134 Take Two Steps Forward If You Are Not Sick

    When the four Japanese bodyguards charged at him, Jiang Fei knew that things would not be good. So, he immediately jumped down from the stage and quickly ran into the crowd.

    Although Jiang Fei's physical fitness was far superior to that of ordinary people, Tokugawa Shingi's four bodyguards were not weak! Moreover, Jiang Fei could easily sense such murderous intent. A few hours with Chen Xi had not taught him much, but he understood that no matter how good he thought he was, bigger fish were always swimming out there. He knew that he was no match to full-fledge bodyguards.

    However, Jiang Fei was not without advantage. Even though he was not going to last long against these four Japanese bodyguards in a fight, he had the speed that easily eluded them. With the additional ten points of Agility from the Cat Spirit Boots, Jiang Fei was now China's Usain Bolt!

    "F*ck, f*ck meee! Are all the security guards in the school dead?" Jiang Fei complained as he ran. The four Japanese bodyguards still had him in sight. If they at least avenged this injustice, they would be excused from seppuku.

    Jiang Fei ran around the school field in circles, keeping the four Japanese bodyguards on him. The show went on for everyone else.

    Tanaka Yasutaka and the Japanese students were still lost in their rage. The teachers and security guards of Jiang Fei's school were under Wang Huairen's control, so they had to remain in the hall. Although everyone hated Wang Huairen, nobody could do anything as they were under his control.

    Wang Huairen had originally intended to have them stew in their own rage for a while so that he could use this opportunity to ask them for money, but he had forgotten something.

    Who were the onlookers present? Two-thirds of the people were hot-blooded teenagers. With a bunch of Japanese was swearing at them, how could they remain silent? There is no such thing as a friendly gathering, go back to your own country!

    "F*cking hell! These Japanese people are too arrogant! Beat them up!" The one who uttered this line would never be found, but it still started a chaotic melee.

    "You're right! Let's teach them a lesson!"

    "Let's go! Show them who's boss!"


    "Wang Dazhuang, didn't you say that you wanted to date me? Take down ten Japanese kids, and I'll date you!"

    The girls were as furious as the boys! When such lines were uttered, it added fuel to the fire. Could the Chinese boy who were present hold themselves back? They suddenly charged forward, surrounded the Japanese and began to beat the Japanese kids up!

    This was not Nagawa High School. It was Jiang Fei's school. The Chinese students outnumbered the Japanese three to one. Many of them had also rushed over to join the fun.

    Among the people who came to join the fun were many specially recruited sports students who actually lived in the school. These students were all burly, buff, and great at beating others up. Moreover, the sports students were all pretty close to each other. When Hu Zi and Big Man had suffered injuries caused by the Japanese, they had yet to earn their revenge. Now that the opportunity had presented itself, would they pass on it?

    Some of the Japanese were capable of defending themselves. Four of them were professional bodyguards, but these bodyguards currently running in circles after Jiang Fei. After more than ten laps around the school field, the four Japanese bodyguards were so exhausted that their tongues were lolling out of their mouths. However, Jiang Fei, who had added ten points of Vitality to himself now had incredible stamina He even had the luxury of teasing the bodyguards as they ran.

    Without the support of the four bodyguards, several teachers -- Tanaka Yasutaka and the Japanese students included were in grave danger. While Sun Mengmeng rallied more people to the cause, other boys and teachers had also joined in. By the time Wang Huairen arrived at the battlefield, the Japanese had already been beaten up to the point of disfigurement.

    "Stop! Stop fighting!"

    "Stop! Stop!"

    Wang Huairen had been too stupid for his own good. More than 100 people were fighting each other, and he still had the gall to force his way through the thick chaos. Not a single person could hear his squeaks. Unfortunately, as Wang Huairen was relatively short, someone accidentally mistook him as a Japanese and ended up kicking him to the ground.

    When more than 100 students fighting each other, it was too much of a mess for anyone to care whether Wang Huairen was a Japanese or otherwise as he now lay on the ground. Moreover, none of the students liked him. On the contrary, the students hated him to death. Even if they recognized him, they would simply feign ignorance and stamp on.

    The other teachers who came along with Wang Huairen were not his fans either. They turned a blind eye and allowed the beatdown to progress for a bit. Finally, they moved in to drive the students away, one after another.

    When they finally managed to drag Wang Huairen out of the crowd, the guy's round belly was covered with footprints, and there were two dark circles around his eyes. There was also a massive palm print on his fat face, but nobody knew of the perpetrator.

    "B*stards! You guys are crazy! Do you want to rebel? You actually dare touch me?" As soon as Wang Huairen re-emerged from the crowd and caught his breath, he screamed in anger.

    "None of you will be able to get away with this. I will punish all of you!" Wang Huairen shouted loudly.

    "Just forget about it, Dean Wang..." A teacher next to him said.

    "No way! You're not the one that got beaten up! Just forget it? Impossible! You guys actually dare to beat me? All of you are expelled!" Wang Huairen shouted.

    "Dean Wang, it's not that I'm against you or anything, but if you expel the students from four first-year classes, three special sports classes and the members of the Student Council all at once, the principal might end up expelling you instead, don't you think?" A teacher sneered. The teachers all hated Wang Huairen.

    This stupid gathering was Wang Huairen's idea anyway. He had specifically asked the teachers to stay out of it. Now, chaos had broken out, and the students had turned on Wang Huairen. If he was thinking of expelling the students, he should just forget about it. It was the chair beneath his ass that he should be worried about now.

    *Huff huff* Wang Huairen panted. He knew that he could not do such a thing. There were nearly 200 students, he would not be able to punish all of them. Even if he wanted to punish the one who triggered the start of the fight, that person was long buried by the masses. At least he could turn Jiang Fei, the one who kicked Tokugawa Shingi off the stage -- a scapegoat. However, he summoned a freaking helicopter to the school grounds. What if Jiang Fei rode a helicopter to his house?

    "Doon Wing, wa ebjact..." Tanaka Yasutaka limped over. He was barely recognizable. He could not even say, "Dean Wang, we object" properly. After all, he was the one who had scolded the Chinese students the most, so he had been given his just desserts.

    There was no one way to solve the chaos here. On Jiang Fei's side, however, things were going pretty well. The four Japanese bodyguards were now too exhausted beyond measure. They had completed more than 40 400-meter laps around the school field. They now sat on the ground, panting through open mouths like dogs. They could not even stand up anymore, let alone keep chase.

    Even Jiang Fei was breathing heavily. However, thanks to ten additional points of Vitality and Spirit, Jiang Fei recovered fairly quickly. It only took a few steps for him to recover. He walked before the four bodyguards with his arms folded in front of him and continued teasing them.

    "Hey buddies, are you guys okay? Get up and walk two steps if you're not sick!"
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