiang Fei to quickly close the deal before someone else stood up.

    "600 gold coins!"

    The usually silent Zhao Feng finally opened his mouth.

    "You?" Lady Casanova was puzzled. She could accept the existence of a bunch of rich ladies. But why was everyone around Jiang Fei a tycoon?

    "700!" This was Lady Casanova's limit. After all, the entire guild depended on her, and many things still called to her attention for more investments. She could not use it all on superficial equipment.

    "750 gold coins!" Zhao Feng said with a guffaw.

    He also had 5,000 gold coins in his pocket, naturally, he could afford ti spend it!

    "It's all yours!" Lady Casanova grunted.

    "Here!" Jiang Fei sent the staff over to Zhao Feng.

    "The second piece of equipment!"

    As Jiang Fei said that, he shared the attributes of the second piece of equipment for everyone to see.

    Earth Defender (Shield, Quality: Epic)

    Physical Defense +121

    Magic Defense +90

    Intelligence: +15

    Vitality: +10

    Equip: Increases your healing effects by 50 Points.

    Level Requirement: 25

    This was a Healer's only shield that could only be equipped by Paladins and Shamans. However, Shaman was a Second Job Class, which meant that as of now, only Paladins could equip it.

    In addition to Rosette Rose, there were two other Paladins from Magithieves.

    "The same, starting price of 200 gold coins!" Rosette Rose called out cheerfully.

    She looked at Lady Casanova, determined to get the shield.

    "200!' Lady Casanova ordered a Paladin to make a bid.

    "500!" Rosette Rose swiftly doubled the value...

    "Guh..." Lady Casanova hesitated. When faced with these tycoons, she was at a loss of words. She felt like deliberately raising the price. However, she knew how shrewd Rosette Rose was. If she raised the price on purpose and Rosette Rose backed out, then she would have trapped herself. If that happened, they could really be considered to have worked for two pieces of Violet equipment, yet still having to pay back quite a bit of guild funds.

    "Are you guys still interested?" Rosette Rose asked with a smile. Although her tone was gentle, Lady Casanova felt the world being pressed against her cheeks. That lady was one cunning creature!

    "You can have it!" Lady Casanova shook her head. She eventually gave the shield up.

    "There's a Smithing Recipe, do you guys want it? It's Blue, free of charge!" Jiang Fei said with a smile.

    Recipe: Crystallized Boots (Recipe, Quality: Excellent)

    Use: Allows you to learn how to make Crystallized Boots.

    "Cut the crap! You know the deal. We'll provide the materials on a ratio of one to fifteen, and you'll give us 50 finished products from that Recipe! If you're willing to hand over the Ascended samples, we'll pay extra for it!" Lady Casanova rolled her eyes.

    Now, Jiang Fei's identity as the best Blacksmith in Dawnlight City had been solidified. So what if they had helped him earn it? Even if Lady Casanova kept the Recipe for herself, the materials were ridiculously expensive, and the success rate was meager. They would still have to hand it over to Jiang Fei -- they definitely could not afford to allow their own guild's useless Blacksmith to produce sludge from it. Even after that, Jiang Fei was quite the reluctant Blacksmith. They would still have to coax him to work!

    Lady Casanova was not even bothered about the Recipe. It was better to have Jiang Fei work with it. After all, Jiang Fei had not been producing new equipment for several days now. The four major guilds were starting to find themselves severely undergeared.

    "You said it!"

    Jiang Fei smiled. He had seen that coming a mile away. How nice of you to supply me the materials. I'll just hand the defective products to you and keep the golden samples to myself!
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