128 The Exorbitant Price of Divine Art!

    Divine Art: Holy Lightwell (Skill Book, Quality: Legendary)

    Use: Allows you to learn Divine Art: Holy Lightwell.

    Requirement: Healer Classes.

    Effect: Immediately restores 50% of the Health Points of all friendly targets within a radius of 100 meters and restores 5% percent per second for 30 seconds! Cooldown: 8 hours!

    "Holy f*ck! A skill book!"

    Even Jiang Fei was stunned.

    This drop was far better than a piece of Legendary equipment and infinitely more valuable! A radius of 100 meters was a truly enormous healing range. It could cover an entire battlefield, occupied by more than tens of thousands of people! Moreover, the healing effects of this Divine Art were so powerful and it even lasted for 30 seconds. In a guild war, such a skill was definitely enough to turn the tables!

    In "Dawn Break," players could obtain skills from their respective Class Instructors, but these were regular skills. Some high-level skills were not obtainable from Class Instructors. They could only be obtained by challenging high-level bosses or from Epic and above treasure chests! These high-level skills were also usually referred to as ultimates. These ultimates were almost unreasonably powerful. Just mastering one of such skills was enough to turn a regular player into one of the elites of the game.

    These high-level skills were mainly divided into several categories: Seal Curse Spells that Magician-type Class players generally used, Divine Art Magic that Healer-type Class players generally used, Holy Magic that Support-type Class players generally used, Ares's Skills that Warrior-type Classes generally used, Fatal Skills that Bandit-type Classes generally used, and Apollo's Skills that Ranged-type attacking Classes generally used.

    In addition to these high-level skills, there was a type of ultimate skill that all Classes could use - Unparalleled Combat Skills, which could be learned by any player, regardless of their Class. However, the drop rate of Unparalleled Combat Skill Books was pathetic. On top of that, it only dropped from bosses with the rank of Lord and above!

    The drop rate of other ultimate skill books was slightly better, but it was still below 0.0001%. Players could only clasp their hands together and pray, there was no other way around it.

    Jiang Fei and the others only managed to obtain a Divine Art Skill Book from a Leader boss that was somewhere around Level 20, only because of Jiang Fei's extremely high Luck. Moreover, this was the first Heroic Mode Dungeon cleared in the entire game! So, there was an additional drop bonus!

    Now, Jiang Fei was no longer a fresh beginner. Although he did not have the game guide that was attached to the gaming console, Jiang Fei had already searched for relevant information on the internet during the day. Naturally, he knew the value of these high-level skills!

    "Ah Fei, why didn't you make it drop an Ares skill book..." Han Tianyu complained. He was excited, yet disappointed at the same time. Even though the Divine Art Magic skill was powerful, he was a Templar, so he could not use it!

    "Brother Ah Fei, give me a price! We must have this Divine Art skill book!"

    It was at that point when Happy Drunk spoke up.

    Even though the standard rules of drop distribution in Dungeons prioritized those who needed it, the value of this skill book was way higher than that of a piece of equipment. Moreover, he did not intend to have the Cleric in the party learn this skill immediately. After all, this powerful skill was an extremely rare find. Unquestionably, without one proving his or her absolute capability and sufficient loyalty, Happy Drunk would not give it away for free!

    If Happy Drunk allowed the Cleric in the party to learn the skill, Jiang Fei could not really say anything about it. However, since Happy Drunk was not going to anyone learn this skill that easily and was planning to keep it for his guild later on, Jiang Fei also had the right to demand for it. It was precisely because of this that Happy Drunk requested that Jiang Fei suggest a price.

    "Yeah! Ah Fei, name a price!" Han Tianyu also nodded. This Dungeon was basically soloed by Jiang Fei. If they attempted it themselves, the first boss would have made them their playthings, no matter how many times they tried.

    "Forget it..." Jiang Fei shook his head. If The Aristocrats was Happy Drunk's guild, then Jiang Fei would not have hesitated to rip him off. Now, The Aristocrats was Han Tianyu's guild. Jiang Fei could not bring himself to sell anything to his brother.

    "There's no need to stand on ceremony with your big brother! Happy Drunk, appraise the value of the book now!" Han Tianyu clearly understood that Jiang Fei did not want to give a price because of him. However, how could he bear to make his younger brother suffer!

    "There's really no clear way to determine the price of this thing..." Happy Drunk shook his head. After all, this was the first high-level skill book that appeared in the game. Even in the three other cities, there has never been any news of a skill book dropping!

    "Forget it then. I'll name a price. Ten million, what do you think?" Han Tianyu casually said.

    "Are you crazy?" Jiang Fei said, his eyes wide open. What do you mean ten million! Spending ten million on a skill book in a game, did water get into his brain or something?

    "Oh! By the way, this little fatty also helped out quite a bit. You also have a share in this, I'll give you a million tomorrow!" Han Tianyu laughed and said to Zhao Feng.

    "F*cking hell! Big brother Yu, did water get into your brain?"

    Jiang Fei wanted to step over and smack Han Tianyu on the head to check if he had bee possessed by something.

    "Ah Fei, his family has too much money for their own good. If he's willing to give you money, just take it!" Chen Xi said, shaking his head.

    "Why don't 'you' take it?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. If he suddenly received ten million for nothing, he could not in good conscience accept it without protesting.

    "My family is different. If I take the money, my dad will be investigated..." Chen Xi shrugged and said. Her father was a General. If he received ten million from an arms dealer like Han Tianyu out of nothing, it would be odd if he did not get investigated!

    "If you take me as a big brother, just accept the money!" Han Tianyu said with a straight face. Of course he did not know what the skill book was worth. He had only named such a high price for he still felt indebted to Jiang Fei. Han Tianyu firmly believed that Jiang Fei was far too generous with his Potions.

    "If you don't wanna accept the money, at least think about the little fatty beside you..." Chen Xi also advised Jiang Fei. At that moment, Zhao Feng was also watching Jiang Fei. Although his family was well-to-do, one million was no small amount. Zhao Feng's family was not so rich that they could hand out a million as pocket money!

    "This..." Jiang Fei hesitated. Naturally, he did not want so much of Han Tianyu's money. However, since Zhao Feng had also participated in this Dungeon, Han Tianyu had offered to give him a million. If Zhao Feng could not receive one million because of him, he would naturally be unhappy.

    "Forget it, if you're willing to give that much, then do it!" In the end, Jiang Fei nodded. That amount of money was nothing to Han Tianyu anyway. It was for Zhao Feng's sake.

    "If you had agreed earlier, all would've been solved by now!" Han Tianyu smiled. Ten million was utterly insignificant to him. If Jiang Fei could accept it, it could also be considered as part of his compensation for the Potion orders. In this way, Han Tianyu could be at ease. After all, in his heart, he felt that Jiang Fei sold the Potions at a loss because Jiang Fei was a patriotic person.
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