132 Dance Battle

    "What do you think? The performances are great, right?" At that moment, Sun Mengmeng ran to Jiang Fei and sat down beside him.

    "It's alright. Don't you have to go help out?"

    Jiang Fei looked back at Sun Mengmeng.

    "What, am I an eyesore to you?"

    Sun Mengmeng's cheerful demeanor instantly turned sour.

    "I was just asking..." Jiang Fei quickly shook his head.

    "Hoho... and you still said that nothing is going on between you two. Who are you trying to fool?" Zhao Feng muttered softly.

    "Stupid fatty, are you tired of living?" When she saw that Jiang Fei had admitted defeat, Sun Mengmeng immediately turned on Zhao Feng.

    "No... No... You guys continue, I'm invisible, I'm invisible!" Zhao Feng sneered and edged himself a few seats away.

    "I just finished dealing with everything on hand, so I can take a break for now!"

    Sun Mengmeng rolled her eyes at Zhao Feng.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Hehe, we arranged the performances pretty well, right?" Sun Mengmeng asked with a smile. She looked like she was waiting for Jiang Fei to praise her.

    "They're pretty good. After all, the performers are students, not professionals. But you guys are really evil. You set those Japs up, huh. They perform tit, we tat them. Next time, they'll definitely think twice before attending such events in the future!"

    Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Hehe, who would want to be at the same event as them anyway? If it wasn't for the school officials insisting on this, we would not have gone through all the trouble!" Sun Mengmeng pouted and said with disdain.

    Recently, because of the Prime Minister of Japan's double-dealing political activities, everyone in China was rather unhappy with the Japanese.

    "Blah blah blah..."


    After the Japanese hosts spouted a bunch of crap, Jiang Fei's school's hosts were left puzzled. The Japanese hosts had gone off-script.

    "Err... Next, please enjoy the street dance performance brought by Tokugawa Shingi!" Although the Japanese had changed the programmes midway, they could not just stand there and say nothing as hosts. Thus, they could only translate what the Japanese host said.

    "Hmm? What's going on?" The other students would not know, but Sun Mengmeng was part of the group who came up with the programme list from before. Of course, she would know that something was off.

    "What's wrong?"

    Jiang Fei sensed that something was amiss.

    "The Japanese students have switched it up! We didn't prepare for such a performance!" Sun Mengmeng hastily explained while making her way out of the audience seating area. Naturally, this called for her attention once again. Otherwise, the Chinese would lack an answer to Tokugawa Shingi's performance.

    "Brother Fei, what happened?"

    To give Jiang Fei and Sun Mengmeng some private space, Zhao Feng had moved quite far away and had not heard Sun Mengmeng.

    "The Japanese are playing dirty, they're not following the original programme list anymore. We have no immediate answer for whatever they've improvised on. This time, we might not be able to defeat them. They might even wipe the floor with us instead!" Jiang Fei explained.

    "F*ck! He's lucky that I don't know how to dance. Otherwise, I'll definitely go up there and step on that kid!" Zhao Feng grumbled. Tokugawa Shingi's dance skills were rather average, they were just at the level of an amateur hip-hop enthusiast.

    "If you go, you can defeat him by rolling about! With all that fat, you could not possibly screw up no matter how you roll!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Get lost! I'm not fat! I'm must well-fed!" Zhao Feng said with a sullen face.

    Although Jiang Fei was joking around with Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng's words had given him an idea. Naturally, a shut-in gamer like Jiang Fei did not know how to dance, but the Jazz Dance Doll that he obtained the other day was still lying in the Spatial Ring!

    Jiang Fei put his hand in his pocket and closed his eyes, silently connecting to the Spatial Ring. A faint blue light flashed, and a small toy, barely more than an inch long appeared in Jiang Fei's hand.

    It looked like a Western cowboy-themed keychain, complete with the ring.

    "Kid, let's just say that you've been destined to fall since the beginning. I'll show you a real dance now," Jiang Fei thought to himself as he looked at the still-performing Tokugawa Shingi.

    This Tokugawa Shingi never gave Jiang Fei a first good impression since the beginning. He was the one who had caused two sports students from Jiang Fei's school to get injured, directly or otherwise. There was no reason to like this devious kid.

    "Fatty, stay here and watch. I'm gonna teach him a lesson!" Jiang Fei smiled slightly, then left the audience seating area and walked towards the left side of the bottom of the stage. This area had already been closed off by a curtain long ago as it was where the performers from Jiang Fei's school made their preparations. Performers from their school were to go up on stage from the left, whereas the students from Nagawa High School went up from the right side.

    "Sorry, but this is the backstage area. If you are not performing, please leave!"

    A member of the Student Council stopped Jiang Fei.

    "Please call Sun Mengmeng over." Jiang Fei said with a smile.

    "Oh! Wait a moment!" When he found out that Jiang Fei was here to look for someone, he did not say much and headed in to look for Sun Mengmeng.

    "Jiang Fei, why are you looking for me? We're now busy looking for someone who can dance. If it's nothing urgent, we can talk later!" Sun Mengmeng forced her way out, perspiring profusely.

    "I'm your man!" Jiang Fei smiled slightly.

    "Ah Fei, stop messing around! If you know how to play basketball, it doesn't mean you know how to dance!"

    "I really do know how to dance!" Jiang Fei said with a serious face.

    "Really?" Sun Mengmeng asked, doubtful.

    "Do you really think that I'm willing to go on stage and embarrass myself?" Jiang Fei said while pointing at the stage.

    "Mengmeng, stop overthinking it! If he wants to go, let him go!"

    This time, a beautiful girl came out from the back of the curtain. It was the singer Murong Wei who had recently performed. She also happened to be the chairman of the Student Council.

    "Can you really?"

    Clearly, Sun Mengmeng was far from convinced.

    "Don't worry. How difficult can it be to bully a Japanese kid?" Jiang Fei said as he walked into the backstage area.

    "You're Jiang Fei, right? Go wait below the stage with Wang Xiaoming. Once that Japanese kid is done performing, Wang Xiaoming will make an announcement for you!"

    Currently, Murong Wei's situation was best described with the phrase, "a drowning man will clutch at a straw." After all, the Japanese kid had already started performing. How long did a street dance performance last? It was too late to find someone now. Since Jiang Fei said that he knew how to dance, she could only depend on blind faith.

    "Got it!"

    Jiang Fei lined himself up.

    "Destroy him, buddy!" The host Wang Xiaoming patted Jiang Fei's shoulder. Although the two of them did not know each other at all, everyone was of one mind when it came to destroying the Japanese!

    "Hehe, I have a better idea..." Jiang Fei said. Then, he whispered into Wang Xiaoming's ear.

    "Buddy, are you sure?" Wang Xiaoming's eyes lit up.

    "Isn't bullying that kid easily within my grasp?" Jiang Fei smiled slightly.

    "Alright! Leave it to me!" After Wang Xiaoming said that, he did not even wait for Tokugawa Shingi to finish performing. He directly went on stage.

    Jiang Fei turned and said to Sun Mengmeng, "Mengmeng, come on, play something fast."

    "Ah?" Sun Mengmeng was puzzled. Then, she heard Wang Xiaoming's voice from the stage.

    "Everyone knows that a fast-paced street dance performance embodies enthusiasm, freedom, and passion. Although one person dancing on stage can be wonderful, such a passionate dance can only be fully expressed with a dance battle! Next up, please welcome Jiang Fei and Tokugawa Shingi, who will now be competing on the same stage!"
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