119 Bloodlord’s Chestplate

    "Forget it, I don't feel like taking that much advantage of them. The four major guilds are caught up in some tense power struggle at the moment. We don't need to add to that pressure!" Jiang Fei smiled and shook his head. Due to his relationship with the mysterious ring, Jiang Fei had developed an open mind. His vision was not just limited to Dawnlight City. When the inter-city teleportation hubs opened, the major guilds of Dawnlight City should be properly developed and prepared to face the other four main cities. In-fighting would do them no good whatsoever.

    "Fine then! You've accepted their offer anyways!"

    Rosette Rose was still disgruntled, but Jiang Fei had already given the word in public. It would be distasteful to attempt undermining him.

    After the trade was done, there was still one gemstone and 10,000 gold coins in the treasure chest.

    Earth Essence (Quest Item, Normal)

    Remarks: It is as if you can feel the power of the Earth from this gem!

    "That's my quest item!" Jiang Fei showed Lady Casanova the Earth Essence, then kept it in his backpack.

    "Okay!" Lady Casanova nodded. The White grade Quest Item was truly meaningless to her. Moreover, since Jiang Fei had already allowed her to take the deed, she had to return his good will.

    After Jiang Fei picked up the remaining 10,000 gold coins, the total profit from the Unknown Dungeon was around 22,000 gold coins. Of course, the price of the Smithing Recipe had not been included, and Jiang Fei had prevented Rosette Rose and Lady Casanova from fighting over the deed. Otherwise, they would have yielded far more Gold.

    According to the agreement, Jiang Fei handed 15% of the proceeds, equivalent more than 3,000 gold coins to Lady Casanova. The remaining was equally divided among his team members.

    Everyone was very pleased with the Unknown Dungeon trip. The girls from the clan had obtained some equipment, and each of them had even received a small amount of 2,000 gold coins.

    Lady Casanova had also profited from this trip. Although she had spent about six or seven thousand gold coins, she had obtained a deed! It greatly paled before The Aristocrats's Territory Order, but it would still help her cause. It could narrow the gap between the two guilds!

    Jiang Fei had profited the most. He had not only obtained a Blue grade shoe Recipe, but also an Epic set Recipe! Its potential alone was already pleasing enough to Jiang Fei!

    As the Unknown Dungeon had been cleared, everyone parted ways. After leaving the team, Jiang Fei brought the Earth Essence and arrived at the Princess' cave.

    Things inside the cave had dramatically changed. The Snakes and green-named Zombies were all gone. They had all been replaced by a Dragonoid-type monster!

    These monsters walked upright like humans. Their bodies were covered with rough scales -- they had the heads of dragons and thick tails. They looked menacingly vicious!

    Dragonoid Guard (Dragonoid, Elite)

    Level: 60

    Health Points: 1,500,000

    Attack Power: 2,500

    Skills: Charge, Rupture, Smash, Cleave.

    Remarks: It is said that Dragonoids are hybrids of Nagas and Humans, but the Nagas do not accept them. The Nagas just treat them as slaves.

    "Ктоты? (Naga language: Who are you?)" A Dragonoid Guard who seemed to be a lowly captain stopped Jiang Fei. The tone in his voice was one of arrogance and contempt.

    "ЯхочувидетьпринцессаИзабелла! (Naga language: I want to see Princess Isabella)" Jiang Fei shot back fluently.

    "Пожалуйста, Подожди (Naga language: Wait here!)" As Jiang Fei spoke their language, the Dragonoid Guards became a lot friendlier towards him, albeit retaining the edge in their postures.

    Not long after, the Dragonoid Guard returned. This time, the Dragonoid's attitude had changed a full 180 degrees. He became very polite towards Jiang Fei, a human, "Пожалуйста, следуйтезамной (Naga language: Please come with me!)"

    Jiang Fei followed the Dragonoid Guard all the way inside, and realized that there were probably a hundred guards within! Some of their superiors were even ranked as Advanced Elite monsters!

    "Damn! Does this black Naga prince have a sister complex? Is he in a relationship with Isabella? Why would he go to such lengths for her?" Jiang Fei groaned. He was perplexed. After all, prince and princesses and the like have always been wrought by politics. Moreover, these two were siblings. Something had to be going on between them!

    "Verdure Glider, you're here?" When Jiang Fei arrived at the big hall where Isabella's coffin was placed, the black Naga prince Aeneidstrasza sauntered over to him.

    "You bastard, how dare you show yourself here!"

    Jiang Fei immediately lashed out at the Black Prince. That guy had tossed him into a rather messed up situation back then!

    "Haha! Look at you, you look like you're doing fine!"

    The Black Naga Prince could not care less about Jiang Fei's outrage. He was nothing like those old-fashioned, arrogant Nagas.

    "F*ck you! I barely made it back!" Jiang Fei snarled.

    It was precisely due to their previous meeting that Jiang Fei knew how this guy thought. This was why he had resorted to such crude language, not having to worry about this guy suddenly becoming angry and chopping him to death on the spot.

    "Verdure Glider, why have you come to see me this time?" At that moment, Isabella's soul appeared in front of Jiang Fei. As she was now supported by her brother, she had a far more arrogant look on her face.

    "Oh! I found this!" Jiang Fei took out the Earth Essence out and juggled it in one hand.

    Princess Isabella's eyes were instantly attracted to the Earth Essence. Her eyes followed the Earth Essence as it rose and fell on Jiang Fei's palm. She was afraid that Jiang Fei might just drop the treasure.

    "Quickly give it to me! I will reward you according to the agreement!"

    The system had already acknowledged the changes made to the Quest, so there was no way for Isabella to go back on her words!

    "Ding! You have completed the quest! Obtained 120,000 Experience Points. Obtained Bloodlord's Chestplate!

    The Earth Essence in Jiang Fei's hands disappeared, and part of the quest was completed. He also received the partial rewards for that portion.

    Bloodlord's Chestplate (Chainmail, Quality: Excellent)

    Physical Defense +120

    Magic Defense +40

    Strength: +5

    Vitality: +8

    Equip: Allows you to acquire the skill Bloodshield. 50% of your lost Health Points would be stored in the Health pool. When your Health Points fall below 50%, you can use the Health Points stored inside the Health pool to heal yourself. Health Points equivalent to the total amount of Health Points you have can be stored. When you are out of battle, the Health Points in the Health pool would be slowly drained. You can only use the Health pool once every minute.

    Level Requirement: 25

    "Good equipment!" Jiang Fei stared at the Bloodlord's Chestplate in delight. After he replaced his Chestplate, his Defense increased a little, but more importantly, he had obtained a life-saving skill. As he would be accompanied by Healers, Jiang Fei would easily be able to fill the Health pool up. From there on, he could basically heal himself on demand! This was equivalent to him having an extra life!
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