135 Riled Up With Killing Inten

    In the end, the security guards dragged the four bodyguards away. The bodyguards were so tired that they looked like dead dogs. The entire gathering ended on an unhappy note. The photographers hired by Nagawa High School were all dazed. Originally, they were supposed to take pictures that illustrated the friendship between the people of two countries to bring the two countries closer. Now, all they had were pictures and footage of a large-scale fight!

    As for the fighting, the conclusion was still the same. Wang Huairen could not do much. All he could do was to pointlessly scream at people in anger. Although his face was now swollen like a bun, he could not find the one who threw the first stone. Could he punish all of them? Even if he wanted to punish all the students from seven different classes as well as the members of the Student Council, the school officials would never agree, let alone expel all of them!

    Only Jiang Fei stood among the masses, but Jiang Fei was not one that Wang Huairen dared to mess with. Last time, Han Tianyu sent a helicopter rushing into the school. The school officials had imposed a gagging order, and fatty Wang did not even dare ask about it, let alone try and punish Jiang Fei.

    This book would have to be concluded without an ending. The students from Jiang Fei's school were rather happy about it. They not only managed to take their anger out on the Japanese, but they had also taken the opportunity to get revenge on Wang Huairen and beat him to a pulp.

    After the incident, Jiang Fei got another new nickname - Running Dancing King Jiang! With his fine Jazz dancing performance, Jiang Fei blinded everyone. When this was followed by 40 laps of running around the school field, even the sports students from his school were awestruck. Jiang Fei was one fine specimen.

    The four Japanese bodyguards were by no means weak. They were all professionally trained bodyguards. They could easily do 20 kilometers of cross-country running while carrying weights. Jiang Fei's 40 laps only came up to 16 kilometers, but no one could do ten kilometers straight in full sprint!

    Jiang Fei had deliberately toyed with the bodyguards. It was as if the four bodyguards could catch up to him if they accelerated just a little more. However, as soon as they accelerated, Jiang Fei would also accelerate. Whenever they slowed down, Jiang Fei would turn around and taunt them again. After 40 laps of such forced sprinting, the four bodyguards were not able to do anything except pant with their tongues dangling outside their mouths. Finally, the security guards had dragged their helpless bodies away.

    Jiang Fei's schoolmates were pleased. The Student Council had also spread the news about how Jiang Fei stepped in just in time and saved the day by destroying the Japanese. The Jiang Fei who returned from walking the dogs was treated like a hero.

    Some people were happy, others were sad. As Jiang Fei's school celebrated, the Japanese people had lost themselves to rage. Why did all of them get beaten up? Wasn't the gathering supposed to be cementing the friendship between the two countries? Why did it turn into a fight out of nowhere?

    Deep within, the Japanese were just inhumane people who would never change their ways. In their eyes, there was no right or wrong. They did not care how Tokugawa Shingi played dirty on the stage, and they did not care about how Tanaka Yasutaka swore at the Chinese students. According to their logic, this was all about the pride of their nation, and this was how they showed their loyalty to their Emperor, and this was right!

    "Baka! Ouch ouch..." Tokugawa Shingi had been miserably beaten to a pulp today. Jiang Fei's initial kick had not been a light one. That kick had been quickly followed by the stomping of an entire crowd. After he got through the pain, Tanaka Yasutaka finally came over and yelled at the Chinese students. As a result, chaos broke out, and Tokugawa Shingi was trampled on again for the second time!

    Now, the Tokugawa family's young master was three times fatter than he usually was. It was not just his face that was swollen, but his whole body!

    "Young master, bear the pain for a while more. The swelling will reduce very quickly once I'm finished with the medicine!"

    As he was a vassal of the Tokugawa family, Tanaka Yasutaka had to help his master with the medicine first, despite his own injuries.

    "Ouch ouch... Baka! Do it lightly!"

    The moment Tanaka Yasutaka touched Tokugawa Shingi's injuries, Tokugawa Shingi was in so much pain that he ended up squealing like a monkey...

    After much difficulty, they were finally done treating the wounds. Tokugawa Shingi had gone through so much pain he nearly fainted. At the same time, his resentment towards Jiang Fei grew even stronger. As he was also Japanese, Tokugawa Shingi did not feel that he had committed any wrong. So what if he injured two Chinese students during the basketball match? As a descendant of the Emperor, how could he lose in a game of basketball? Anyone who wanted to diminish the glory of the Emperor was an enemy, and deserved more than death! That Jiang Fei actually dared to retaliate. He had committed a mortal sin!

    The dance battle was even more of Jiang Fei's fault. I am the young master of the Tokugawa family. I was showing off my dance skills, planning to show everyone who's boss. You actually dare to come up and steal my limelight. You should have just let me kick you off the stage, and everything would be done and polished, right? But you actually still dared fight back! I should kill all your family members!

    The more Tokugawa Shingi thought about it, the more he felt like he was the civilized one. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Jiang Fei should die! After much deliberation, he could not help but feel great anger within him. He was ready to do anything to release it.

    "Inoue! Inoue! Where the hell are you?" Tokugawa Shingi shouted loudly.

    "Young master Tokugawa, Inoue and the other three have blacked out from exhaustion, they're all bed-ridden..." Tanaka Yasutaka explained. The four bodyguards had utterly turned into dead dogs. All the muscles in their bodies had tensed up.

    "Baka! A group of useless idiots!" Tokugawa Shingi scolded angrily. He accidentally agitated his wound, and the pain made him break out in cold sweat. As he writhed in pain, Tokugawa Shingi hated Jiang Fei even more!

    "What about Nekoda? Come out!" Tokugawa Shingi shouted.

    "Young master, I'm here!" A figure suddenly appeared behind Tanaka Yasutaka. This guy was wearing a tight, black shirt. He had a black mask covering his face and a long knife on his back. He looked like a Japanese ninja.

    "I want you to go and kill that China boy!" Tokugawa Shingi snarled at him.

    "Roger! My master!" The ninja named Nekoda quickly disappeared without much incident.

    "Young master, you have to think this through. This isn't worth a single student!" Tanaka Yasutaka spoke up.

    "I want him to die!"

    Tokugawa Shingi now hated Jiang Fei to the core. He would only be satisfied if he sent Jiang Fei to the grave.

    "Young master, Nekoda is one of the few ninjas loyal to you. Judging by his abilities, that student should post no threat. However, this is China's territory. After Nekoda kills that student, it would be impossible for him to come back alive. Even you, young master, might face deportation because of this!" Tanaka Yasutaka advised.


    After listening to Tanaka Yasutaka, Tokugawa Shingi finally hesitated. To be honest, he was reluctant to lose Nekoda. After all, he was his sole personal ninja. Although there were many ninjas in the family, they were loyal to the head. Moreover, he was not the only young master in the family. If he wanted to compete for the family throne, he had to rely on his own capabilities!

    However, as Tokugawa's Shingi was about to reconsider his decision, he subconsciously placed his hand to his forehead. He ended up pressing the huge bump there. Nobody knew who did this to him, but the huge bump on his forehead made Tokugawa Shingi look like the reincarnation of a Calabash Brother![1]


    The pain almost killed Tokugawa Shingi.

    "Baka! That b*stard must die!"

    The pain drove him crazy. Damn the consequences. Damn Jiang Fei!
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