126 Are You a VIP Player?

    "Come on! Let's go!"

    Even Jiang Fei was surprised by his own strength. He was almost fully equipped with Level 25 Violet equipment. When paired with the high growth of Defense, unique to his Profession, Jiang Fei was a freaking wall.

    Now, these little monsters dealt almost no damage to Jiang Fei. So, the party did not have to stick to the old ways of pushing in slowly. Jiang Fei simply kept walking forward. As the others behind him did not get involved in the battle, Jiang Fei became their sole target. When the small monsters attacked Jiang Fei, the damage was reflected back to them through Eye for Eye, so his aggro only grew firmer.

    However, since Jiang Fei did not fight back and just kept moving forward, the monsters would run away when they have lost 10% of their Health Points. Jiang Fei did not bother to kill them either. If these little critters ran away and brought more of the other monsters back, it would save his time and energy!

    Jiang Fei trudged on forth, while Han Tianyu and the others followed closely. Other than Zhao Feng who activated his Cloud Arts, no one else had to raise his or her weapon. As Zhao Feng was already Level 24, his growth was nothing extraordinary to speak of. However, the others were gaining experience points like no tomorrow.

    "Goddamnit! Ah Fei, if I had known this earlier, I would've asked you to bring me here. This leveling speed... you're way better than those 3000 people!" Han Tianyu exclaimed.

    When Jiang Fei arrived before the first Tigermen boss, Han Tianyu and the others were already about to level up. However, Jiang Fei was surrounded by countless Tigermen Elites. From a distance, any onlooker could only see many red figures, and Jiang Fei would be nowhere to be found.

    Jiang Fei's field of vision fared far worse. All he could see were damage figures that appeared above the heads of the monsters. There were more than 200 monsters around him, and Jiang Fei had already started turning to his Potions. Even though the amount of Health Points he could recover from the Potions were lesser than the damage to his Health Points that he was receiving, he had more than 10,000 Health Points. These little monsters would never bring him down!

    Battle Cry!

    Ice Burst!

    These two skills were Jiang Fei's main offensive skills for now. As there were too many small monsters, he was too lazy to kill them one by one!

    "Let's attack as well!" Happy Drunk said.

    "Yeah, it's too slow if he's the only one attacking!" Han Tianyu nodded.

    "Melee attackers, don't rush in. They'll probably one-hit you guys. Ranged attackers, start attacking. Look for the monsters with low Health Points!" Happy Drunk said.

    As the Healers had nothing to do, they helped Jiang Fei clear the monsters along with the other ranged attackers. After the monsters were killed, almost four or five of them in the party had leveled up!

    "F*ck... Are we even playing the same game? Are you a VIP player?" Happy Drunk rolled his eyes at Jiang Fei. They may have tried to help, but none of it mattered. Jiang Fei would have eventually forced his way through the mass of bodies anyway!

    "Hoho, come on! It's time to fight the boss!" Jiang Fei smiled a little. He was probably just as surprised as they were. This three-piece Ares equipment set was truly extraordinary. Nothing short of what you would expect from a Legendary Recipe!

    The first Tigermen boss was a lot stronger compared to the one in the Elite Mode Dungeon. It was Level 28, its Health Points had doubled, and its Attack Power was tremendous. Even so, it was still an Advanced Elite boss.

    After reading through the boss' attributes, Jiang Fei was relieved. Although this boss could break through his defense, it was nothing to sweat about.

    As expected, when the battle began, the boss' most powerful skill only dealt around 100 or 200 damage to Jiang Fei. The Healers in the party basically had nothing to do, so they were free to attack the boss along with the other attackers.

    Ten people were attacking the boss. Among the ten, there was Happy Drunk, the Hidden Class. His Hidden Class was a legit Attacker Specialist, unlike Jiang Fei's Hidden Class. Jiang Fei's attribute growth was faster than the average Profession, but he was only strong in terms of Defense. When it came to offense, he was way behind.

    However, Happy Drunk was different. Phantom Marksmen already had inherently powerful skills. When paired with Chromatic Evolving Equipment, they were walking cannons. With a total of ten attackers, the Tigermen boss did not even last two minutes before it died!

    As soon as the Tigermen boss died, more than 400,000 Experience Points was credited. Chen Xi and Zhao Feng leveled up at the same time. Jiang Fei's Experience Points was now two-thirds of Level 25!

    The Tigermen boss's corpse disappeared and was promptly replaced by a treasure chest.

    Violent Tiger Sword (Two-handed Sword, Quality: Epic)

    Attack Power +352

    Strength: +10

    Agility: +15

    Equip: Ignores 20% of the target's Defense.

    Level Requirement: 23

    Magic Staff (Staff, Quality: Excellent)

    Physical Attack +40

    Magic Attack +248

    Intelligence: +7

    Equip: Increases your casting speed by 5%.

    Level Requirement: 23

    As it was the first kill, the drops from the first boss were quite good. There were two weapons, one Blue and one Violet.

    "I want the sword! You are so not taking it from me!"

    Chen Xi glared at Han Tianyu. After all, the only ones in the party who could use Two-handed Swords was her, a Weapon Warrior, and Han Tianyu, a Templar.

    "You take it... You take it... Just stop glaring like that!" Han Tianyu felt goosebumps springing up. He was afraid that this girl would actually turn up at his doorstep and cause trouble. Of course, Chen Xi was no match for Han Tianyu in martial arts. However, Chen Xi had learned the spirit of never giving up from her father who was a General, so she would never back down. She would not even hesitate to come after him every single day, leaving him no time to do anything else. In the past, Han Tianyu had once experienced this. Today, when he saw how determined Chen Xi was to get the sword, he could only bite down on the pain and let the sword go.

    "Your friend can have this Staff! It seems like the one he's wearing now is still a Level 10 one." Happy Drunk said. As Jiang Fei and Zhao Feng were not part of The Aristocrats, and having already claimed a Violet weapon, Zhao Feng to take the Staff, no matter what. It was common etiquette.

    "Oh! If you didn't mention it, I would've forgotten!" Zhao Feng smiled and took the Level 25 Epic Staff that he had gotten from the Unknown Dungeon.

    As Zhao Feng and Chen Xi had leveled up at the same time, Zhao Feng had reached Level 25, and could now equip the Staff.

    "F*ck that **! In the future, if any of you still dare to call me a tycoon, I'll beat you up!" Happy Drunk rolled his eyes. The design of the Staff in Zhao Feng's hand was exquisite, and glowed with a violet hue. Anyone could tell that it was an Epic weapon! Moreover, since Zhao Feng only equipped it after he had leveled up, this equipment was definitely a Level 25 equipment. It was countless times better than the Blue Staff on the ground!

    The past two days had not really gone well for Happy Drunk. In the past, people always called him a tycoon. However, a god of tycoons arrived in the game two days ago. In order to acquire his guild, this God of tycoons had bought over his whole family business. It had struck him like a truck. Happy Drunk had been delighted to have bought a Level 15 Violet equipment from Jiang Fei. Now, this random fat guy had just whipped out a Level 25 Epic weapon from his pockets.
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