121 Taking It Down a Peg or Two

    "Ah Fei, you wanna learn how to fight?" Chen Xi looked at Jiang Fei curiously.

    "Yeah!" Jiang Fei nodded, slightly hesitant. Chen Xi was slim and slender. She did not look like the fighting instructor that Jiang Fei had in mind. However, since Han Tianyu had left him here alone, it would be rude to walk out now.

    He was not taking Chen Xi one bit seriously. First of all, she looked to be about his age, and she was a female. Jiang Fei could not convince himself that she had any skills to speak of. At most, she was probably just like Sun Mengmeng, someone who knew how to pose and look good in artistic stances, but lacked real power. She could probably knock regular joes about, but Jiang Fei's current strength and conditioning had long surpassed an average person. How far could skills help when it came to standing against a low-powered superhuman?

    "Alright! Come at me, I wanna see how good you are!" On the other hand, Chen Xi was taking him seriously. Firstly, Jiang Fei was Han Tianyu's friend. Secondly, her own father respected Jiang Fei greatly. For the past two days she had been nursing her father back to health. In return, he had bombarded her ears with non-stop praises of this kid.

    "Are you sure? What if I hurt you by accident?" Jiang Fei was a little hesitant. He did not believe that Chen Xi was that good. One had to know that Jiang Fei was no longer an ordinary person. Having gone through ten bottles of Evolution Blood, he had to at least be on par with a champion level boxer. Moreover, he still did not know how to control his strength. It would be bad if he accidentally injured someone else!

    "Hehe, just do it. If you really manage to hurt me, then you won't be needing this lesson!"

    Chen Xi smiled confidently.

    "Then I'm coming, let me warn you in advance, I'm stronger than I look!" Jiang Fei gave a warning before he initiated his attack. Even though Chen Xi's appeared to be slim enough for him to fold her in two, she was donned in an actual training gi, in her own private training room, in the martial arts center. She should be able to minimize any potential damage!

    "Bring it on!" She casually beckoned for Jiang Fei to come forward with her hands. At the same time, the corners of her mouth curled slightly. She had made up her mind. Jiang Fei was not taking her seriously. It was time to bring him down to earth!

    "Hah!" Jiang Fei shouted, throwing a punch. It resembled an actual punch, for he had limited training from his brief stint in the national service. However, it was sloppy, unpracticed, and all over the place.

    "Heh..." As soon as she saw Jiang Fei's punch, the girl chuckled. As the saying goes, "the insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just goes along for the ride." Chen Xi could tell that Jiang Fei was a complete amateur. The punch had given it all away.

    Chen Xi dodged the punch with ease. At the same time, she casually lifted her hand and positioned her palm so that Jiang Fei's fist would land on it.

    "Hmm? You're pretty strong!" When they touched, Chen Xi was slightly surprised. If there was anything praiseworthy about the punch, it did pack quite some power.

    "But strength isn't everything!" As Chen Xi's voice fell, she grabbed Jiang Fei's wrist and swept his legs from beneath him with her own, sending him off balance.

    "Damn!" Chen Xi dodging his punch was not much of a surprise. After all, Han Tianyu had sent him to her, so she definitely had to have some skill. Flipping him over was something else entirely.

    Jiang Fei was no longer the slouch that he was. It would be a stretch to call his punch lightning-quick, but it was definitely swift enough to catch any average joe in the face. Chen Xi had not only dodged his punch. She had actually grabbed hold of his wrist, and gave his charge that little oomph to send him overshooting way past her. This young girl had actual technique!

    *Dok dok dok dok...* Jiang Fei ran five or six steps forward before he finally regained his footing. After all, Jiang Fei had more than just strength. He had more finesse, agility, and dexterity than most others his age. Any other person would have ended up on the ground!

    "Ooh. You're pretty fit!" Chen Xi was surprised. She had expected him to fall flat on his face. That had been her intention after he had indirectly stated that she might get hurt. Girls were natural masters when it came to holding grudges! How dare he look down on her.

    "What do you think?" Jiang Fei remained as clueless as before. As he had never learned how to fight before, he really thought that this was a test.

    "I can't tell with just one move, try again!" Unhappy that she could not send him flat on his face, she decided to get herself another attempt.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei naively thought that she was genuinely putting him to the test, so he nodded and threw a punch at Chen Xi once again!

    "Hai!" As she shouted, Chen Xi lowered her body and got beneath Jiang Fei's punch. At the same time, she grabbed Jiang Fei's wrist with both of her hands and tugged. Borrowing Jiang Fei's momentum, she flipped Jiang Fei over her head!


    As Chen Xi had been holding back prior to this, Jiang Fei had managed to regain his balance. This time, she was determined to teach him a lesson, so Jiang Fei did not stand a chance. After flying upwards in a semi-circle, he went crashing back on the ground.

    "Damn... you have no mercy..." Although a thick mat covered the ground, it was not a light fall for Jiang Fei.

    "Hmph! I dare you to look down on me next time!" Chen Xi muttered softly. At the same time, the smile on her face widened, and she gestured with her hands once more.

    "Again!" From where he lay on the ground, the glimmer of her gloating smile reached his eyes. Provoked and annoyed, he clenched his fists and got right up with another bullrush.

    "Nice punch!" Chen Xi smiled slightly, casually side-stepping him. Then, she raised a foot and kicked Jiang Fei in the butt.

    "Ouch!" The kick did not really hurt. But Jiang Fei had charged at her with all his might. That kick had given him just enough momentum to run headlong into the wall.

    "How are you so fast? You only seem to need one move, and I end up making a fool out of myself..." Jiang Fei looked bitter. He had to admit that this girl was a true master. All this while, even now, she only seemed to be toying with him...

    "Ah ah. In terms of raw speed, you are something. I can't keep up with that. But I can read you like a book. Your body language says it all. Know thy enemy..." Chen Xi smiled.

    "Are you in the special force?" Jiang Fei asked. After all, this was the daughter of a General. He would not be surprised if she was also part of the military.

    "I'm still a student!" Chen Xi said with a smile.

    "Ah?" Jiang Fei was puzzled. She was so skilled that for a moment, he genuinely thought that she had actually already served the army for several years alongside her father since birth!

    "I'm still studying in a military school, but I am also an assistant instructor!" Chen Xi explained. At that moment time, her eyes had already curved upwards into crescent moon-like shapes. Clearly, she was pleased to see that Jiang Fei was convinced of her skills now!

    "Fighting course instructor? F*ck me!" Jiang Fei swore at Han Tianyu. Han Tianyu had set him up into making a fool of himself. This was why Han Tianyu had deliberately omitted such vital information about this unassuming girl.

    If Han Tianyu had told mentioned that this Chen Xi was an actual professional fighting instructor, would he even dare look down on her?
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