133 Stomping on Ones Face to the Point of Unrecognition

    As Wang Xiaoming's voice fell, an upbeat jazz song started to play!

    Before going up on stage, Jiang Fei ran a little to get some momentum and made a huge leap. With his enhanced Speed and the Jump from the Cat Spirit Boots, Jiang Fei jumped nearly two meters high. This was followed by a somersault while he was still in the air, before pulling off the perfect landing.


    "That was really cool!"

    "Brother Fei! I love you to death!"

    Jiang Fei's brilliant entrance had set off a bomb among the audience. There was no need to even mention the results of the dance battle. That entrance alone was already a critical blow to Tokugawa Shingi.

    Tokugawa Shingi had also stopped dancing. He was a little confused. As they had changed the programme list without informing the Chinese students, he did not expect the Chinese students to get revenge by directly starting a dance battle! Moreover, the person who came on stage was the annoying guy who had destroyed his plans the last time!

    "Hoho, it's you again!"

    Tokugawa Shingi looked at Jiang Fei coldly. His face turned dark!

    "Yeah! I'm here to make you embarrass yourself again!" Jiang Fei sneered and said. After all, he was only a 16-year-old high school student.

    Although his family was quite well-to-do, it was not the kind that scrambled for supremacy. So, at that age, Jiang Fei knew nothing about keeping an inscrutable countenance. His expression clearly revealed everything.

    This Japanese guy had played dirty and injured Jiang Fei's schoolmates. To Jiang Fei, this guy was an enemy. When faced with an enemy, there was no need for niceties.

    "Sure! You're just a little fitter than me, that's all! Dancing isn't as simple!" Tokugawa Shingi taunted Jiang Fei. All he knew from the basketball with Jiang Fei was that he was very fit. When Kato underwent his checkup, they soon learned that his ribcage had actually been fractured.

    "Hoho, I actually thought of having you stay onstage a little longer, but since you're in a hurry to embarrass yourself, I'll grant your wish!" As Jiang Fei spoke, he swiftly put his thumb into the ring attached to the Jazz Dance Doll. Then, he held the Jazz Dance doll in the palm of his hand.

    As he gently squeezed the Jazz Dance Doll in his hand, Jiang Fei suddenly felt his limbs wriggling uncontrollably. Unlike the haphazard, uncontrollable nature that he had experienced in the game, Jiang Fei still had some degree of control here.

    As Jiang Fei started to dance, he could not stop! His upbeat dance moves incited another wave of cheers from the audience.


    "What the f*ck! This shut-in gamer has really hidden his talents way too well, right? He's not just good at basketball -- his dancing is amazing!"

    "Idiot! You're still calling him a shut-in gamer? Have you forgotten about the helicopter from back then?"

    "Oh f*ck no! Treat it as if I never said anything!"

    "Brother Fei, you're really awesome!"

    "Japanese kid, start dancing! Don't just stand there and watch!"

    "Yeah! Japanese kid, you'll either continue dancing or get off the stage, don't block my view!"


    When a master is placed beside an amateur the contrasting differences could then be seen. When Tokugawa Shingi was dancing alone, it had not been so apparent. Now, it was over for him. He looked simply pathetic! As the crowd jeered and booed away, Tokugawa Shingi finally snapped. His eyes were cold. At the same time, he awkwardly got into a one-arm stand.

    Although it was a dance battle, everyone could tell that Tokugawa Shingi was an amateur. However, no one noticed that Tokugawa Shingi slowly moving closer to Jiang Fei as he danced.

    "What's this kid trying to do?"

    Everyone in the audience was enjoying the show and noticed nothing. However, Jiang Fei had his guard constantly up. After all, this was not the first time Tokugawa Shingi played dirty!

    As he danced and danced, Tokugawa Shingi found the opportunity to get close to Jiang Fei through his dance moves. Then, he suddenly did a Thomas Flare, swiping his legs at Jiang Fei's lower body. If he managed to kick Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei -- currently at the edge of the stage would definitely be kicked off the stage.

    "Oh F*ck! This Japanese kid is playing dirty!" Zhao Feng roared.

    "F*cking Japanese people know no bounds when it comes to punching below the belt!"

    "As if the humiliation wasn't enough. He's still trying to play dirty!"


    The Chinese students were accusing Tokugawa Shingi of playing dirty, but they were too far away to help Jiang Fei.

    "Nice try!" Jiang Fei sneered. Having experienced a severe beating from Chen Xi for so many hours, Jiang Fei had honed his combat senses well enough. Also, he was already paying extra attention to Tokugawa Shingi. Even as the Japanese Kid edged closer to him Jiang Fei knew that he could not be up to something good!

    Jiang Fei gave the Jazz Dance Doll a firm squeeze, abruptly ending the dance. At the same time, he jumped more than a meter high and evaded Tokugawa Shingi's sweeping leg.

    While in the air, Jiang Fei flipped and he landed behind Tokugawa Shingi.

    "Courtesy demands reciprocity! You're going down, Japanese kid!"

    As he spoke, Jiang Fei raised a leg and sent it towards the Tokugawa Shingi who had yet to regain his balance.


    When they saw that Tokugawa Shingi was in trouble, the Japanese students in the backstage could not take it any longer.

    *Dok dok dok dok* Four people came out of the right backstage booth.

    However, as they were too far away, it was too late for them to save Tokugawa Shingi.



    Jiang Fei's foot landed on Tokugawa Shingi's back, and he flew between seven to eight meters away. Tokugawa Shingi was sent flying off the stage. It just so happened that he flew towards the area where the Chinese audience stood. Were they going to catch such a shameless guy and save him from the fall? Everyone scattered leaving a huge empty spot in the middle. Thus, Tokugawa Shingi fell right onto the ground.

    That was not all. Some furious Chinese students even sneaked in a few kicks as he lay on the ground.

    In such situations, one who throws the first stone would quickly be followed by a crowd. If you're not part of the pack, you're nothing but a grinch. By the time the Japanese students rushed over and pushed the Chinese students out of the way, Tokugawa Shingi's body was covered with footprints!

    "Baka! Who did this!"

    Tanaka Yasutaka was going crazy!

    Although he was Tokugawa Shingi's teacher, he was actually a vassal of the Tokugawa family. Moreover, the Japanese valued loyalty above all.

    There was no such thing as good and evil in the hearts of the Japanese people. They could kill others, burn down the houses of others, commit fornication, and steal from others. However, as long as they were loyal to their masters, they would become Gods after their deaths. Otherwise, how could the toilets of the Yasukuni Shrine[1] possibly house millions of Gods?

    If their masters had been humiliated, they were better off dead! With such a mindset, Tanaka Yasutaka's eyes were red with anger as he saw Tokugawa Shingi on the floor, his body covered with footprints. Even his face was covered with footprints! His face had been trampled upon. Even his own mother would not recognize it now. Since his master had already been stepped on by other people in such a manner, as a slave, there was no other option for him except commit seppuku[2].

    "Bakayaro!" Tanaka Yasutaka was not alone in his turmoil. The four Japanese bodyguards who had rushed onto the stage were also vassals of the Tokugawa family. When they saw Jiang Fei kick their master off the stage, their eyes became red with anger. If their masters found out that this had happened, they would also have to seppuku!

    "Baka! Go to hell!" Tokugawa Shingi's bodyguards looked at each other, and a murderous intent toward Jiang Fei aroused within them.
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