125 Are You Planning to Solo the Dungeon?

    "What do you think? Ah Fei, let's play together?" Han Tianyu clearly wanted to drag Jiang Fei into The Aristocrats.

    "Nah, forget it. I have a clan!" Jiang Fei shook his head. Even though Han Tianyu was the one with the final say in The Aristocrats now and he would not be pushed around even if he joined the guild, Rosette Rose and the others have always been nice to him. Jiang Fei could not bring himself to leave them without a word.

    "Right! I heard that your clan is filled with girls, ranging from lolis to matured ladies. You're truly blessed now. If I were you, I wouldn't leave either!" Han Tianyu nodded in understanding.

    "Your sister! It's nothing like that at all!" Jiang Fei groaned.

    "Ha! At least you still have some conscience and are still thinking about my sister!" Han Tianyu laughed. Then, he turned behind and shouted, "Xiao Xi, Ah Fei's looking for you!"

    "Big brother Tianyu, stop messing around like that. Don't make me go to your house and beat you up!" A pleasant voice came from behind Han Tianyu, followed by an Orc girl.

    Cold Feather Hee (Lepus Race, Warrior)

    Level: 22

    Health: 2785

    Attack Power: 573

    Remarks: A guild officer of The Aristocrats.

    It was Jiang Fei's fighting instructor Chen Xi. Although she had also chosen to become an Orc, Chen Xi was not as bold as Lady Casanova, who had decided to become a Tauren. Instead, Chen Xi adopted an adorable, bunny girl image.

    There were many Orc factions, but there was hardly any difference between their attribute growth and skill trees. Only the appearance differed. Generally, male players would choose a relatively fiercer appearance like those of Lionmen or Tigermen. Girls would usually go for a cuter appearance and choose either Cat Race, Fox Race or Lepus Race. A fierce woman like Lady Casanova was definitely one of a kind!

    "Hoho, Xiao Xi, you play "Dawn Break as well!" Jiang Fei greeted Chen Xi.

    "Yeah! But big brother Tianyu dragged me into this Aristocrats thingy, and I'm now his assistant!" Chen Xi formerly owned a small guild, but the tycoon Han Tianyu had also bought the guild over. Chen Xi's family was also closely connected to Han Tianyu's family, so she could not refuse. In the end, she could only accept the merger without a word.

    "By the way, Ah Fei, didn't you say that you could easily clear a Heroic Mode Dungeon? Let's hurry and clear the Dungeon. I want that announcement!" Han Tianyu said.

    "Why do you want that? The Aristocrats is clearly the top guild in Dawnlight City now, there's no need to advertise!" Jiang Fei wondered.

    "Why would I do such a pointless thing? I need that announcement for something else entirely!" Han Tianyu said, suddenly turning serious.

    "For what?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Young Master, now that I've started playing "Dawn Break," if I don't make a blindingly radiant entrance, that won't do!" Han Tianyu said, sounding narcissistic.

    "That's even more pointless!"

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes in frustration.

    "Did you just realize that he's a silly goat..." Chen Xi had known Han Tianyu way longer, compared to Jiang Fei.

    "Ah, stop dilly-dallying! Let's hurry!" As Han Tianyu talked, he sent a party invitation to Jiang Fei.

    "Alright, alright!"

    Jiang Fei had no choice but to accept.

    After he joined the party, Jiang Fei discovered that only Chen Xi and Happy Drunk were in Han Tianyu's party, other than himself. No one else had been invited.

    "Add fatty as well, he's a powerful support!" Naturally, Jiang Fei did not forget Zhao Feng.

    "Sure!" Shortly after, Han Tianyu had also added Zhao Feng to the party.

    "Yo! Not bad, little fatty. You and Ah Fei are like-minded!" Han Tianyu immediately laughed when saw Zhao Feng's in-game name, "Meaty Juggernaut."

    "Hehe..." Zhao Feng laughed, embarrassed. It was intimidating, speaking to a person of Han Tianyu's stature.

    "Okay, Ah Fei, who else do we need?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "There're five of us now. I'm the main Tank, we just need a Sub-Tank to fill for me in case of emergencies. Then, look for two Healers and one Bandit. The rest can be any Attacker Class!" Jiang Fei said.

    "You, add some people!" As Han Tianyu had just joined The Aristocrats, he was not very familiar with the people in the guild. So, he simply gave Happy Drunk the authority to invite others to the party.

    "Yes!" Happy Drunk nodded. In less than half a minute, he was done!

    The party had ten people. Jiang Fei was the main tank, Master Wei was the Sub-Tank. The party also had a Templar named, ImRichieRich (Han Tianyu), a Weapon Warrior which was Cold Feather Hee (Chen Xi) and Meaty Juggernaut (Zhao Feng) who was a support. Happy Drunk was a ranged Phantom Marksman, Dagger was a Bandit, Fireball Lord was a Magician, and the two Clerics were Kamimitsu and NoHealMonk.

    "Let's go! Let's move!" When Jiang Fei saw that everyone had gathered, he led the way out of the city.

    The others followed closely. Jiang Fei was now in command, he had replaced Han Tianyu and Happy Drunk. As Han Tianyu, Chen Xi, and the others knew Jiang Fei in real life, they were not really bothered about it. The people from The Aristocrats had killed a wild Leader Boss with Jiang Fei previously. Their memories of him had come up as off-putting and arrogant. However, there was no doubt that Jiang Fei had the right to be arrogant. His status as the top Tank in Dawnlight City was unparalleled!

    Although these players from The Aristocrats already looked up to Jiang Fei, their perception of Jiang Fei's strength was still stuck at the last time they battled against the wild boss. How could they possibly think that within a few days, Jiang Fei's abilities had skyrocketed and was now almost double from what it was at that time. He was basically a Boss, running about freely, doing as he pleased!

    The group soon arrived at the entrance to the Dungeon. After Jiang Fei made Han Tianyu raise the difficulty to Heroic Mode, he was the first to walk into the Dungeon.

    Dungeons always had safe zones right after the entrance, which allowed the players to make adequate preparations.

    "I'll go test the waters first. Healers, be ready to heal me at all times!" After Jiang Fei finished talking, he walked over to the Tigermen monsters up front.

    In the Heroic Mode of "Depths of the Night," ordinary small monsters were all Level 25 Elite monsters. Their Health Points and Attack Power had increased a fair bit. Also, they now came in groups of 15, not 10. Moreover, these monsters knew how to run away. If you did not kill them in time, they would run to another monster group and seek reinforcements!

    Battle Cry!

    With an Area of Effect skill, Jiang Fei generated the aggro of a small group.





    These Level 25 Elite monsters were dealing almost no damage to Jiang Fei.

    Not only that, but a lot of damage figures were also appearing above the heads of the monsters.





    Eye for Eye! The skill was attached to the Ares's Set. As Jiang Fei's Health Points was over 10,000, this led to a damage reflection of 200. Basically, if a Level 20 Warrior that was fully equipped with White grade equipment attacked these Level 25 Elite monsters would not even be able to match the damage from sheer reflection alone!

    The attacking speed of the Tigermen monsters was blinding. Jiang Fei did not even need to raise his hammer, and the monsters' Health Points had already dropped by more than 10%!

    Jiang Fei was only losing 10 Hitpoints per second. However, Jiang Fei had more than 10,000 Health Points. Such damage was not even worth noting. On the other hand, the monsters were taking more than 200 damage each. In the blink of an eye, while Jiang Fei's Health Points remained full, the monsters were left half dead.

    "F*cking hell! Are you planning to solo the Dungeon?"

    Everyone behind him was dazed, Han Tianyu and Happy Drunk included.
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