118 Ares’s Se

    After the drops were distributed, the boss' corpse vanished. It was replaced by a huge golden treasure chest!

    "This is the Bandits' treasure chest?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded. At that moment, the yellow arrow prompted by the Treasure Hunting Ring was directed at the treasure chest. The Princess would want some of its contents!

    "Ah Fei! Go and open it!" Rosette Rose said with a smile.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded and shoved the huge lid open.

    A golden light flashed, almost blinding everyone on the spot!

    Recipe: Ares's Set (Recipe, Quality: Legendary)

    Use: Allows you to learn how to make the Ares's Set.

    Remaining attempts: 5

    Ares Set (3/3)

    Set Effect: Allows you to acquire the skill - Eye for Eye. Whenever you take damage, you immediately deal damage equivalent to 100+(1% of your Health Points) to the culprit!

    Ares's Armguard (Chainmail, Quality: Epic)

    Physical Defense +80

    Magic Defense +60

    Strength: +9

    Vitality: +10

    Equip: Ignores your target's defense value by 30%!

    Level Requirement: 25

    Ares's Wrist Armor (Chainmail, Quality: Epic)

    Physical Defense +75

    Magic Defense +60

    Vitality: +10

    Block Chance: +10

    Equip: Allows you to acquire the skill - Jumping Slash. Immediately deals normal Attack Damage to the enemy and reduces the enemy's Movement Speed by 80% for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 1 minute!

    Level Requirement: 25

    Ares's Leg Armor (Chainmail, Quality: Epic)

    Physical Defense +110

    Magic Defense +70

    Vitality: +12

    Physical Damage Reduction: +8%

    Block Chance: +5%

    Equip: Allows you to acquire the skill - Jumping Slash. Leaps over to the enemy and attack. This attack is a guaranteed critical hit and will stun the enemy for one second. The maximum range is ten meters. Cooldown: 1 minute!

    Level Requirement: 25

    Remarks: The attributes of the equipment made from this Equipment Set Recipe are fixed, there is no option of an Ascended variant. The player's Upgrade Bonus Rate would be included with the Success Rate.

    "Holy f*ck! It's a f*cking Equipment Set Recipe!" Jiang Fei was so excited his heart almost leaped out.

    Although it was only a three-piece Equipment Set, every piece was Epic. It was no wonder that the Recipe was of Legendary quality!

    "Little Ah Fei, you can have the Recipe. Although five attempts is not much, I hope you actually produce more than one. I'd be willing to buy it!" Lady Casanova said after thinking about it for a moment.

    If such a Recipe was handed over to the Blacksmiths in their guild, it would got down the drain, no doubt about it. Not only would they see the heavy investment go up in smoke, they would walk away none the stronger! Even with Blue-grade Recipes, their Blacksmiths only had a 1% Success Rate. If they were to make Violet equipment, it was almost equivalent to making nothing. If you put this Legendary Recipe on their table, they would not even dare touch it!

    In Jiang Fei's hands the chances of making two sets out of five chances were almost zero, but she could at least get on Jiang Fei's good side. There was no point offending Jiang Fei for absolutely nothing.

    "You have my thanks!"

    Jiang Fei was delighted.

    Following that, Jiang Fei took the second item from the treasure chest.

    Contract: Real Estate (Contract, Epic)

    Remarks: Players holding a "Contract: Real Estate" can go to Dawnlight City's City Hall to exchange it for a property. Players can either choose to use it for commercial purposes, or use it as a guild base!

    "Ah Fei. I just need to know one thing. Do you see any Territory Orders in the treasure chest?" Lady Casanova had never been more solemn.

    "Nope!" Jiang Fei shook his head.

    "Okay then! I am hereby offering 10,000 gold coins for the Contract!"

    No wonder Lady Casanova was the leader of a guild. She was quick and decisive. If the best thing was not available, she would settle for the second best!

    There were advantages and disadvantages of using real estate in Dawnlight City as a guild base. When a guild has a base situated in the city, the system would only allow other guilds to attack the base if guild war has been officially declared. If guild war has not been declared, players who launch attacks on the guild base would all be recognized as Player Killers by the NPCs. They would have the NPC guards to answer to!

    Using real estate as a guild base was relatively safer. Even if another guild had malicious intent, they would have to go to the City Hall and declare war. The guild with a base in the city would be given an additional three-days grace for preparations.

    However, the drawbacks were just as glaring. Although there was a danger of people raiding guild bases that were constructed via Territory Orders, the offensive and defensive aspects of such castles were on an entirely new level, unlike the houses in the city. These castles were almost impossible to attack. Moreover, these guild bases were usually built at good grinding spots, complete with stable tax and resources. None of these advantages were available to guild headquarters within the city!

    Of course, the cost of using a Territory Order to build a guild base was far more than owning a property in the city. The Aristocrats had spent 50,000 gold coins for the land itself. We would not even know where to start after that. Construction -- materials -- NPC labor, none of them were cheap!

    However, both types of guild bases had one thing in common. It escalated these guilds to another level. Guilds without bases could only accommodate a maximum of 20,000 people. If they wanted to recruit more people after that, they could only resort to sub-branches. However, many things could go wrong with them. During guild wars, you could easily start an accidental friendly fire situation with a sub-guild member.

    From this ascended guild level onwards, each guild member would be given an additional buff according to the guild level. Low-level guilds had none of this!

    Therefore, Lady Casanova was quick to grab hold of the next best alternative. It was far inferior to the Territory Order, but it was still better than nothing!

    "11,000 gold coins!" Rosette Rose raised the price.

    "Huh? You guys want it too?" Lady Casanova was surprised. She had thought that Jiang Fei and the others would not be interested in this thing. After all, clans could not have a base! She had only offered the price of 10,000 gold coins out of courtesy!

    "We're thinking of opening a shop. Ah Fei needs someplace for him to sell his wares!" Rosette Rose said with a smile.

    "This..." Lady Casanova frowned. She really wanted this deed to close the gap between her guild and The Aristocrats. However, Rosette Rose appeared firm in her stance. Lady Casanova knew better than to attempt outbidding one of these tycoons.

    "Younger brother Ah Fei, would you reconsider?" Lady Casanova did not immediately place a new bid. Instead, she turned to Jiang Fei. Even with her 15,000 gold coins with her, looking at how calm Rosette Rose looked, Lady Casanova was not confident at all. So, she could only think of a way to obtain the deed through a favor!

    "Alright, 10,000 and it's yours! You guys owe me one!" Jiang Fei said after thinking about it.

    "Ah Fei, are you dumb? We have a lot of money. They can't compete with us at all!" Rosette Rose was very disgruntled. She made sure that everyone in the clan heard it.

    "Look, there's no point in us opening a shop. I won't stay in the city and hammer stuff all day long. I cater to the upper-class, and they're mainly sold to the four major guilds. There's no need to waste time and energy opening a shop, it's completely unnecessary." Jiang Fei shared his thoughts.

    "Well, we should at least juice more cash from them!" Rosette Rose's profiteering nature was truly core-deep.
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